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Libertarian Military: Widthdrawal of Our Troops

As is commonly known, the United States Armed Forces is a product of state socialism. It’s been used against the anti-socialist neocons since the end of the Bush era, but never seemed to serve as a caveat for antiwar and noninterventionist libertarians—in fact, it’s a talking point that is foolproof in attracting converts—but there have yet to be proposed any free market solutions to a program that is arguably essential to the security of a society that is unanimously envied and insusceptible to any imminent threat, whether it be foreign or domestic, because such a program exists. 1,488 more words

The Spanish Revolution - 80th Anniversary

In Volume One of Anarchism: A Documentary History of Libertarian Ideas, I included a chapter on the Spanish Revolution that included writings from before and during the revolution regarding the Spanish anarchist movement and its role in the often misrepresented and sometimes ignored contributions of the anarchists to the social revolution in Spain that began with the Civil War that was precipitated by a fascist military coup on July 19, 1936. 990 more words


On "The Shape of Punk to Come" by Refused: Intro & "Worms of the Senses/Faculties of the Skull" (Track 1)

Refused’s most powerful record, which was to be their swan song, was released in 1997, just a few months before their hate-fuelled breakup. They were so fed up with each other in the band that they recorded and released a 30 minute documentary about their awful last tour and shows called Refused are Fuckin’ Dead. 855 more words


Laurens Otter's Memoirs

Laurens Otter was born in 1930 and lives in Shropshire, England. He grew up during WW2, began campaigning against nuclear weapons in the aftermath of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and in time became a dedicated anarchist peace activist, advocating and practising non-violence and close to the tradition of anarcho-syndicalism. 206 more words