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“To “Uberize”, remove the middleman, theme of the times” – @nntaleb

A book by Eric Hobsbawm, The age of revolution: 1780-1848, has stated in its Chapter 11: “( 2,119 more words


Should the US arm the Iraqi Kurds?

By Paul Davis

During my recent interview on Kurdish television station NTR. One of the recurring questions was “Why will the US government not supply the Kurdish Peshmerga with weapons?” The short answer of course is that we have supplied small and medium size arms to the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) while they were in direct contact with ISIS and receiving no help from Baghdad. 814 more words


Food security responses in Vanuatu should include urban gardens

Dr Tess Newton Cain, Founder of the Devpacific Thinknet

The response to Cyclone Pam led by the National Disaster Management Office (NDMO) includes a commitment to preserving the resilience of the people of Vanuatu. 984 more words


A Letter to Andrew on Chris Hedges and the need for political independence.

Hi Andrew,

Yes, you have biases, I have biases, we all have biases. There is no such thing as objectivity in our world. Every thought and idea, every word and sentence serves some purpose—even if it appears to be nothing more than gobbledygook. 1,427 more words



No matter how many ways I try to write this, it sounds crazy. There is no palatable way to put into words what I see week after week and month after month in American politics.   1,160 more words


#BoycottIndiana and Make the Entire State Suffer

There is no doubt that anyone reading this is well-aware of SB 101, the religious freedom law passed by the Indiana legislature this past week.  It has become a topic of discussion nationwide, trending on Twitter and Facebook and even being the topic of a wire from the Associated Press. 754 more words

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