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Blockchain 2019: Regulators are Slow, Reactive and Love Borders

In 2019, blockchain presents the following challenges to regulators:

1) There are no borders in blockchain, there are most definitely borders around the modern nation states and unions… 181 more words


Why And How You Need To Re Evaluate Yourself

I have talked numerous times about knowing your long-term goals and the importance of having them well set in your lifestyle to become a better version of yourself. 561 more words


Narrative Ambiguity

“Show don’t tell” is a well worn instruction in literary teaching and “Dramatise, don’t surmonize” is a version of the instruction, which has been issued to aspiring filmmakers who wish to convey a moral message. 238 more words


Design Analysis: Campaign Ad

This is a design analysis of an advertisement campaign from Canon USA. This analysis will cover the principles of design, color and typography used in the advertisement and will also include a new advertisement created by myself that fits into this campaign. 889 more words


A Study in Password Generation and Validation

For those who would rather just read the code: https://github.com/calebshortt/pwanalysis


A study.

On many a dreary evening, once the sun sets beyond the Pacific and leaves only the gold and pink flakes of cloud and sky, I take to my studies — in the literal sense. 3,068 more words


Let's Really Make These Vans Go!

When creating an ad campaign you have to look at creating similar design aspects across the whole campaign to get a uniform message. Looking at this original ad for Vans, and then a mock ad for the same campaign for my class we can look at these design elements. 462 more words


2019 Season Preview: NL East

Aaron Nola is one of the most important players on a Phillies team looking to make a playoff push in 2019.

Over this next week, Dan Fox will be rolling out his season preview for the upcoming 2019 season, going division by division. 2,485 more words