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(do they know?)

You can see the bags under my eyes, dark badges of excess and insomnia. People who have walked this path, who have known this ecstatic suffering, will glimpse a part of themselves in these tattoos. 271 more words


On the Police Infiltration of British Left Wing Groups. Back the Campaigns Against Spy Coppers.

Police spies infiltrated UK leftwing groups for decades

The extent of #spycops revealed here is staggering. Among targets were unions such as Unison, CWU, NUT, FBU & RMT and broad campaigns such as the anti-apartheid movement, CND & Vietnam Solidarity (9 undercover!).

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European Left

Freedom as Social Responsibility, Part I

The only thing to be done when we see anti-social acts committed in the name of liberty of the individual, is to repudiate the principle of “each for himself and God for all,” and to have the courage to say aloud in any one’s presence what we think of such acts.

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Engineering and Ephemeralization

Recently I went on an engineering podcast called Worksleeve to talk about ephemeralization and how it relates to the economy and climate change. You can listen to it… 38 more words


Emma Goldman on Anarchist Education: Francisco Ferrer and the Modern School

by Emma Goldman

We at Love and Rage decided to post this essay by Emma Goldman on the anniversary of the murder of Francisco Ferrer to honor the legacy of the Spanish anarchist martyr. 5,661 more words

Elisée Reclus: Kropotkin's Words of a Rebel

In October 1885, the anarchist revolutionary, Peter Kropotkin, was in a French prison, having been condemned in 1882 for being a member of the by then defunct… 1,263 more words



What’s an Egregore? What’s an egregore got to do with America? And what really happened to the dude who made KONY2012? In the sixth episode Alley Valkyrie and Rhyd Wildermuth discuss how the ingredients of the ritual that manifested American make it impossible to change, and discuss how an egregoric understanding can inform resistance and magic against the State. 66 more words