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Franteschini, Boris, 1914-1986.

A short biography of Italian anarchist active in Australia, Boris Franteschini.

On August 26, 1986 Boris Franteschini died due to complications caused by lung cancer. 613 more words


Obituary for Dan Chatterton, 1820-1895.

Obituary for British anarchist Dan Chatterton, who died in 1895.

Leaving out those great ones who have cut their niches in history, (the history of this country is rich in fore-runners of Anarchism) such as Godwin Shelley, and Owen, I propose to place on record some of the lesser known pioneers of the Anarchist movement. 807 more words


Rebel City. London AF's Free Paper.

Rebel City #6 – the free paper published by London AF is available as a free PDF download from the Anarchist Federation’s website.



Kropotkin: The Origins of Anarchy

I was very excited to learn that Iain McKay, who produced the excellent anthologies of the writings of Proudhon, Property is Theft, and… 1,764 more words


Is the working class movement dead?

The following article is loosely based on the notes for a pre-discussion talk by an AF member to a libertarian socialist discussion meeting in Leicester, 25 January 2017.

2,328 more words

The Vanishing Jewish Anarchists

A Review of Revolutionary Yiddishland: A History Of Jewish Radicalism

At the close of 2016, Verso books published Revolutionary Yiddishland: A History Of Jewish Radicalism, 562 more words


The Sixth Declaration, the Zapatistas, Nationalism and the State

By Anonymous

Understanding exactly what is meant by the Sixth Declaration is a difficult task. While the Declaration opens with a reference to it being the ‘simple word’[1] of the EZLN there is a certain, perhaps deliberate, lack of theoretical clarity. 4,870 more words

Anti-Imperialist Ideologies