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What is anarcho-capitalism?

Anarcho-capitalism is a social system that aims to maximize freedom. It does this by combining the peaceful coexistence of libertarianism with the optimal productivity of laissez-faire capitalism. 759 more words


Black Friday is for the Poor

I went to a Daily Mass on Black Friday this year.  The priest didn’t waste too much time with the homily, but he made a few comments about Thanksgiving and a statement about Black Friday which I found hopefully refreshing.   505 more words


An Oil Finished Stock

With deer season at its end, it’s time to look to winter projects.  Since your rifle won’t be needed, you might consider putting a little work into it, treating yourself to an oil finished stock.   933 more words


OK, Now What?: The Party is Over, Cometh the Hangover

 My predictions, subject to ingestion of crow: No ethnic cleansing of illegals. No wall. No tight ban on Muslims. No punishment of sanctuary cities. No termination of welfare by states.

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The Symptoms of Authority: Disregarding Your Own Conscience.

One aspect of the belief in “Authority” is the idea that one has a moral obligation to disregard their own morals/conscience. That comes naturally with the belief that someone else has the right to rule you. 167 more words


Science and Technology Are Awesome

I really like technology, and most other people do too. That’s not surprising because technology empowers us to do the things we want to do. Like fly around over the ocean. 631 more words