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To merge, or not to merge:

Now that the long trip has ended, I wonder if to some degree it would make more sense to merge this blog with the main blog–the one with all the sonnets.  568 more words


Urban Survival: A personal journey

Urban survival is more then just prepping individually. To assume that we can survive any catastrophe alone is the epitome of foolhardy human nature. Regardless what hollywood or any of the hundreds of authors say, one person alone cannot survive. 218 more words

Authored By Jesse Mathewson

How to Make America Disappear

It’s the welfare and regulatory state that is a historical aberration. The institutions of modern “big government” were virtually all created in roughly the last century, since the birth of the income tax and the Federal Reserve in 1913, and even then, government did not reach anywhere near its current size until just in the past few decades.

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Libertarian anarchism's 'justice' problem

 For some loopy reason, they prefer this no-man’s la-la land to the followers of John Locke.

Yep, even the big “L” Libertarian Party is not much more than a “debate club.” They would rather argue than get anything concrete accomplished.

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7 Habits of Highly Effective Libertarians: How to sustain a lasting passion for liberty

Libertarian philosophy takes time to explain and is hard to simplify into 10 second sound bites, which is about all our current culture (with the attention span of a fruit fly) can absorb all at once. 3,677 more words


Hoppe: libertarianism fulfils conservatism

Hans-Herman Hoppe:

Combining cultural conservatism and welfare-statism is impossible, and hence, economic nonsense. Welfare-statism—social security in any way, shape or form—breeds moral and cultural decline and degeneration.

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Discrimination, Social Darwinism, and the Free Market

Much is made these days of companies discriminating against potential customers.  That isn’t to say that there’s an epidemic of discrimination, because there isn’t, but like a dog to its vomit, society continually returns to its pet projects.  958 more words