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The reason I haven't updated

Well when I planned on writing this yesterday I had a sort of opening paragraph written in my head but the title states it pretty well so I’ll skip the theatrics and say that basically my political views have changed. 435 more words


Theory Laden Practice by Hagbard Celine33

Kuhn and Popper have revolutionized our understanding of science. Both of their work shows how our observations are theory laden. Our metrics for what qualifies as evidence are theory laden. 264 more words


Organising as the AF; our politics and what the group actually does

I was reluctantly asked to introduce the Anarchist Federation (AF) some months ago at an open workshop and this is the expanded and edited notes derived from this event. 1,327 more words


Indigenous Resistance and Anarchism with Gord Hill

Gord Hill’s website is Warrior Publications. It contains a wealth of resources.


Repost: Anarchist Thugs Respond: A Word About Saturday’s Events at Downing Street

Read the full article here.

“The masters of London have to be made to understand that they are surrounded by enemies. We outnumber them. Their entire strategy has been based on the assumption that we are better people than they are.

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Post-election thoughts pt1: The SNP

Some thoughts by one of our members on the SNP in light of the recent election results. You can also read another member’s response here… 843 more words


Brutal attack on anarchists movement in the Czech Republic

Over the past two weeks the Czech state has launched a massive attack on the anarchist movement under the name Operation Phoenix. Dozens of people have been arrested on terrorism and hate crime charges; flats, squats and social centres are being raided/evicted with alarming speed and brutality (with court orders that would normally take years to process being rubber-stamped overnight and water canons getting deployed); while the Anarchist Federation, the Anarchist Black Cross (prisoner support), and several other radical groups have had their servers taken. 109 more words