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Spiritual Barter

Religious followers always have something to ask or give in return, for it is human nature to work on a system of buying and selling something; rarely they are able to purchase on a concept of self awareness. 431 more words



Sitting or Association with a Spiritual Guru may or may not be effective for every individuals for it is based on conditions, the more the conditions one has been holding the lesser would be the effect to the individual even with the most divine souls.   496 more words



Consciousness is easily talked about in the healing areas by the energy workers but do people really understand what consciousness is. Consciousness is becoming aware, it is not a action based area, it is a area of being spiritual an area of non-action (Akriya) one cannot attain Akriya with the help of a Kriya  (Action) based on body, energy, matter, energy centers or etheric bodies. 503 more words



Nature moves through sixteen cycles of energy, sixteen cycles of matter, Sixteen cycles of Consciousness and Sixteen cycles of Spirit Essences.

In these cycles of Energy, matter, Consciousness and spirit one cannot comprehend the depth of nearly 8640 energy vortexes it generates. 296 more words