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Five Lessons Ghana can Learn from Greece

By Jerome Kuseh

You simply cannot avoid hearing about the Greek crisis – Grisis or their potential exit from the EU – Grexit. The global recession resulting from the USA’s housing market bust of 2008 affected Greece more than other EU countries. 748 more words


2015 Team by Team Rookie Draft Analysis

Consensus Player Rankings in parentheses (25 experts)

  1. Tom
    Picks: Todd Gurley (1)
    Guru’s Picks: 1st round – Melvin Gordon  2nd round – Chris Conley
    Grade: B-
  2. 1,058 more words

Fight Club: How Masculine Fragility Is Limiting Innovation in Games

A few days ago, I reblogged a post that had been circulating Tumblr on the centrality of combat in video games. I’ll link it here… 1,777 more words


Economically Speaking, What Happens to a Part that Affects the Whole? [SLGE]

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”
― Aristotle

  The prefixes micro- and macro- are indeed complete antonyms of each other. In economics, these two prefixes create two words that are quite sonorous when talked about, since both are the major fields of economics: … 489 more words


Consumer Reports: Nearly 1.5M Vehicles Have Higher-Than-Average Oil Consumption

When I first started driving, I remember being told to change my car’s oil every 3,000 miles. More than a dozen years later – and after several advancements in vehicle production – most cars can go 5,000 miles to 10,000 miles before they need a fresh dose of oil. 426 more words

Case Study Bonanza Cinco: VF Supply Chain

Here is one more of the case studies for your reading pleasures. This one deals more with supply chains and management than numbers (thank goodness!!) and I have to admit this one was at least interesting. 604 more words