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Birov: Student Protest 2011: analysis, chronology, documents (review)

BIROV was a short lived anarcho-syndicalist/left-communist collective from Belgrade, Serbia. During the time I was working on my collective Svjetska Revolucija I had contact with them and we have even meet and had a lively discussion. 617 more words


Interview with an activist from Seattle Solidarty Network (SeaSol)

Interview with an activist from Seattle Solidarity Network (SeaSol). I’ve made this interview because I have always been interested in discussing the ways of organising on workplace and in community. 1,133 more words


The First of May Anarchist Alliance

The First of May Anarchist Alliance (M1) describes itself as an “organization with its members having a… history of collaboration, in some instances reaching back to the 1980’s through an array of revolutionary anarchist organizing. 4,546 more words


The CNT Splits from the IWA

The CNT in Spain has apparently decided to break from the existing International Workers’ Association and to “refound” the IWA on a new organizational basis, with each affiliate to have a minimum number of members, to have votes at IWA congresses proportional to the number of members in each affiliate, and to be a functioning anarcho-syndicalist trade union. 2,758 more words


A Look Back at Black Flame by Lucien van der Walt and Michael Schmidt

Black Flame: The Revolutionary Class Politics of Anarchism and Syndicalism was a controversial book when it came out and is even more controversial now, though for very different reasons. 1,931 more words

Hurrah for Anarchy!

Recently Dissent magazine carried a rather lame critique of anarchism by Sheri Berman. Here I present an excellent rejoinder, posted by “Patrick” (also the author?) at… 1,825 more words