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Curious Tale of 3's Versus 2's in the NBA

Over the last decade, the subtle changes from offenses revolving around mid-range jump shots to long-range three point attempts have become much more explicit as teams such as the Houston Rockets had come off a 2017-18 campaign launching over 50% of their field goal attempts from beyond the arc. 2,365 more words


Answers to Questions on Data Science (Quora)

Answers to Questions on Data Science (Quora)

Quora (https://www.quora.com/) is a great platform to get direct answers from global voices on a broad range of topics. 654 more words

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Big Data & BFSI Industry

Big data is generally used to describe huge volumes of data that is generated from day-to-day working of a business. It is a way in which this huge data is organised and analysed to make it easier for the concerned people to make effective and optimal decisions. 672 more words


Google Play Store Apps Data Visualization

Procure the used data-set from kaggle .

I have used various Python Libraries to extrapolate useful insights from the data and used plots and graphs to Visualize them. 38 more words


Hot new product on Product Hunt: Hype Link

Hype Link

List links to social, streaming platforms, and more..

Product topic: Web App, Productivity, Analytics, Growth Hacking, Tech
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Crowdsourcing: Bring in the people

Crowd sourcing is an outsourcing technique in which people use the contribution of a crowd (typically internet users) for the development of products and services or ideas. 241 more words


Social Media Analytics: Which tool to use?

One of the important jobs of a marketer is justifying the investments he/she made through the results achieved. Similar is the case in digital marketing. So, how do we get to know that our efforts put in social media are paying off? 263 more words