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Thomas Spence: Pioneer of Anarchist Socialism

The recently formed London Anarchist Communist group (LAC) will be publishing a book on “Anarchist Communism in Britain.” Part One deals with precursors of anarchist socialism and communism in Britain. 1,092 more words


Luigi Fabbri: For the Russian Revolution - Against Dictatorship

AK Press has now published Bloodstained: One Hundred Years of Leninist Counterrevolution, a collection of anarchist writings on the so-called “October Revolution” in Russia in 1917, which marked the Bolshevik’s seizure of power. 1,818 more words


Bio of the Anarchist Lazar Lipotkin.

A short biography of Anarchist Lazar Lipotkin, active in Russia and the USA

The Russian Jewish anarchist Eliezer Solomonovich Lazarev was born in Odessa on the 18th November 1891.He became an anarchist communist at the age of fourteen. 472 more words


What is anarchism?

What is anarchism?

An anarchist society is one held together through human solidarity and natural cooperation.

It is a society without exploitation, without slavery, without prejudice and without constituted power. 800 more words

Franteschini, Boris, 1914-1986.

A short biography of Italian anarchist active in Australia, Boris Franteschini.

On August 26, 1986 Boris Franteschini died due to complications caused by lung cancer. 613 more words


Obituary for Dan Chatterton, 1820-1895.

Obituary for British anarchist Dan Chatterton, who died in 1895.

Leaving out those great ones who have cut their niches in history, (the history of this country is rich in fore-runners of Anarchism) such as Godwin Shelley, and Owen, I propose to place on record some of the lesser known pioneers of the Anarchist movement. 807 more words


Rebel City. London AF's Free Paper.

Rebel City #6 – the free paper published by London AF is available as a free PDF download from the Anarchist Federation’s website.