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Consciousness is easily talked about in the healing areas by the energy workers but do people really understand what consciousness is. Consciousness is becoming aware, it is not a action based area, it is a area of being spiritual an area of non-action (Akriya) one cannot attain Akriya with the help of a Kriya  (Action) based on body, energy, matter, energy centers or etheric bodies. 503 more words



Nature moves through sixteen cycles of energy, sixteen cycles of matter, Sixteen cycles of Consciousness and Sixteen cycles of Spirit Essences.

In these cycles of Energy, matter, Consciousness and spirit one cannot comprehend the depth of nearly 8640 energy vortexes it generates. 296 more words


Spirit in Essence

Feeling of void is felt when one loses someone close to us. This void is the emptiness of love, affection, care, blessing and grace of the spirit in essence. 463 more words


Awakening the Consciousness

It is seldom one accepts the beauty of human life. The depth and expanse of the self in human consciousness is not different from any other species for the core of energy and universal spark remains same yet lack of awareness and knowledge brings about the difference. 516 more words


Conscious Meditation

The path walking on the consciousness is living in the moment of time without having aversion to any of the emotions for the emotions present the life of the awareness cittā (consciousness). 528 more words


Aditya Diksha - Ananth Yoga Dhyan

The crucial element for the learner of truth is to know that the whole of the life that is alive today is based on the visible power of God that is clearly not something of a physical human form rather it is pure visible ball of energy and matter. 909 more words


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