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A little sadness

Tracing and pacing, my mind keeps racing.
Words are bullets, and I’m bleeding but I shouldn’t.
The wound is deep, my mind is bleak.
Help me. 80 more words

Luca Venezia's THE LAST DEFENDER is the Science-Fiction Synth Soundtrack to Your Vaporized Nightmares

If John Carpenter and Vangelis slipped into a vaporized vortex of oblivion or obliterated cities smoldering in the fumes of humanity’s dead future, THE LAST DEFENDER… 406 more words

Science Fiction

Romeo and Juliet's Infinite (Variety) Playlist Part 1

Hello Loyal Subscribers and First Time Readers!

A few weeks ago I created a fake playlist of songs that I though the protagonists, Benedick and Beatrice, might want to hear during moments of the play.  408 more words


Smackdown September 3rd

Was more than glad to see Smackdown being used to develop mid card. I was tired of seeing Smackdown being a repeat of RAW.

I know I always say this, but we need a split brand system, so both shows have their share of main eventers and mid card to keep ratings in both. 365 more words


Phish & Dualism- A Philosophical Analysis of One Point on the Jam Scene

Phish & Dualism- A Philosophical Analysis of One Point on the Jam Scene
(ranting on the subject of Phish)

Music is played for it’s own sake; never made to arrive, it is enjoyed fully in transit. 727 more words


Soil Sample July 2015 from Nakano, Tokyo -- Cesium 134 Cesium 137

From  Mimi German, the head of Radcast​ in Portland, Oregon, USA:
Latest from RadCast Labs… not surprised to find Cesium134 and Cesium 137 in soil samples from Nakano, Tokyo. 43 more words