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Northern Shovelers are back

Even at a distance I could tell that the ducks that I spotted on Monday at Huntley Meadows Park were Northern Shovelers (Anas clypeata… 33 more words


Northern Shoveler [Anas clypeata] ~ 2017 #27

The picture below was taken as the ducks were doing their “swimming in a circle” ritual. Some ducks dive to get their food, some go up-end, while these characters get a whirlpool going to help stir up food for the group. 35 more words


Goofy grin

Does your appearance affect your attitude? Do you act differently when you are dressed formally than when dressed casually?

During the winter, I sometimes put on an utterly ridiculous looking bright red trapper hat with long floppy ears. 133 more words



It’s hard to read the expression in a bird’s eyes, but this male Northern Shoveler (Anas clypeata) at Huntley Meadows Park did not seem too thrilled that its large bill had gotten tangled in the weeds. 6 more words


Shy shoveler

The Northern Shovelers (Anas clypeata) at Huntley Meadows Park seemed shy and skittish today. This one male, however, turned his head for one last lingering look before swimming slowly away. 6 more words


Foraging shoveler

Some birds are so skittish that they fly away the very second that they detect my presence. Other birds are so tolerant or have gotten so used to humans that they will come right up to me or allow me to get pretty close to them. 123 more words



Anas clypeata

These ducks have huge spatulate bills. The male’s breeding plumage is quite distinctive with a dark green head, a bright yellow eye, bright white breast and chestnut coloured flanks. 123 more words

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