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Best Conference Call Ever!

Or at least in 2018.  That’s how CNBC’s Jim Cramer described Tesla’s (NASDAQ: TSLA) first quarter earnings call.  (Watch video.)  Jim Cramer gave voice to what every Investor Relations professional (and CEO and CFO) sometimes feel.  518 more words

Can Adverse Effects of Private Management-Investor Meetings Be Mitigated by Board Independence?

Private meetings between management and investors (site visits) occur worldwide and are generally held at corporate headquarters with invited investors and sell-side analysts.  Ng and Troianovski (WSJ, 2015) report that U.S. 855 more words

Corporate Governance

As expected, rumors from Analysts were yet again to manipulate the stock price and not facts

Apple had their earnings report this afternoon and all the rumors emanating from analysts have yet again proven that they know how to manipulate the price of Apple stock by spreading rumors to the right people knowing that it impacts the share price and depending on the rumor it gets shareholders to sell or buy based on what good or bad news will come out in the earnings report. 299 more words


Time to level up

Check out this #chess game: wildwynn vs Borninvinsible – https://www.chess.com/live/game/2776985052

Nothing worse than a deliberately misleading Headline

It is becoming more and more standard practice for Tech Journalists Bloggers to sensationalize rumors to gain traction and views. Over the last day or two we have had a slew of these including this one, 476 more words


Johnson & Johnson reports trail blazer 1st Quarter results

Johnson & Johnson expects an increase in demand for its cancer drugs.

On Tuesday, Johnson & Johnson first quarterly report beat analysts’ estimate and raised its full-year sales forecast on the strength of a growing demand for its cancer drugs. 86 more words


What happens if you miss consensus?

CFOs are obsessed with meeting consensus – so obsessed, in fact, that they are often willing to make decisions that could damage their company’s long-term performance in order to make sure they don’t miss it. 916 more words

Market Value