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Day 18

Dear X,

I went out of town to spend a couple nights visiting with one of our mutual friends, and I really think that the mini-vacation helped me to clear my head.   316 more words


Operational Frustrations: The Most Tedious Operation Boss Encounters

As fun as some Operation fights may be, there are those which are annoyingly tedious. Whilst a considerable portion of these are just a means to the end of accessing the final boss and finally finishing the respective Operation, some of these final encounters are also fairly tedious. 2,884 more words


Take Action Quick Links (Twitter CMB/CMB web)

Ran across a post on relationships on the internet and loved this post from @princesslexblogs!!!

“They always tell you the internet is full of people who will ruin your life. 88 more words


Closed out EURUSD long; currently short USDJPY

I’ve been trading the negative correlation existing between the EURUSD and USDJPY pairs. If you notice, the upticks in EURUSD is countered by the down ticks of the USDJPY pair.  197 more words


Is the Final Fantasy VII remake actually a good thing?

This is a big dilemma, and a conversation that many of us thought would never happen.

At this year’s E3, Sony announced quite a hefty assortment of future games, including the long-dormant… 1,011 more words


Maybe Tomorrow: True Detective Episode 3 Analysis

Well, okay then…It seems as though True Detective pulled a fast one on us last night. Things are slowly but surely beginning to make a little more sense. 1,168 more words


Scientists say many worker ants are actually super lazy

We tend to think of ants, and other social insects such as bees and termites, as busy little workers, but it turns out some of them may actually be quite lazy. 205 more words

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