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Love, anarchy, and Emma Goldman

Emma Goldman’s beliefs have always been considered radical. It was daring, and often illegal, to lecture on homosexuality (“the intermediate sex” in the day’s parlance) and on love outside the institution of marriage. 102 more words

The Communard - Audio Zine

The Olympia Communard: Dispatches from the Olympia Rail Blockade – By Various Authors – MP3PDFTorrent Archive – YouTube

For seven days during the winter of 2016, radicals, revolutionaries and ne’er-do-wells – inspired by the then unfolding revolt at Standing Rock – built a blockade encampment on the train tracks in downtown Olympia, Washington (Nisqually and Squaxin Land), in order to stop a train full of essential fracking supplies from reaching the Bakken oil fields in North Dakota. 145 more words

Taking advantage od THE EPSTEIN STORY

Stefan Molyneux just summed up more arguments against the state (as if there weren’t enough already), because the leadership is tainted, nobody can take that serious anymore. 120 more words

Roverheid/failed State

Advice to Comrades by Elisee Reclus


Full text here:https://theanarchistlibrary.org/library/elisee-reclus-advice-to-my-anarchist-comrades

“In a word, commercial competition, under the paternal aegis of the law, allows the great majority of merchants-— and this fact is attested to in countless medical inquests-— adulterate provisions and drink, sell pernicious substances as wholesome food, and kill by slow poisoning… Let people say what they will, slavery, which abolitionists strove so gallantly to extirpate in America, prevails in another form in every civilized country; for entire populations, placed between the alternatives of death by starvation and toils which they detest, are constrained to choose the latter. 45 more words

Audible Anarchism

Ba Jin: Toward a Free Society (1921)

Ba Jin (1904-2005) was a well known novelist active in the Chinese anarchist movement during the 1920s, when the anarchists were still one of the leading forces on the Chinese revolutionary left. 1,154 more words


"The 'Idiot Box' - Now More than Ever!"

The following article speaks for itself:

The ‘Idiot Box’ – Now More than Ever!

By Philip A Farruggio
Global Research, August 13, 2019

For decades many critics of broadcast television labeled it ‘The idiot box’. 788 more words

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