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online security is not a crime

On Tuesday December 16th, a large police operation took place in the Spanish State. Fourteen houses and social centers were raided in Barcelona, Sabadell, Manresa, and Madrid. 398 more words


turkish activists remember fallen comrades

along with continued resistance to new turkish laws outlawing many forms of protest, dissent, and journalism, activists in turkey remembered fallen comrades, even as two policemen were given light sentences for beating a peaceful protester to death. 536 more words


sexual dissidence Activation!

On January 31, we will launch all the machinery for the sexual revolution. Activation sexual dissidence.

Two years ago, we began the constitutional process of the youth movement for sexual liberation, with the aim of creating a new organization. 545 more words


europe's latest failed state, ukraine; sexpots, jihadis, warlords, and nazis!

There were times in Ukraine’s recent history when even the country’s military brass were kneeling before the U.S. Literally. In June 2013, then-U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine John Tefft received the saber of the Ukrainian Cossack in the city of Kherson from a kneeling Ukrainian high-rank military official. 1,383 more words


Peru: La Policía Tiene Miedo

Published on Jan 16, 2015

Brutal represión en la cuarta marcha contra el nuevo régimen laboral juvenil.

Miles de jóvenes se reunieron el martes 15 de enero para manifestar su rechazo a la ley 30288 que recorta derechos laborales con el pretexto de “generar empleo formal entre los jóvenes de 18 a 24 años”. 89 more words


"soft" police state tactics used against anarchists in bristol (UK)

by “soft” police state tactics i mean intimidation, harassment – targeting of loved ones, visits to employers, wide-net investigations that drag in dozens of innocents. all in the effort to find an effective saboteur in the area, but also to squash a thriving anarchist scene. 1,716 more words


The message remains the same, as it has been throughout history: "Obey or suffer."

Individual disobedience or even mere failure to “produce” in spite of the individual’s best efforts will result in stigmatization, marginalization, a degrading dependency on the state and, as state support for the economically disengaged is cut back and removed, starvation, homelessness and imprisonment; even the fact of homelessness is defined as a criminal offense by more local jurisdictions with each passing year. 677 more words