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seminar on digital marketing ITM Universe Vadodara @itmgujarat @ananthv9

seminar on digital marketing  ITM Universe Vadodara @itmgujarat @ananthv9

  • DM covers huge social media platform

  • Main aspect is to choose target market
  • Reaches to the mass audience…
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aranya #10: the conference of dogs

“…The sun was still orange then” he murmured. the forest, of old, glistened through his eyes. his dappled ashen beard shimmering gently in the breeze. “This was before the world knew humility, before humans knew the meaning of violence. 357 more words

Could Be Verse


Things happen slowly
The turning wheel
is only a notch
In the spiral

I asked the stone
If it remembered
How the sun drenched
Its sleep… 26 more words

Could Be Verse


Recently I met a group of people who said it is important to do Naam Japa or reciting God’s name. I asked them “Which God” 752 more words