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The Past is Ruination and the Future Is Brighter Than We Can See

American politics is all too often defined by the past.

“We need to go back to American freedom! That idea that you can do what you please and I can too, without Big Brother getting his nose in there!” (This one is usually offered in response to policies that make it so that people can’t do what they please… 996 more words


Turkey offensive against ISIS acts as cover for nationwide raids on Kurds

Over the last 24 hours Turkey, using its bombing raids on ISIS strongholds in Syria as cover, has launched a massive operation against Kurds within Turkey. 1,363 more words


Bulldoze a people's assembly centre? Mistake: they didn't bargain on the resistance

Spanish radicals don’t take kindly to their local assembly centres being attacked by police on the orders of Government. But when the authorities tried to destroy such a centre in Barcelona that had been squatted for 17 years they did not realise the extent of the resistance that this would provoke. 553 more words


Anarchist Initiative call for worldwide protests outside Turkish embassies, jULY 26

The Turkish government continuous to give support ISIL, who are having their asses handed to them by an increasingly international, multi-ethnic revolutionary movement. Spearheaded by Kurdish militias, the revolution has liberated the territory of Kobane, all but eradicating ISIL’s presence there. 306 more words

Rebel Rousing

Kathmandu, Nepal: Anti-police graffiti action against the Australian embassy in solidarity with antifa

19 July – Anti-police graffiti action taken against the Australian embassy in Kathmandu, Nepal. The words ‘Australian police protect racists’ and ‘Antifa’ were spray-painted on the embassy wall in solidarity with… 25 more words

Tumultuous Times … All the Time

The Proud Tower: A Portrait of the World Before the War, 1890-1914 Barbara Tuchman

Don’t you find it true that, especially these days, we live within our times? 1,092 more words


Athens: Melbourne cop couple on honeymoon caught up in riot chaos

Riot police try to avoid petrol bombs during heavy clashes with anti-austerity protesters in Athens. 

16 July – Two Melbourne police officers, honeymooning in Athens have been tear gassed during a violent protest outside the parliament where rocks and molotov cocktails were thrown at police. 271 more words