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Joint Description Degree of Freedom Range of Motion 196 more words
Leg Anatomy


Human leg is the entire lower limb of the human body which includes a girdle formed by the hip bones, the thigh, the leg, and the foot.   283 more words

Leg Anatomy

Anatomy in Yoga

An excerpt from the Yogacara Yoga Teacher Training Manual by Emily Kane

An understanding of anatomy is key for the safety and development of your students. 317 more words


Chapman, Jake and Dinos, Zygotic Acceleration, Biogenetic, De-Sublimated Libidinal Model, 1995

A discomfiting representation of the sexualization of children, possibly registering either sexual abuse, sexual exploitation, or society’s fears about these crimes. Also,¬†where the non-human and the human come to occupy the same unsettling place.


Have a heart...

I made this as part of an English project my freshman year of high school.

Hooves on the ground: Colour Atlas of Anatomy, a photographic study of the human body. Rohen/Yokochi

This is exactly what it sounds like; A compilation of colour photographs, CT-scans and MRIs of the human body, laid out by body part (Head, neck, trunk, thoracic organs, abdominal organs, urogenital and reproductive, upper limb, lower limb). 594 more words