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Is What Trump Did on the 15th a Moral Disgrace?

This is one of the most honest responses I’ve ever heard a president give. Krouthammer below has this nasty habit of fomenting the worst kinds of strife. 509 more words

Christ Was A Man, And Is Still A Man, But Resides In Heaven; Beware Of Ones Claiming To Be He!

The threats from far-left and alt-right are NOT equal.

I’m about to piss off both sides with a single sentence. Here goes:

The alt-right is a far bigger threat than the anarcho-communist left for the same reason Islamic extremism is a bigger threat than Christian extremism. 923 more words

How a far-right anti-refugee project was humiliated by anarchists and fishermen

A ship chartered by ‘Defend Europe‘, a far-right project aiming to disrupt the rescue of refugees in the Mediterranean, has been forced to seek its own rescue. 67 more words

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Quick post to update on the new eh… things, yeah. Things. Like these three new additions to the picture gallery (click for full sized image): 243 more words


An inquiry just provided a glimpse into the British state’s secret war on political activists

The cover names of three police officers who spied on political activists have just been revealed by an inquiry into undercover policing. The three officers infiltrated high-profile campaigns at a time of great public anger. 39 more words


Against agriculture & in defense of cultivation by Witch Hazel

Originally published in Spring 2003 in Fifth Estate, this green anarchist text has been taken from The Anarchist Library.

“It doesn’t take a health food nut to see that modern society has a dysfunctional relationship with food. 3,166 more words

The Anarchists Are At It Again

I have had very few image thieves lately.  In my last search I found a German anarchist using my images on their blog and on Facebook. 235 more words