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A better build and deploy process for hybrid apps?

The current build and deploy process for Ananias takes a lot of time and requires lots of focus and bandwidth. Everything is done manually (and is thus prone to errors). 819 more words

Ananias a drm-free adventure game has been recently updated for Linux, Mac and Windows PC

Ananias is a #traditional is a #dungeon adventure #game for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Where players explore an ancient ruins complex fighting monsters and trying to survive to the bottom to find an ancient artefact to save the world. 429 more words

Linux Gaming News

Ananias 1.73 released!

Well, it’s been a long time!

This versions comes packed with heaps of bugfixes, UX enhancements and even new features.

Getting closer every time to the Steam and iOS release! 469 more words


Out Of My Comfort Zone

Today’s first reading from Acts 9:1-20 is about the conversion of Saint Paul. Here is Saul, persecuting Christians and on the road to Damascus, he has a revelation from Jesus and most of us I think know that Saul became Paul, an apostle of Jesus Christ who has written so many letters that we read in our bibles today. 324 more words




(Bacaan Pertama Misa Kudus, Hari Biasa Pekan III Paskah – Jumat, 15 April 2016)

Sementara itu hati Saulus masih berkobar-kobar untuk mengancam dan membunuh murid-murid Tuhan. 923 more words


Can We Handle the Severity of God?

Paul wrote that we must “behold then the kindness and severity of God” (see Romans 11:22)

One of the biggest sources of spiritual delusion and false doctrine in the church today is the lack of the fear of the Lord. 327 more words