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Towards a Fresh Revolution by the Friends of Durruti


Full text can be read here https://theanarchistlibrary.org/library/friends-of-durruti-towards-a-fresh-revolution

Highly influential pamphlet of anarcho-syndicalist CNT militants during the Spanish Civil War who opposed the co-option of their organisation in the Republican government. 25 more words

Audible Anarchism

Should ultraleft be an insult?

The British left has always known how to have an internal argument. Since the general election debacle, controversy has raged over several issues. Firstly, there was uncertainty about which candidate Momentum should support for the leadership. 366 more words


(Plague is a song I wrote for my former band, Lipstick Motel in 2011. I feel the lyrics are more relevant than ever. Repeated cycles of forgetting our collective power when faced with viruses and disease that feed off human fear. 168 more words

Anarcho-syndicalism 101: tools for lived solidarity

This post is an annex to an earlier article on anarcho-syndicalism in Spain in the 1930s, explaining how Spanish refugees ended up in Melbourne, and the influence that their anarchist principles had in Australia and, to a lesser degree, New Zealand. 1,141 more words

The debate that won't go away

Dave (the editor)

There are pressing reasons why we need to have that discussion and move forwards. Out here in Essex, we’re striving to present anarchist ideas to people who are fed up with the way things are going and are open to a political alternative. 2,713 more words

Class Struggle

Finding a way forward

Dave (the editor)


This piece has arisen from a discussion – The Future of Working Class Anarchism – that took place at the London Action Resource Centre as part of the… 3,150 more words

Class Struggle

Liberal Hypocrisies and the Alternatives to Them

All social orders are supported by “legitimation stories”. These are the reasons orders give us to support them, or at least to stay out of their way. 1,532 more words