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Kropotkin on Christmas

Every year I usually post something by Kropotkin around December 21st (his birthday) but this year I was a bit too busy. Someone else beat me to reposting this article by Ruth Kinna about Kropotkin’s views regarding Christmas and Santa Claus, which reminded me to do so as well. 1,297 more words


Both Statist-Communists and Anarcho-Capitalists Fall in Love

(oft-times with each other :  )

This short post is in response to an off-line question; and this, however cryptic, is the answer to why I will no longer post political asides, regardless of subject, on this blog.  132 more words


Anarchism in the Korean Liberation Movement

In this section from the “Anarchist Current,” the Afterword to Volume Three of Anarchism: A Documentary History of Libertarian Ideas, I discuss anarchist influences in the Korean national liberation movement prior to the Korean War. 785 more words


The reason I haven't updated

Well when I planned on writing this yesterday I had a sort of opening paragraph written in my head but the title states it pretty well so I’ll skip the theatrics and say that basically my political views have changed. 435 more words


Theory Laden Practice by Hagbard Celine33

Kuhn and Popper have revolutionized our understanding of science. Both of their work shows how our observations are theory laden. Our metrics for what qualifies as evidence are theory laden. 264 more words


Organising as the AF; our politics and what the group actually does

I was reluctantly asked to introduce the Anarchist Federation (AF) some months ago at an open workshop and this is the expanded and edited notes derived from this event. 1,327 more words