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An analysis of being asked how you are in the awkward social situation that is Britain.

How are you?

The askee has asked with genuine intent to find out how you are doing. Of course, depending on the status of your friendship, your answer can range from the British politeness of “Yeah, I’m alright thanks, you?” to the TMI answer of “Could be better to be honest, my hamster just died because of… incidents.” 524 more words


James Bond Review: #15: Moonraker

     A choice sure to cause some disapproval, not for being low on the list, but rather for being so high up. But it’s my list, so fuck it. 351 more words

Film Reviews

Let's Talk About: Her Story

A dim lit room. A lone computer screen in the middle of that room radiating all of the noticeable light around you. Like a moth, you’re drawn to the light. 730 more words


Just in Time For Back To School: "Romeo and Juliet" Summaries For Your Reading Pleasure!

Well folks, it’s a new month, and that means a new play, and since August is also the beginning of the new school year, I’ve decided to make August’s Play of the Month—-  153 more words


Dear Africans with corrupt governments...

I have an idea about how to get your message to the people who are holding up Section 1504 of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act (I’ve referred to Section 1504 in the two Isabel dos Santos articles which can be found… 507 more words