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気象からビジネス洞察を、IBMとThe Weather Companyが提携 [ #cbajp ]

IBMとThe Weather Companyは3月31日(米国時間)、気象に関する洞察をビジネスに生かす戦略的提携について発表した。The Weather Companyは、気象データサービスプラットフォームを提供する企業。何千ものソースから、世界約22億のポイントにおける、1日に100億件もの気象予測を提供している。今回の提携では、同プラットフォームをIBMクラウドに移行し、そのデータをIBMアナリティクスと統合する。




When approaching the sound for Wake Up, a lot had to be considered. Would it be ripe with effects left right and center, or be subdued and cut to the pace of an overarching theme, with diegetic elements present? 157 more words

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Pros and cons of sport.

We all are aware of the importance of sport,aren`t we?

When we talk about sport ,the space in our mind is  only for  positive aspects of doing sport activities,isn`t it ?For instance , it helps our body be fit , be strong , it also helps our blood system , we may become as an energetic person .It also may slightly change our character or behavior , inasmuch as we predominantly are forced to overcome new challenges ,such as loosing the weight or gaining a muscles ,and after that we passively were able to deal with a stressful situations in our life. 608 more words



When looking for a location to film Wake Up, many factors had to be considered. The eventual storyline that was decided required the inside of a house or apartment, so that ruled out any outside locations from the get go. 95 more words

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Marketing Strategy Event

This Saturday we hosted our Marketing Strategy Competition and are glad to say it was a success! Some AMA members and even Sales Society members attended the event. 274 more words


The Number Game: Sandwich Hierarchy

I’ve been fascinated with the four elements of nature from a young age. You know: Water, Fire, Earth, Air. They all had different compositions, which I thought was neat. 703 more words


Things Fall Apart

Within a month of the murder of American-Bangladeshi blogger Avijit Roy, another blogger Oyasikur Rahman Babu[1] was hacked to death in broad daylight in Dhaka. 812 more words