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Melbourne: Solidarity with the Ravenhall Remand Centre rioters!

1 July – Hundreds of prisoners at the Metropolitan Remand Centre in Ravenhall have rioted in response to a state-wide ban on smoking in all of the state of Victoria’s prison hell-holes. 280 more words

Melbourne: Banner for Marco Camenisch

June 23 – A banner was placed on fencing near Richmond railway station as a slightly belated small contribution to theJune 20-22 International Days of Action for Marco Camenisch… 16 more words

Pathology of Jewish Destruction

Though the grand cities of Berlin and Dresden are much dissimilar in form and presence; Berlin a thriving industrial capital while Dresden is renowned as Germany’s city for culture both represent a pinnacle in European achievement and share a unique history of barbaric and sadistic destruction. 2,761 more words



All Eyes on Greece.

I hold that this implosion is intentional and has been planned for a very long time.

Now we wait for the Communists to release their bomb throwing, window breaking, ‘useful idiots’… who call themselves Anarchists. 78 more words

Anarchy, Anarchism & Anarchists

ANARCHY is what happens wherever order is not imposed by force. It is freedom: the process of continually reinventing ourselves and our relationships.

Any freely occurring process or phenomenon—a rainforest, a circle of friends, your own body—is an anarchic harmony that persists through constant change. 224 more words

John Stossel - Billions of Tax Dollars on Roads? That's 'Bull'

“It’s part of the stimulus plan. The government has announced it’s going to spend billions of your dollars on building new roads, and fixing old ones… 1,145 more words

John Stossel

European fascism

(May, 2015)

You will all be pleased to know that one of the more recent neo-Nazi inspired memes on the internet is that Heinrich Himmler was murdered and there’s a Jewish media inspired conspiracy to cover that up. 225 more words

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