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Lucy Parsons: The Anarchist and Intersectional Feminist Who Inspired May Day

by Laura Flanders

Common Dreams | 01 May, 2016

Photo: Wikimedia Commons user IWPCHI – The Independent Workers Party of Chicago

Workers shouldn’t strike and go out and starve, but strike and remain in, and take possession, said Lucy parsons. 476 more words


"The First Global Terrorists Were Anarchists in the 1890s" - The New York Times

Maya Jasanoff reminds us of the time when anarchists terrorized Europe. The reaction to these acts of terrorism fit a familiar pattern: in response to fear we turn against the Other (immigrants, foreigners, minorities, etc.). 346 more words


In the news

Remember that old saw,  “repeat a lie often enough and it becomes truth”? I saw it in action today.  Suddenly the Israelis are the bad guys. 497 more words

American Politics

Social Justice in Education


The core doctrine of social justice is the theory of social construction. The believe that reality is socially constructed. This theory is what is used to claim that race and gender are social constructs. 344 more words

Regressive Left

En pie de guerra contra la civilización

taking the warpath against civilization

“Civilization is the domination of the wild world and the nature of living beings that inhabit the planet. This is the key issue, presently enforced in an era of fierce techno-industrialization, which corrodes the essence of life, freedom. 71 more words


Police & fascist attacks on anarchist refugee centres (Greece) form pattern of collusion

A pattern is developing: refugee centres in Greece organised by anarchists are being raided by police and/or set on fire by fascists – probably Golden Dawn. 863 more words


Anarchists must say what only anarchists can say

by Monsieur Dupont

Part One

I stopped briefly on the bridge over the A14 near Milton’s Tesco and watched as cars, vans and lorries appeared and vanished like shooting stars beneath my feet. 5,018 more words