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How To Live in Peace

Government allocation is mostly a zero-sum game, in which one person’s win necessarily means another person’s loss. The great ignored and overlooked feature of market allocation is that it is… a positive-sum game.

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Anarcho-capitalism question from Lucas

Is anarcho capitalism an oxymoron? If there is private land ownership, a stateless society is impossible. The landowners would be, by definition, the states. No matter how many or few of them exist. 88 more words

Anarcho-capitalists: When "Enemy Of The State" actually means "I belong to a literal neo-Nazi gang."

As I was browsing this page on Patrick Sharp, an Internet troll and neo-Nazi who uses pictures of concentration camps in pseudo-advertisements for physical fitness, a picture caught my eye: 127 more words


The Perverse Ideology of "Anarcho-Capitalism"

Is it just me, or has there been a sudden resurgence in the popularity of “anarcho-capitalism” lately? Market fundamentalists have a history of parasitically leeching off enlightenment-based ideas (which were originally based on rationality, secularism, liberty, progress and the idea of the social contract) and synthesizing them into their own market-based dogmas. 894 more words


Capitalism Is the Moral High Road

Higher education in the United States is engulfed in an ideological campaign against the American political and economic traditions of individual liberty, free competitive markets, and constitutionally limited government. 1,889 more words


You're wrong about the working class, I hope they kick your Berkeley ass

Imagine a classroom in Soviet Russia. Or Cultural Revolution China. Or perhaps Castro’s Cuba…  Students mirroring similar dogma at eachother, monolithicly. No arguments. It all seems very civilized, until you realize that this false consensus is the direct result of dissenters being shot, or confined to a Gulag. 1,333 more words

Social Justice

Book Review: Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson 

I first met Stephenson back in 2004 in a copy of Cryptonomicon I found at Barnes and Noble. I read the first couple chapters, enjoyed it and then made a terrible mistake. 473 more words

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