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RWA Review #1: Net Neutrality

My first in a series of weekly videos about up and coming issues. This week: net neutrality.


A Spontaneous Order: Monopolies and Cartels

Consider purchasing a copy of A Spontaneous Order: The Capitalist Case For A Stateless Society

The notion of a “free” or an “unhampered” market is a conception of a market operating quickly, spontaneously, and unpredictably. 3,747 more words


Money vs. Currency

I was recently asked who would be responsible for printing money in an Anarcho-Capitalist society. To answer that question we first have to make the important distinction between “money” and “currency.” Once we do, it quickly becomes clear that private central banks are not necessary for the creation of money. 271 more words


Whose Job is it Anyways? Why Common Ownership Always Fails

Marxists define socialism as “common ownership of the means of production.” However, anyone whose been to school knows that common ownership means common responsibility, and common responsibility means no one is liable. 298 more words


What are you waiting for Libertarians?

Libertarians: No one is stopping you from creating your Randtopian communes right now, go on, go do it.

What? You’re broke? Oh… What in the world makes you think you would be in more financial abundence let alone alive in an anarcho-capitalism based society? 248 more words


The Path to Anarcho-Capitalism: A Pragmatic Approach

In this video, I explain my vision for moving society towards Anarcho-Capitalism. Whether you agree or disagree, thanks for watching and feel free to leave a comment below. 277 more words