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Removing the Scales: My Journey to Anarchism

While all my friends and acquaintances are lighting themselves on fire and bewailing the current political climate of our nation, I remain peaceful and serene in the knowledge that I am a free human person, created in the image and likeness of God.   914 more words


Taxation is theft? A realistic assessment of libertarian ideology

If there is one central axiom of libertarian ideology, it is the belief that “taxation is theft.” I used to believe this when I was a libertarian. 2,269 more words


Bread Costs Silver, But You're Payed in Rocks Theory

A slowly emerging and common form of “anarchy” is anarcho capitalism, which, by many of it’s “blind zealots” is the perfect form of anarchy and no such thing as corporate monopolies or mafia-esque groups would not form. 493 more words


'Statism': From the An-Cap Band You Need to Hear to Believe

April 5, 2016—Anarcho-capitalism, for some the zenith of libertarian philosophy, has found a new voice in Eric July, lead vocalist for the street hop/metal band Backwordz. 1,095 more words

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I Do Anarchism (And You Can, Too!)

Anarchy: When you hear that word, what comes to mind? Is it crime and chaos, mobs breaking into convenient stores, a hellish inferno rising over civilization? 757 more words

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Monopolies Are Bad! And Corporations Agree


Why Cornering the Market is a Strategy That Doesn’t Pass ‘Go’

A few weeks ago, I was discussing my political views with a friend. Well, I do that daily, but this particular instance happened a bit ago. 1,145 more words