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You Don't Always Need to Know How It Works, to Know It Works

This was shared by the Facebook page Emancipated Human:

Although I can talk at length as to how a Voluntary or Stateless society may function, the reality is that this is fundamentally irrelevant to the idea of true freedom.

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Strange Women Lying in Ponds Distributing Swords

The men of Monty Python were brilliant at bringing the most absurd situations to life.  From arguments over whether or not a parrot is dead, to the Earth being invaded by pastries, nothing was too bizarre for the men of the Flying Circus to take on.  910 more words

Global Economic Collapse & Government Evil with Jeff Berwick

The impending global economic collapse, and the beginning of the end that is coming in September 2015 is discussed with Jeff Berwick. From observing the Bilderberg group conference in Austria, to exposing the mind control hoax that all governments are playing on humanity, we explore the real root of all evil and try to imagine a world without money or laws. 436 more words



Pompeii was a wealthy city in Southern Italy until its population was destroyed by the eruption of a neighboring volcano in the year 79 CE. However, the eruption left much of the city intact, and preserved it under several meters of ash. 588 more words


There Is No Such Thing as "Settled Public Policy"

 Of course, you don’t have be the world’s biggest cynic to see why those who use this phrase use it in this context. It’s merely a political tactic — because its practitioners…

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Austrian Economic Theory

A Video Critique of Subsidized College


It is often asserted that government student loans make education more affordable or that government funding is essential for thriving university programs. If these assumptions are true, why is education getting more expensive? 39 more words


Education Without The State: A Video Guide

In today’s world, most western democracies are subject to a standardized public education system that receives funding regardless of how greatly it fails.

This is the unfortunate nature of taxation, where citizens are forced to fund programs that continually produce dismal results. 117 more words