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Hull City booked their place into the Championship play-off final as they ran out 3-2 winners on aggregate against Derby County over two legs. 833 more words

What Is a Family Movie?

Does it mean kid-friendly?

What’s “wrong” with Cinderella?

Could “Finding Nemo” be something other than 3-D?


Smartphones to Wearables: The Shifting Near Field Communication Market

Smart portable devices have been at the center of most development activities in near field communication market.

After a year and half since the announcement of Apple Pay, it is worth taking a look at net change executed. 618 more words


@energy @doe @DepartmentofEnergy #energy #doe @losalamosnatlab @brookhavenlab @harvardphysics @ppplab @physics#physics #ecat #rossi https://animpossibleinvention.com/2016/02/24/breaking-the-e-cat-has-been-replicated-hers-the-recipe/ it is electric transmutation . its heating your living room wiht a startrek replicator because they havent understoood it. oh wow!!! apparently its less electric transmutation than thought. its plus and minus and nickel62 hmmm lithium alu burn effect rather. wow!!! its apparently gleichstrom based. so more far from electric transmutation than thought hmmmmmmmmmm. now its clear why it was rejected so long . nickel lithium burn effects assumed likely before hte theory. OHWOW!! he picked a NEUTRON RICH nickel haha defintely farther from electrictransmutation than thought and not understood . iudnerstand why they didnt wanna patent it before electric transmutation - now its an obscure fluidic heater and still pretty awesome I am Christian Kiss mvvgkryu.jpg mvvgkryu222.jpg 4th refnement card 4th refnement card.gif https://scontent-yyz1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-0/p75x225/13237631_1155520954480531_2613542187314314784_n.jpg?oh=7c9a3c64f023feeff2dd4f61d2dd0747&oe=57CFEC79

@energy @doe @DepartmentofEnergy #energy #doe @losalamosnatlab @brookhavenlab @harvardphysics @ppplab @physics#physics #ecat #rossi

BREAKING: The E-Cat has been replicated—here’s the recipe!

it is electric transmutation . its heating your living room wiht a startrek replicator because they havent understoood it. 120 more words


Ποιος θα μείνει με τον… «μουτζούρη στο χέρι» στην Ευρώπη του Σόιμπλε;

Η Ευρώπη οδεύει σε βαθιά κρίση…

Του Κωνσταντίνου Βέργου

Πίσω από τη βιτρίνα των χαμόγελων και των κοκτέιλ πάρτι των γραφειοκρατών των Βρυξελλών, κρύβεται μια άλλη Ευρώπη, καθόλου αισιόδοξη.


Underdogs become play-off favourites in the battle of the Albions

Sent Her Forward previews the game that could make or break champions’ seasons

For a second time, the cream of England’s Women’s Premier League footballers will do battle for a chance to join the game’s élite in the Super League. 2,110 more words

Women's Football