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a pep talk with myself:

I’m easily discouraged due to my easily thwarted efforts to stick to anything. I am trying to create a routine that will give me a sense of stability and control although I have the desire to let my life crumble around me. 90 more words


Not Again... Not The Rabbit Hole.

I’m sat here thinking. Repressed memories seeping slowly through like damp on a wall. Memories that I don’t need right now.

A mixture of tears and utter, overwhelming anger and frustration consume me; dragging me down like quicksand taking it’s prey. 227 more words

Analytical thinking and understanding Indian society

Let me shoot this straight. Serious hobbyists and professional social scientists from India should learn and follow modern developments in psychology, economics  and game theory, if they really want to make sense of the society. 1,170 more words


Dad, Jill, and Grandma

In western civilization, men tend to be analytic, problem-solving thinkers, while women tend to focus more on relationships and on the feelings of others. Of course this is a generalization with many exceptions—women do solve problems and men do care about relationships and feelings. 501 more words

Thought experiments

I was preparing for a job interview and I checked my CV to see, if I have all my bases covered. So I went through my skills and thought about examples from my experience to justify them. 1,278 more words

Just Some Thought...

3 Fundamental Skills Every Marketer Should Have

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Marketing is one of the most important and central aspects of running a business. If you want your business to get ahead, you need to ensure that you are hiring only the best marketing gurus and aficionados. 461 more words

Business & Entreprenuership

Confidently Creative - ish.

Starting this course wasn’t the easiest and the most comfortable decision I’ve ever made. But I knew it was necessary for me to explore new areas of the creative industries and challenge myself in new ways. 644 more words