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States independence, not constitutional convention

Mark Levin is a smart guy, but…

Please think before accepting a new constitutional convention.

One, if all three branches of the federal government have acted illegally and unconstutionally with impunity the entire history of the Republic, beginning with Hamilton’s execrable central bank, the Marbury v. 215 more words


When marketing becomes reality

It is pretty much impossible to not get sick of hearing of left right and centre dynamics which are thrown around by news organisations which have come to feel divisive. 526 more words

A Change in Approach

I’ve been involved in the anarcho-capitalist movement, off and on, for close to 5 years now. I’ve been involved with┬ávarious ventures, including multiple incarnations of blogs, podcasts, projects, and social media groups. 859 more words


Communists are not coming for your toothbrush

People who do not leave their hometowns or countries of origin, or who leave them only with closed minds, have trouble understanding what is wrong with their own culture, ideas and beliefs. 882 more words

Anarchism And Voluntaryism

David D. Friedman on Problems with Libertarianism

In this video from 1981, David D. Friedman lists some unresolved problems with libertarianism and also tells some funny stories about Ludwig von Mises, Murray Rothbard, and Ayn Rand. 223 more words


What's This About a NAP?

For about 2 years now I’ve labeled myself politically as an anarcho-capitalist.

Most folks have never heard that label. Prior to that I called myself a more familiar label: libertarian. 1,296 more words


Before the NAP

As I have stated before I grew up a conservative. This meant that I was pro-war, even when I was not entirely sure what the war was about. 569 more words