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I was a missionary and had an unpleasant surprise encounter with a Jesuit priest who took umbrance that we were living like St. Francis. Mad because we were winning the hearts and minds of his little group of twelve young men that he was training for influence in society in the Dominican Republic. 437 more words


Can things get any more crazy?


Most people who follow the news chatter know by now that a Planned Parenthood executive was caught on video talking about how the price of a specific baby organ depends on the disparate difficulty it causes the abortionist during the “extraction”, a euphemism for prenatal infanticide. 770 more words


Immigrants Aren’t the Only Ones Who Shouldn’t Be Voting

…property rights…should not be confused with political “rights” that are quite distinct from the right to self-ownership. … political rights such as voting are often used to justify coercion against others in the form of expanding government spending, and government control over every aspect of daily life.

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Episode 14 - Healthcare in Anarchy (worse case scenarios) 22nd July 2015

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How to Speak to the Brainwashed

In all of human history, there may be no greater conditioning system than our modern government schools (including all the private schools that follow the same pattern).

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Did God Establish Government?

Fatherhood remains the most basic and natural form of authority for the protection, provision and social welfare of dependents:  Fatherhood also offers the maximum possible liberty for dependent family members by functioning at the lowest possible level, by being closely tied to healthy self interest, and through a deep natural instinct of personal care and emotional affection.

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Everyone Needs Freedom to Discriminate

 A free society permits anything peaceful, and that includes the right to disassociate..A market that permits discrimination… allows … profits to be directed toward those who think broadly, while denying money and profitability to those who do not.

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