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Decisive, by Dan & Chip Heath

            Honestly, Decisive changed my life. It changed how I make decisions. And it changed my heart.

            Decisive teaches how to make outstanding decisions. But more importantly, it teaches how to be… 2,150 more words


Is the creative process that one goes through when conceptualizing a piece of art philosophical thinking? I think so. There is a lot to consider when thinking about a new idea (or even an old one), creating and displaying something that will capture minds and/or hearts, or generating something ahead of the curve that is both creative and practical in form and function, especially when weighing environmental factors as a responsible and caring human being. 692 more words

Meditations Of A Cynic

Red Handed Silence

Whether it’s the creaking door,

The sense of something or someone around the corner,

Or just the fact you can’t explain everything in fine detail; 255 more words

The Smartest Kids in the World, by Amanda Ripley

What does it take to be #1?

Let me tell you a story.

One day while teaching, out of nowhere I stood by helplessly while Macy, 18, viciously slapped her best friend’s bare arm with all of her force. 2,504 more words

Scrum: Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time, by Jeff Sutherland

            Here is a book that will blow your mind! Because you will never do your work (alone or with others) the same way again.

Having taught college and high school, I found out the hard way that a lot of students hate group-work—and it’s no better in our adult careers. 1,305 more words


I often find myself wondering how it is that we have so many gym’s committed to peak physical shape and performance and can appreciate the efforts put in by both the company’s that run them and the athletes that use them. 832 more words

Monday Mental Protein