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Both Statist-Communists and Anarcho-Capitalists Fall in Love

(oft-times with each other :  )

This short post is in response to an off-line question; and this, however cryptic, is the answer to why I will no longer post political asides, regardless of subject, on this blog.  132 more words


Capitalism Rocks!

I think I shocked a friend of mine during a political discussion. It is rare that I voice my full oppinion on political subjects but on the occasion in question I unleashed my full view. 163 more words


The Crypto Anarchist Manifesto (1988)

Crypto-anarchism is a subversive philosophy that extends anarchism into the world of cyberspace. Crypto-anarchists attempt to protect their privacy and political freedom through the use of information technologies. 633 more words


Short critique of Anarcho-Capitalists

Since becoming an Anarchist I’ve not had any particular urge to critique ‘anarcho’-capitalism or ‘anarcho’-capitalists because it’s already well covered and, well I just don’t care that much. 271 more words


My View on Politics

I am sure several of my friends on Facebook are sick of me. It doesn’t matter where in the political spectrum they are, if they post a political message I generally reply with the opposite view. 436 more words


Justice Without State

… justice without state was common throughout history. And…it seemed to have worked quite well over long periods of time. That seems utterly impossible to any mind that has gone through…

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How Can Crypto-currencies Democratize Society?

Yesterday, September 26th of 2015, I attended the Reinvent Money event in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, that was organized by Paul Buitink. The goal of the event was to bring people together for a grand discussion on the future of our monetary system. 419 more words