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Overmix: With the Sure Shot

Gonna be review 1 of 2 here today, since I missed yesterday and @Ventain‘s contest ends tomorrow! First up is @Lugger2‘s submission of… 923 more words

A Short Analysis of Ezra Pound’s The Cantos

A brief introduction to a modernist epic

Ezra Pound’s colossal work of modernist poetry, The Cantos, runs to nearly 800 pages and took him over half his life to write – and even then, he never finished it. 1,033 more words


Fortuna'd son

I just almost got myself into an internet fight with a deontologist.

Fortunately I kept my wits about me and took a powder. Nothing good ever comes of getting into it with the righteous and literal-minded. 1,365 more words


Slightly Breaking News: Kim Jong-nam Body to North Korea

Malaysia has come to an agreement which will turn jurisdiction of Kim Jong-nam’s body over to North Korea. Prime Minister Najib Razak of Malaysia, after discussions which he called very senesitive, said Malaysia had agreed to turn over his body for the release of 9 Malaysian citizens held in Pyongyang (AP). 83 more words