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Feel the Bern(ing Down of American Inginuity)

Democratic Socialism and Socialism are the Same (And They Both Destroy)

Everyone already knows that Hillary is (at best) an untrustworthy professional of ineptitude, who lacks the ability to spit out even the tiniest of truths, right? 1,188 more words


When Picking the Correct Size of Government, the Choice Isn't Anarchy or Greece

Back in 2011, I shared a video that mocked libertarians by claiming that Somalia was their ideal no-government paradise.

I pointed out, of course, that the argument was silly. 875 more words

Big Government

Anarcho-Capitalism vs. Minarchism

Given the content of this particular blog, I feel like I should have probably written this entry before the entry on the Non-Aggression Principle. But, I didn’t. 1,236 more words


Self-Ownership and Voluntary Slavery

The argument that self-ownership entails voluntary slavery is as follows. If individuals possess the right to exclusively control the use of their person, then they also possess the right to voluntarily transfer the right of exclusive control to another person. 1,279 more words


One Reason Why the N.A.P is Irrelevant

The non-aggression principle (N.A.P) states that aggression is inherently immoral, where aggression is defined as the initiation or threatening of violence against a person or their justly acquired property. 354 more words


Self Ownership Cannot Account For The Increased Freedom Of A Slave

For some anarcho-capitalists freedom is defined as being a full self-owner such that one is free in so far as one’s self-ownership is not being violated and are made unfree in so far as one’s self-ownership is being violated. 460 more words


The Real Tragedy Is that the Presidency Matters

They had no large bureaucracy to control. There was no CIA, NSA, FBI, HUD, DHS, DOL, and so on. They didn’t exist and their functions didn’t exist.

1,284 more words