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Sports, Politics, and the Global Chessboard

The quadrennial Olympic competitions always arrive on the same leap years as the American presidential elections, and usually provide some pleasant if nonetheless metaphorical distraction from politics, but in this crazy election year it hasn’t proved sufficient. 900 more words


Anand - a happy patient

During the 1991 general elections in India, as votes were being counted in hundreds of constituencies across the nation, Doordarshan was broadcasting old Hindi movies juxtaposed with election news on the hour. 547 more words

Anand V M (1637201)- The Dream Experience - A Systematic Exploration

Chapter 1
B. The Dream Has Not Been Considered an Appropriate Study for Scientific Study (6-9)

The author continues to give the preface of how dreaming was encountered. 225 more words


Anand V M(1637201)- The Dream Experience- A Systematic Exploration

Chapter 1
A. The Historical Interest in Dreaming (1-6)

The first chapter of the book gives a brief overview of the historical interest of dreaming, in which the author explains that the ancients considered dreams as a supernatural thing. 187 more words


Anand (1637201) - The Truth about Lucid Dreaming

The article starts with an anecdote of lucid dreaming of the writer and the next paragraph gives a gist about what lucid dreams mean and that we also knew in that state that we are dreaming unlike the other stages of dreams. 202 more words


Anand V M (1637201) - Inception: Is it really just a dream?

Unlike the other articles, this one directly cuts to the chase and talks about the techniques used in the movie, Inception, such as shared dreaming, chemical injection, extraction, inception. 208 more words


Anand VM (1637201) -Facing the Minotaur: "Inception" (2010) and "Aeneid" 6

This article is a comparison and analysis of the movie Inception, directed by Christopher Nolan and the classic, Virgil’s Aeneid.

The article first gives an overview of the plot of the movie Inception and then compares it with the Vigril’s Aeneid. 144 more words