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The Sound of Music 50 Years Later: Why is it Still Relevant?

By: S.C. Ali


The film version of The Sound of Music, released in 1965, continues to dazzle audiences up until today. As a result of its 50 year span, generation upon generation rediscover the film and realize what a true spectacle it was (and continues to be) in the film industry. 838 more words



We just saw a high school performance of Rogers and Hammerstein’s Oklahoma, and I was surprised at how much darker it was than I remembered.   767 more words

Why Rajan should not jump into bed with Jaitley

There have been a spate of media articles recently about how all is not well between the finance ministry (i.e. Arun Jaitley) and the Reserve Bank of India(i.e. 1,011 more words


Don't confuse a great company with a great stock

Vivek Kaul

“Buy great companies,” is a cliché one often hears from people who make a living out of peddling stock market tips. But what they don’t bother to tell us is “how do you identify a great company?” And even if one has done that, does a great company always make for a great stock? 920 more words


Pride Issues: Holding WvW Back with Rhetoric

Pride is a big part of PvP. The pride of victory, the pride of improving, the pride of defeating someone you couldn’t before. And in the mass PvP realm of World vs. 1,475 more words


Janet Yellen will keep driving up the Sensex

Vivek Kaul

The Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) Sensex, India’s premier stock market index, rose by 517.22 points or 1.88% to close at 27,975.86 points yesterday (i.e. 1,020 more words