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New Libertarian Foundations

The ethos of libertarian thought lies solely, and resolutely in the idea that the freedom of the individual must be an absolute, as long as no harm is brought to others. 1,469 more words


Anarchism, justice and a vision for the future

Anarchism, justice and a vision for the future
By Neil Lock

This essay began as a comment on Keith Preston’s “The New Anarchist Movement is Growing,” published here[1]. 3,972 more words


The Stimulator: Sink the Rich!

Dandelion Salad

stimulator on Jan 25, 2016

This week we examine the contradictory notion of “Anarcho-Capitalism” and dismantle this illogical concept by illustrating current examples of why free markets have nothing to do with freedom.

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Law without the State

…the elimination of the state will not lead to lawless chaos. Voluntary institutions will emerge to effectively and peacefully[2] resolve the disputes arising in everyday life.

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Is Anarcho-Capitalism the Result of Biology?

Recently, there’s been a growing trend in the position that capitalism is pure biological fact. This isn’t new, however; it is the same argument as the ‘human nature’ argument. 1,180 more words

On Anarcho-Capitalism

On the Essential Difference between Utopia and an Anarcho-Capitalist Society

Is anarcho capitalism a utopian vision? Anarcho capitalism is simply the natural state of human interaction. In most normal interactions between people, the state is not involved. 474 more words

The Jewish Libertarian Blog

Work, Labor, and incentive.

A key principle of capitalism people don’t seem to understand is the idea incentive and how it affects production and work value. For example, like in a race the fastest person gets a shiny gold medal. 417 more words