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Devotional # 63. Acts 23:1-35

Devotional # 63. 12/2/13. The assassination plot of Paul and his journey to Felix.

This week’s Reading: Acts 23:1-35.

Introduction Last week we talked about Paul being brought before the Sanhedrin. 1,462 more words

K Thoughts: Discipleship and Ananias

On Sunday afternoons, I spend my time as a Radio DJ for Saved Radio, a Christian radio station here in the Philippines on 106.7 Energy FM. 791 more words

Jesus Follower

Paul Accused Before the Roman Governor

That night, the foot-soldiers & horsemen took Paul to Antipatris, about half-way between Jerusalem & Caesarea (306).  The next day, the horsemen took Paul the rest of the way, while the foot-soldiers returned to Jerusalem. 201 more words

Ananias 1.69 - ChibiUI for Mobile!

At long last, this new version implements huge changes on the UX for mobile devices. It’s now much easier and fun to play, take a look! 116 more words


Paul's Job for Jesus

Then Paul explained how he had met Jesus (302).

“As I was on my way to Damascus, suddenly a great light from heaven shined all around me.  288 more words

Commentary On The Book of Acts Chapter 24:1-9

Chapter 24:1 After five days the high priest Ananias came down with some elders, with an attorney named Tertullus, and they brought charges to the governor against Paul. 490 more words


Ananias 1.68 - Monsters assaulting rooms - 2015 ARRP

Just in time for 2015 AARP… new version is on and is a great game changer! rooms are no longer safe as monsters will now follow you or assault you from other rooms if you make a lot of noise! 244 more words