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"Joy" by Dior: a video analysis

I’ll be frank: it was the extremely catchy song (by the Rolling Stones) in the video advertisement for Joy, by Dior, that first caught my attention, above all else. 419 more words

Yemen Conflict: Whose Pain, Whose Gain?

Image of a Yemeni man holding a child as he desperately searches for survivors after Saudi airstrikes hit Yemen on 11 March 2017

Conflict in Yemen seems to have no end in sight. 1,093 more words


Social Campaign Analysis

#MakeWhatsNext Microsoft Campaign Analysis

Microsoft ran a social media campaign called #MakeWhatsNext. It aimed to highlight women inventors, notable women in STEM and show the greatness and worth of women. 457 more words


Analysis of Kitchen’s Nightmare Participant

For the last several months I’ve spent some time watching kitchen nightmare in my spare time. Between the ferociousness of Chef Ramsay, the ego from the many restaurant’s owners, and the heartwarming reconciliation between them, what’s not to like about this show. 2,107 more words

"Introduction to Poetry"

By Billy Collins

This poem captures the disappointment of a teacher with his obstinate students.  Truly examining something – especially a work of art – includes looking at it from multiple perspectives and discovering different meanings, but the students continually abuse the work in an attempt to discover one true meaning because they are certain that one must outweigh all the rest.  115 more words