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CISA NAFTA TTA TPP TTIP TISA, monsanto-blackwaters poisoned food genocide agenda, inbred banksters economic religion ponzi rackets mafias, pedophile genocide CHRISTIAN-CATHOLIC churches, and more, (part two, the treason NWO treaties)

The first treason treaty, was the CISA under the zionist-kkk treasonist clinton, with the CISA the united states surrendered the country justice sovereignty to rackets of attorneys of banks mafia, religion mafia and other economic quackery mafias, permitting such ponzi mafia christian-jewish usury mafia rackets, to pillage the planet with derivatives fraud, (now remember the clintons are in bed with banking usury mafia, remember the mafia story of the savings and loans they robbed and bankrupted.) 1,258 more words


The three light bulbs problem

The light bulb problem is a class of problem often presented at interviews as a test of lateral thinking. Here, in a mischievous spirit taken from the best subversive traditions we will attack this question by thinking a little too laterally … 803 more words


Analysis Is Cool

Analyzing the data is the most interesting part of user research. That’s where you see the trends, spot insights, and make conclusions. It’s where all the work comes together and you get the answers to your questions. 116 more words

User Research

Lock Onto Your Target: Exploring Medium's Audience

So you’ve heard about this up and coming site called Medium.  You’ve done your research, read a few reviews, and even checked out competitors… 372 more words

Social Media

Study: Hawaii worst state to make a living

Hawaii is the worst state to make a living in 2015, this according to a study recently released by MoneyRates.com.

It states that Hawaii “is a tough place for workers looking to get ahead. 208 more words


Day 18

Dear X,

I went out of town to spend a couple nights visiting with one of our mutual friends, and I really think that the mini-vacation helped me to clear my head.   316 more words


Operational Frustrations: The Most Tedious Operation Boss Encounters

As fun as some Operation fights may be, there are those which are annoyingly tedious. Whilst a considerable portion of these are just a means to the end of accessing the final boss and finally finishing the respective Operation, some of these final encounters are also fairly tedious. 2,884 more words