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(off-licence scene)

A bawdy off-licence on the outskirts of town. The camera watches me as I make my way through the queue to sale. Music of unknown origin blurts from a laptop behind the protective Perspex screen. 24 more words


The Road to Freedom: From Social Democrat to Anarchist

It is not terribly uncommon for college students of the 21st century to come to college without much interest in politics at all, and leave with a firm belief in enforced democracy that claims itself to be “anti-establishment”. 1,389 more words


Does opposing U.S. imperialism and wars mean you're not really an anarchist?

Does opposing US imperialism and wars mean you’re not really an anarchist?

The answer is obviously “no”, but you wouldn’t think so if you took seriously a most peculiar attack which has been made against us, following on from recent articles on our site. 1,331 more words


Johann Most: Ready for Freedom Now

Johann Most (1846-1906) was one of the most notorious anarchists in the latter part of the 19th century. He began his political career as a Social Democrat, elected to the German parliament, the Reichstag. 1,284 more words


A Support of Authoritarian Communism

There are several advantages to the authoritarian forms of communism which the libertarian branches of the ideology cannot fulfill. The main forms of communism as we acknowledge them are Anarchism, Left-Communism, Democratic Socialism, and Marxism Leninism (although I am less well-versed in the various tenants of the authoritarians schools of Maoism and Marxism Leninism). 632 more words


Fooled By the Robot Men

In my early twenties, when I was Very Involved in politics, some of the fiercest disagreements I had with close friends was in regards to space exploration and the objectivity of technology and civilization divorced from a capitalist context. 1,658 more words