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To live with an INTP brain

I’ve come to realize that my thoughts aren’t always the glorified guiding voice of my existence that I’ve perhaps convinced myself for a long time now. 1,193 more words

These kids today....

Many of the kids in today’s world scare me a little.  It’s not that I find them threatening, by any means.  I just worry for their future since so many of them just don’t seem to get it.  366 more words


Relinquishing our brains to technology

Today I had the pleasure of going to the airport. At the start of the security line, an airport worker directed travelers into one of two lines. 737 more words

Random Thoughts

Effortless Thinking: Why We’re All Born to be Status Quo Fans

The title of this post is identical to the title of an article by Graham Lawton in the series of articles in the 16 December 2017 Issue of the New Scientist titled “EFFORTLESS THINKING: Why some ideas come naturally to us—and why they’re usually wrong.” 723 more words

Human Memory: Theory And Data

Gary and the Battered Cow {PHL 118}

When I walked in to my first 8 am philosophy class with my LAS cohort, I was tired. I was not looking forward to doing any deep thinking when my mind was still half asleep. 610 more words


2 Critical Questions You Should Always Ask

Part of being successful both financially and otherwise requires us to be intentional with the choices we make in our lives, the big and the small. 1,283 more words

Financial Freedom

a pep talk with myself:

I’m easily discouraged due to my easily thwarted efforts to stick to anything. I am trying to create a routine that will give me a sense of stability and control although I have the desire to let my life crumble around me. 90 more words