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Anarcho-Capitalism: Libertarian Fantasy, Anarchist Nightmare

There is absolutely no way to reconcile the two terms – Anarchism and Capitalism. The very nature of both makes the term Anarcho-Capitalism such a cynically contrived concept that the word contradiction can’t even satisfy the sophistry. 1,196 more words


The Root Causes of Police Brutality

News stories abound on the national press about cases of police officers killing unarmed citizens, with media focus on white officers killing black men, leading to marches and protests in cities across the country with the purpose of fighting a system whose injustices stem from “institutionalized racism.” But is racism the cause of these killings, if they are unjustified in the first place? 2,853 more words


Collectivists hate individuality, tribalism and ‘Fast And Furious 7′

Nearly all human beings naturally gravitate toward social structures. This is not under debate. The best of us seek to work with others for the betterment of our own position in terms of survival and success, but also the betterment of our species as a whole, if possible.

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How Technology Makes the State Obsolete

Here’s the video from the talk I recently did at the 3rd ALS Friedman Conference (2015), as part of the Liberty and Technology panel:


Liberty is Not Enough

Opponents of libertarianism often ask the following question: if libertarians hate government, why not live somewhere like Antarctica or Somalia? From a very narrow perspective, they have a good point. 824 more words


To merge, or not to merge:

Now that the long trip has ended, I wonder if to some degree it would make more sense to merge this blog with the main blog–the one with all the sonnets.  568 more words


Urban Survival: A personal journey

Urban survival is more then just prepping individually. To assume that we can survive any catastrophe alone is the epitome of foolhardy human nature. Regardless what hollywood or any of the hundreds of authors say, one person alone cannot survive. 218 more words

Authored By Jesse Mathewson