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Great Punks in History: August Spies

With a name like that, how can you not do big things? At first, I thought August Spies was not one person, but a network of Anarchists in Chicago. 799 more words


The Art Of Not Being Governed: Anarchy

What Is Anarchy?

by Butler Shaffer

I have mixed feelings about the use of labels to describe
philosophical views, whether of myself or others. It is difficult to… 1,695 more words

Tham Khảo

Can I Play Too?

Can I play too? It’s a serious question.

And don’t misunderstand me; I already know how to be happy. It begins with awareness. Colour, shape, sound and texture; the fragrances of food and clothing; the wind’s wry rhythms. 2,298 more words

The Anarchist Experience - 236

The Anarchist Experience Episode 236
Season 3 Episode 56

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Rich & MC are joined once again by Ken Schoolland to discuss the Federal Reserve’s role in the market, and how it distorts it to the detriment of the people, How government schools interfere with private education, and whether or not the seeds of liberty can be planted in college students’ heads, and why the Free State Project is still the best way to advance the cause of Freedom and Liberty. 27 more words




Zombie Anarchy: Survival Game MOD version ve for Android. Description: Do you have what it takes to survive Hell on Earth? 445 more words

The Media Didn't Get The Joke

To preface, no I don’t idolize the Joker at all, but the updated *character* is brilliantly written, contrasted with the archetype deep in our ancestral memories, that of the Jester, who uses comedy to show us the truth of the tragedies in life, especially of society’s ills. 1,297 more words

Vigilantism feels Liberating.

The Joker movie got me thinking real deep.

The movie is mind blowing.The way it sheds light on mental illness and how it should be taken seriously is apt. 234 more words