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Science and Technology Are Awesome

I really like technology, and most other people do too. That’s not surprising because technology empowers us to do the things we want to do. Like fly around over the ocean. 631 more words


In Defense of Libertarians (TMLF part 2)

In response to Capitalism is Cruelty and this facebook discussion which indicates fundamental differences and problems of reconcilability between two general camps—anarcho-capitalists and anarcho-communists—I’ve decided to republish my responses to a fellow “ancom” where I don’t think it makes sense to try at this juncture to unwed the people from the political identity of “ancap” that they dress themselves in. 841 more words


To My Libertarian Frienemies (TMLF part 1)

For expedience, the below is all —

Ron Paul was recently quoted as saying of the current elongated, drawn out financial crisis, that “we can’t blame capitalism because we haven’t had any.” I appreciate the spirit of what Ron said, and of course he was referring to free-market capitalism. 361 more words

What Every 20-Year Old Should Know about Liberty

Tucker’s beginners reading list is not just for20 year old’s. I know a lot of 60 (+ and – 40) year old’s that could use a heavy dose of it. 2,555 more words


Libertarian Military: Widthdrawal of Our Troops

As is commonly known, the United States Armed Forces is a product of state socialism. It’s been used against the anti-socialist neocons since the end of the Bush era, but never seemed to serve as a caveat for antiwar and noninterventionist libertarians—in fact, it’s a talking point that is foolproof in attracting converts—but there have yet to be proposed any free market solutions to a program that is arguably essential to the security of a society that is unanimously envied and insusceptible to any imminent threat, whether it be foreign or domestic, because such a program exists. 1,488 more words

All Bernt Out: A Recovering Socialist’s Journey From #FeelTheBern To Anarcho-Capitalism

One year ago, my sister introduced me to a gray, wispy-haired senator from Vermont — Bernie Sanders, championing economic equality and upon whose podium the pigeon of peace alighted. 1,467 more words