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Does becoming a writer take away the joy of reading?

I used to be an avid reader. I loved books. I loved reading. I experienced so much joy from going on the journey with the characters, laughing and crying with them, and wondering how it would all end. 496 more words

Loops of the Mind

One lingers on thought, maybe deliberately, maybe not.
But, it is coded in human nature to give many things more than one glance.

Attempts may be to add these second, third or more to moments or concepts in weaves of positivity. 105 more words

Creative Writing

As someone who generally has their books colour coded weeks before the semester begins, I’ve uncharacteristically missed my first and long awaited New Documentary class. So, as I naively delve into the world of documentary, I’ll focus on the theory for this week from… 334 more words



Touch in therapy is uncommon. Touch in psychoanalysis is rare, and rarer still is it discussed. But, it has had a profound impact on my analysis and I feel that it is important to talk about. 485 more words


Shape and Click: What My Dogs Taught Me about Building Better Systems

Back in 2012, the speaker at the University of Nevada, Reno Foundation’s annual banquet was Charles Duhigg of the New York Times, author of the book… 697 more words

Case Solution for The Real Green IT Machine (B): Sensitivity Analysis of a Proposed Capital Investment

Complete Case details are given below :

Case Name :      The Real Green IT Machine (B): Sensitivity Analysis of a Proposed Capital Investment

Authors :           Luann J. 177 more words


Notes on the Iran Deal

The Iran deal is receiving a less-than-warm reception from the American public, and it looks like that trend won’t be reversing itself anytime soon. 597 more words