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Australia and China; money versus self-reliance

China is a power of unquestionable economic power, upon its industrial might does the world’s fragile economy rest. From the burning heat of its furnaces and toiling workers is the world supplied with its latest apple product. 251 more words


Avengers: Age of Repetitive Strain

As the Avengers once again look set to storm the box office, and as word of mouth continues to extol the virtues of the franchise, tireless contrarian Jack Brindelli gives Hollywood Hegemony a very different view. 1,563 more words


Lefty Tidal Wave? NUS Conference 2015

Callum Cant

The NUS conference has been much reflected on by the left as a great victory. It was my first conference, so I don’t feel able to make grand proclamations with confidence – but from what I saw, the left (in all its various strands) ran riot over the rubble of the Blairite right. 424 more words

False advertising?

The other day I woke to find a message in my inbox from a human named Ms. Rice that works for a company called Eli Lilly. 735 more words


Market Analysis - Will the Apple watch push the share price higher❓🇺🇸

The Apple watch is the latest gadget to be added the ever-increasing roster of trendy Apple products. The device will be in stores for the summer and the early adopters can pre-order their handy gadget starting from the 24 April. 426 more words


Messy structure

Hello~~ 👋

Because I’m in the middle of moving and almost all my stuff is in boxes I don’t have time or possibility to do any crafting. 52 more words