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The First Red Scare: An Easily Repeatable Occurance

If you asked the average American to define the ‘Red Scare’ most would probably link the term to the era just after World War II when McCarthy and his ilk ran a fear based campaign to expose undercover communists in American Society. 2,546 more words

20th Century United States History

this day in crime history: november 24, 1917

On this date in 1917, a bomb exploded at the Milwaukee, WI Police headquarters. The bomb, a black powder device, was found outside a Catholic church. 53 more words

True Crime

Tips For Anti-Fascist Organizing

With the rise and election of Donald Trump, the ugliest aspects of the far-right have been emboldened and empowered. The KKK has said they are holding a Trump victory parade in North Carolina, various Neo-Nazi groups have had an increase in membership over the last year and have begun organizing, and popular Alt-Right, white nationalist figures have publicly called for fascists of all stripes to come out of hiding and be outspoken about their ideas. 1,353 more words

Political Philosophy

Donald Trump is the Enemy The Left Has Always Needed

From my weekly column at Greed: “No Quarter.”

(GREED) – Donald Trump hasn’t even taken the presidency and he’s done more for the Left than Noam Chomsky has in 10 years. 1,171 more words


the left and anarchists fomenting civil war

Violent protests occurring nightly in several large US cities since the 2016 election – what does it mean?

In the past 2 years, we have seen ugly and destructive riots in the streets of many US cities when the Left does not get its way. 517 more words