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Introduction To Sociology: (社会学).


As part of my university training I studied both Western and East Asian philosophy rather extensively. Thus, as a supplement to my lecture notes for a class I taught at York University a few years ago, I often made reference to the ideas and history of philosophical thought. 1,734 more words

The Stencil Maker

Au fait

fully competant

fully informed

socially correct

having experience

having practical knowledge



French, literal translation: to the point


Modern Woman

Fear and Loving

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been terrified by heights–we’re talking sweaty palms, racing heart just thinking about hanging precariously in the air.  For as long as I can remember, I have been *almost equally obsessed about meeting the fear–starting with the Tower of Terror as an 8 year old, rollercoasters, pole vaulting, sky diving, steep pyramids, rock climbing, St. 922 more words

Modern Woman

You Put Your Left Brain In; You Put Your Right Brain Out

One of the biggest things that I’ve had to overcome with this whole “I’m going to be a web designer” goal of mine is switching gears from creative thinking, to more scientific/analytical thought processes. 818 more words

Web Design

Confessions of a Twenty-Three Year Old

Nothing can prepare you for life after college.  It’s a lifestyle shock unlike any other over a lifetime, except, well, maybe birth I suppose.  The step of becoming the sole juggler of all things social, professional, and personal for yourself without the responsibility-padding of mom, dad, older brothers, or professors is a painful one.  507 more words

Modern Woman

Instinct vs. Analytical Thinking - CPA Ontario

How many times have you made a decision on the fly, “knowing” that it was the right move to make without any analysis to back it up? 96 more words


Making (Design) Thinking Visible

The challenge is delightfully simple:  redesign the gift-giving experience . . . for your partner. 

I love this week’s gift-giving design challenge because we can all relate – each of us knows the joy of giving and receiving thoughtful, carefully-selected gifts… and we also know the disappointment of giving and receiving gifts that fall flat! 365 more words