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“Heterogeneous Moral Views in the Stateless Society”

My criticism of anarcho-capitalism, which I’ve alluded to many times on this blog, is now online at Libertarian Papers.

A growing literature has explored the workability and efficacy of governance without the state.

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Biblical Anarchy 3

Hi, Lela. I hope you and everyone reading enjoyed a blessed week since our last discussion!

I am enjoying it, Becky, and I’m looking forward to continuing the conversation. 1,572 more words


The 145 Solution: Sapience, not Sentience

No one so blankly ignorant, so mentally without furniture, so muddle-headed, limited, and barren, should be allowed within hailing range of a voting booth.

I have to ask Fred, why don’t we just abolish the voting booth, period?

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Follow Reason - Not People, Movements, and Parties

Seeking Truth – Facing Ourselves

We can find our ideas from many sources; religion, the media, schools, governments, eastern philosophies, western philosophies, and so on.  What “sticks” is a little different for each person.  10,734 more words

Sharing freedom means sharing your joy

Adam was invited to speak at Orange County Liberty on the Rocks and shared his thoughts about activism, the love-olution, doing time, and getting past the negativity in activism. 194 more words


Biblical Anarchy 2

LELA: Becky Akers and I continue our conversation on anarchy and Christianity. See earlier installments on the Conversation with an Anarchist page.

BECKY: Hello again, Lela. 1,405 more words