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Did God Establish Government?

Fatherhood remains the most basic and natural form of authority for the protection, provision and social welfare of dependents:  Fatherhood also offers the maximum possible liberty for dependent family members by functioning at the lowest possible level, by being closely tied to healthy self interest, and through a deep natural instinct of personal care and emotional affection.

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Everyone Needs Freedom to Discriminate

 A free society permits anything peaceful, and that includes the right to disassociate..A market that permits discrimination… allows … profits to be directed toward those who think broadly, while denying money and profitability to those who do not.

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F.A. Hayek and Why Government Can't Manage Society, Part I

By Richard Ebeling via The Daily Bell

   This year marks the seventieth anniversary of the end of the Second World War. On May 8th, Nazi Germany surrendered to the Allied Powers in Europe. 3,029 more words


Humanity is Developing Survival Resistance to Government Lies

 This new adaptation by the species to the problem of government will ultimately be the greatest threat to the control system. The controllers are hoping to overcome this by spreading fear.

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Cody Wilson Part Two - His Political Philosophy

Here is part two of my interview with Cody Wilson:



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Have a listen to this well done interview with Cody Wilson. For anyone not familiar, Cody is the man behind the free 3D printed gun plans. But he's not just "some gun nut" as the mainstream might have you believe. He's an articulate, philosophically minded man. And he has some very interesting things to say. You might not immediately agree with his points, but he makes you think, and makes you realize - hey maybe he's on to something with that thought. I particularly connect with the thoughts on crypto-anarchy: the movement to simply engineer the state out of existence. They cover a broad range of topics, and this is well worth your time. [Click "view original" below and play on Political Badger's page]

Ideological Perspectives: Who has the right to complain?

One of the most common arguments put forward at election time is that those who do not vote forfeit their right to then complain about the result or any of the decisions made afterwards. 775 more words

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