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Anarchy (Friday’s free for All)

Only a theory, only a thought.

Utter chaos. Freedom sought.

Tranquil conscience. Congruent souls.

Harmonizing. Flocks and folds

Wars abounding, strife and sorrow

Never hoping past the morrow. 17 more words


American Politics, in a Nutshell: A Rant

I don’t typically write about my political beliefs on this site. Initially, I intended to dedicate it to fiction (horror) pieces, but after cancer and open-heart surgery, the fear of being rejected by the literary horror community for my political beliefs means very little to me, now. 516 more words


Monsieur Dupont's Material Nihilism: Condensed Commentary

“The anarchist role is negative, their aim is the destruction of all exploitative and repressive false hopes. The history of popular fronts from the 30’s to the Anti-Nazi-League, to Globalize Resistance shows the ‘we all march together’ strategy to be a neutralizing force which dissipates resistance to capital and plays down class struggle in favor of a reformist political agenda (eg anti-fascism now, revolution later).

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If You're Voting Based on Hate...Which Column is Your Hate in?

I am open to hear why people would vote for Harris/Biden. The usual response is because they “hate Trump” which parrots the DNC mantra and Harris/Biden website. 1,026 more words

Off The Garden Path

The Anarchist Experience - 290

The Anarchist Experience Episode 290
Year 6 Week 40

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Rich, MC, and KS discuss some of the hilarity coming out of the last US Presidential debate, why its important to watch with friends, and whether or not the US Federal government has an obligation to protect Taiwan against a Chinese Military invasion. 30 more words


Phenomenology of a Misleading Philosophy

A few reasons why Karl Marx’s political economy is manifestly inaccurate but still very popular

André Gorz writes in his ‘The Social Ideology of the Motorcar’: ‘The worst thing about cars is that they are like castles or villas by the sea: luxury goods invented for the exclusive pleasure of a… 595 more words

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