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Lions of Liberty Podcast: Lew Rockwell

As many of you know I’m a massive Lew Rockwell fan.  My friend Marc Clair recently interviewed him on his Lions of Liberty podcast.  Please have a listen!


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Why the Fuss About National Borders?

Look at a world map and ponder: Every one of those “national borders” were drawn there as a result of force or violence—conquest, war, etc. Knowing that, why does a common howl almost always go up when a stateless society is suggested. 1,481 more words


On the Good Intended Evil

When comes to opinions on the state, there are three general classes of ideologies. The first group of ideas believe that government is generally good, the second group can be classified as those ideologies the believe the government is a necessary evil, and a third class of ideologies of which I reside within, and is the class that believes the state to be an evil institution and unnecessary. 856 more words


Apple, Inc. is a small country

It’s good to be Apple. Really good. As of this week, in fact, $700 billion worth of good. Apple’s closing price of $122.02 per share on Tuesday made it the first American company ever to cross that market-cap threshold.

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Zerohedge: "The moment Yellen figured it all out"

The moment Janet Yellen figured it out, below, via Zerohedge:

Unsurprisingly, Obama offers awful business advice

So what if your company just burned 800 million in cash its last fiscal year? Burn more. From Business Insider:

President Barack Obama said “shame on them” after being asked about reports that, 

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What is Anarchy?

My conversation with Becky started easily enough — for me. I wanted to know —

What is anarcho capitalism?  Or better yet, what is capitalism? What is anarchy? 1,610 more words