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Oversimplified Bible Story: Ananias and Sapphira | Pilisa S. Hamrick

Okay. So. It’s right after Jesus’ death and resurrection. Two of Jesus’ main homies named Peter and John were going around preaching the gospel. And these two dudes were like Jesus’s best friends when he was on Earth. 924 more words


Holding Out

There is nothing more angering to an average Joe like me than when professional athletes who make millions of dollars hold out for a bigger contract.  607 more words


The Spirit Of Ananias and Sapphira

The spirit of Ananias and Saphira is rampant in the Church today. 400 more words


Reading the Bible for All the Wrong Reasons* - I

Part 1

I was recently checking the Christian New Testament book called The Acts of the Apostles to verify an idea that the first Christians were actually communists (spoiler alert: yes). 1,445 more words

Politics And Culture

July 3 @ Leviticus 10-12

Leviticus 10-12 (NLT link) 

Discover His heart: He expects us to honor His holiness 

@ Leviticus 10
The sin of Nadab and Abihu – what a way to start the day!  626 more words

Daily Devotions

11th Commandment: “Thou Shalt Not LIE…”

I’m thinking about The 10 Commandments… It has a lot of “Thou shalt not’s”. It condemned covetousness. It condemned murder. It condemned adultery. It condemned stealing. 1,119 more words

Acts 4:32-5:11

The new believers have just had their first taste of persecution and now realize that life in the new movement will not be all miracles and fellowship.  3,537 more words