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Log File Intelligence - log4net meets Splunk

At DrDoctor we are slowly adopting Splunk as our central reporting repository. We already have most of our application specific events going into it and we are already seeing some great benefits. 626 more words


Stars Season Breakdown (And I Don't Mean The Mental Kind) Part 4

Alright it’s time for the 4th and final installment of the Stars Season Breakdown (though an argument can really be made that this is the mental kind). 1,411 more words

2014-2015 Season

A Basic Classifier Model

A Basic Classifier Algorithm learns what you might call a “one-level decision tree”, or a set of rules that all test one particular attribute. A tree that branches only at the root node depending on the value of a particular attribute, or, equivalently, a set of rules that test the value of that particular attribute. 181 more words

Online Ad Skipping: The Surprising Benefits of TrueView

How is it advertisers can profit without viewers watching the entirety of their ads? That’s the brilliance of TrueView advertising.

TrueView allows YouTube users the option of skipping the advertisement after a mere 5 seconds. 295 more words


How do you know if your marketing programs are a success?

It’s not enough to just watch whether the total number of visitors to your website happens to increase after launching a new marketing initiative. With today’s analytics tools, you can easily gain much more detailed and helpful insight. 750 more words

Social Media

Supply chain and big data help

How many business to business companies experience fantastic metrics and trace capabilities of their product shipments only to be let down by the goods receipt link in the chain at their customers location. 427 more words