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Discrimination, Social Darwinism, and the Free Market

Much is made these days of companies discriminating against potential customers.¬† That isn’t to say that there’s an epidemic of discrimination, because there isn’t, but like a dog to its vomit, society continually returns to its pet projects.¬† 958 more words

Defining Anarchism: An Anarchist Dictionary for Today

Ableism: A form of workplace oppression and social stigmatization that affects people who suffer from physical and/or mental disabilities. Many physically disabled people face issues being able to work or become disabled by working under physically demanding conditions and face economic and social marginalization as a result. 5,950 more words


The Moral Limitations of Law Enforcement

Bridgewater, NJ, January 27th, 2015.

Two teenagers, armed with snow shovels, roamed the streets of their neighborhood. Wearing gloves to prevent leaving finger prints, and hoods to hide their drug worn faces, these ruffians searched out people who were trapped in their homes for one nefarious purpose. 1,016 more words

Becky Akers on Racism

Lela: Welcome back! Becky Akers and I are continuing our discussion of how an anarchic world would deal with racism and bigotry since there would be no government to enforce civil rights. 2,450 more words

Lela Markham

On the Impossibility of Limited Government and the Prospects for a Second American Revolution

…the Constitution, rather than being a legitimate source of pride, represents a fateful error…¬†According to Mises and Rothbard, once there is no longer free entry into the business of the production of protection and adjudication, the price of protection and justice will rise and their quality will fall.

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Stay Tuned for Christian Anarchy

Becky Akers returns to discuss the role of government in perpetuating institutional racism.

Interestingly, this coincides with Starbuck’s Race Together campaign, which I (and my husband Brad) 19 more words

Lela Markham

Biotech valuations are out of control

From Bespoke Investment Group

56 of the 89 (63%) stocks in the Nasdaq Biotech Index with market caps of more than $1 billion have no earnings.

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