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Hamilton Police issue another warrant in Locke Street investigation

Then there were eight.

Hamilton police have issued a warrant for the arrest of a 27-year-old London man on charges of unlawful assembly while masked and mischief over $5000, in connection with an act of vandalism on Locke Street in March. 136 more words


Swallows and anarchists

An orgy of swallows swarm over my pre-WWI courtyard every day. From the moment the sun breaks through my blinds, I love listening to them fight and feed. 169 more words


Terrorism 1919 Style

Today in History, June 2, 1919:

Galeanist Anarchists set off 8 bombs almost simultaneously across the country. They were communist sympathetic anarchists that were trying to kill leaders they thought were preventing the over throw of the US government. 183 more words

Anarchists detonate 8 bombs in 8 cities to protest deportation of immigrant criminals and anti-sedition laws

June 2, 1919
United States
Anarchists send and detonate 8 mail bombs to government officials on 8 US cities

The victims targeted by the mail bombs either supported the deportation of immigrants accused of crimes, or endorsed anti-sedition laws (laws which punished those who used “disloyal, profane, scurrilous, or abusive language” about the United States, its flag, or its military). 208 more words

True Crime

this day in crime history: june 2, 1919

On this date in 1919, eight bombs exploded in seven different US cities. The bombs, thought to have been the work of followers of Italian anarchist Luigi Galleani, were targeted at people perceived as outspoken critics of the anarchists. 112 more words

True Crime