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What is real anarchism?

Anarchism is a philosophy which, over the years, has often been seriously misunderstood, thanks largely to the efforts of its enemies. But the situation seems worse than ever today, in that even those who call themselves anarchists sometimes lack a clear understanding of what it involves. 3,101 more words



Well would you believe it?

I’ve emailed the DWP ministers email .. again. I did this a few years back .. can’t remember why. Might have been around seven years ago or more when I first lost my DLA? 1,167 more words

The Alarm

Anarchists, as well as other radicals, were depicted by the mainstream press as the main threat to the wellbeing of the United States. In order to communicate with their followers, they had to produce their own newspapers and magazines. 123 more words


Fighting for our Lives!

Fighting for our Lives

Fifteen years ago, we published the following text introducing anarchism to the general public as a total way of being, at once adventurous and accessible. 208 more words

Goby's Journal

Glenn Beck: Here's Why ANTIFA is Anti-Trump, Anti-Right, and Anti-Liberal

Source: This piece was originally posted at The New Democrat

The key term from Glenn Beck’s speech is here is that ANTIFA are anti-liberal. Which is what illiberal means and a lot of the people in so-called mainstream media haven’t even heard of the word illiberal, let alone knows what it means. 335 more words