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Sartre told us what to think said some Frenchwoman, who wants to be told that?

Not even my cat.

How dare you, Karl Marx, your thoughts are a farce. 57 more words


Free yourself from analysis paralysis

The other day I had a unique problem while I was writing.

I forgot how to do something I already knew how to do.

Specifically, I tend to write in the past tense, and I just sort of…forgot how I did that. 170 more words

In Other Words — Analysis Paralysis

I have to gather the information

So I can analyze the implications

I need to examine all the considerations

So I can ponder the ramifications… 43 more words

Flash Fiction


Am I advertising myself or God?

I am an ordinary bod.

Is ordinariness enough?

Have you enough of that stuff?

I speak in a silent voice. 119 more words


Bucket and spade

Sandbox, or open world, games have been around in the tabletop games industry for a very long time. After all, that is exactly what role play games are all about. 545 more words


What if you don't have one passion to follow?

What happens when we experience writers block? Creators block? Do anything with your life block?

Should we do nothing? Or something?

Is it better to do nothing at all? 706 more words


What is...Analysis Paralysis?

Making a decision is hard. There’s a finite right/wrongness that is attached to each decision and no one wants to feel like they took the wrong path, especially if it means they didn’t fully flesh out the probabilities and possible outcomes that could occur due to a decision. 564 more words

Parking Lot