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Recently I met a group of people who said it is important to do Naam Japa or reciting God’s name. I asked them “Which God” 752 more words



Unfurl me then

In the arithmetic of your desire|

With eyes

That could bleed subterranean rivers dry

Eyes that narrate

Fables of a breathless haste, 109 more words

Could Be Verse


Raál is a powerful revealed technique  that is quite simple and easy to do. “Ra” is experiencing “Light” and “ál” means walking on the path of Divine. 488 more words


Master is a Master

Gurur buddhyātmano nānyat satyam satyam na samśayah,

Tallābhārtham prayatnastu kartavyo hi manīsibhih |

There was a young student-archer who was learning archery from an elderly guru. 402 more words


My Language

Unknowing is not something that needs the support that knowing does. The ball is in the court of those who need to prove they know these things as ultimate Truth.

335 more words



There’s something about him –
the way he conducted himself.
No. Conducted is the wrong word.

His demeanour is a stage
without a curtain. really. 372 more words

Could Be Verse

Spiritual Barter

Religious followers always have something to ask or give in return, for it is human nature to work on a system of buying and selling something; rarely they are able to purchase on a concept of self awareness. 431 more words