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Why Russian Jet Was Shot Down By Turkey A Day Before Russian Foreign Minister's Visit?

Russian jet may have been shot down, not because of air space violation but out of sheer frustration or may be show of power.

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Folland Problems: Chapters 4, 5

Section 4.2 # 24

Let X be a Hausdorff space. The following are equivalent:

  1. X is normal
  2. X satisfies the conclusion of Urysohns lemma
  3. X satisfies the conclusion of Tietze extension theorem…
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Football And Terrorism : What We Learnt From The Wembley Game

The England versus France game was not only  a universal cry for Liberté  and Egalité, but most of all about Fraternité; an evening dedicated not to a game in the homeland of football but a… 480 more words


Responding to terrorism: a statement from Quakers in Britain

News Release: 24 November 2015

As Parliament prepares to debate next steps in Syria, Quakers in Britain have made this statement.

The attacks in Paris on 13 November were deeply shocking and our hearts continue to go out to those killed, injured, bereaved and traumatised. 513 more words

Countries Under Pressure

The Cinematography of "Days of Heaven"

The Academy Award for Best Achievement in Cinematography is one of the most coveted awards out of the entire field of honors. It has existed since the inception of The Oscars, and remains one of the most interesting categories. 919 more words


KUNDUZ .. 2001 #Afghanistan #USA #NayabChohan #TemplateNews

BATTLE OF QALA I JHANG lasted six days and resulted in the deaths of hundreds of Taliban fighters who were attempting a prison break out. They were struck with 52 US air strikes and those who survived emerged from the fortress after it was flooded. 65 more words