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Google's Digital Garage - Free courses on digital marketing

To those of you who want to learn more about digital marketing I recommend to sign up for Google’s Digital Garage. You will find free courses on topics such as search, analytics and social media. 62 more words


Adobe DTM + Adobe Analytics Media Module + YouTube = ❤️

Today, I’m happy to present the first ever guest post on webanalytics for developers! Written by Stefan Schäfer, it deals with DTM, the Media Module, and Youtube video. 2,273 more words


The distribution of colors for plain M&M candies

Many introductory courses in probability and statistics encourage students to collect and analyze real data. A popular experiment in categorical data analysis is to give students a bag of M&M® candies and ask them to estimate the proportion of colors in the population from the sample data. 1,147 more words

The Do Loop

Spotify-backed Soundtrack Your Brand wants to be every company's DJ

Swedish startup Soundtrack Your Brand (SYB) has raised a $22m investment led by Nordic venture capital fund Industrifonden alongside UK’s Balderton Capital.

The company provides the background music industry’s first modern music streaming platform and what it claims to be a scientifically proven music curation model. 322 more words


Four Jets Linebackers Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying About the Film and Love Stats

A fact is the confirmation or validation of an event or object. Data is raw facts that describe the characteristics of an event or object. Information is data converted into a meaningful and useful context. 1,456 more words


Blog analysis

Blogs: open space for reflection/ forum for discussions/ portfolio of completed assignments/ opening up courses to a wider group of participants.

Blogs’major applications: maintaining a learning journal; recording personal life; expressing emotions; communicating with others; assessment and; managing tasks. 98 more words


Day 5: 20 texts in one week

Today we met up at KUB Nord and made a reading plan. In the phase we are in right now, are we etablishing an understanding of the various concepts, we believe we are going to treat in our thesis. 139 more words

Data Driven Decision Making