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Second Semester & Studying Anatomy

I’m actually failing as individual as per my resolutions to blog at least once a month. AND I’m yet to write on my Winter break on my trips to Beijing and Xi An, memorable times indeed! 366 more words


"A horse has five hearts"

The phrase above, while common in the horse world, confuses many that don’t know much about horse anatomy. Specifically, the anatomy of the hoof.

If you look closely at the diagram above, you’ll notice a “v” shaped valley in the center of the hoof. 225 more words


Updated Content -Figure Drawing

The above picture, while appearing unrelated…okay, it’s an excuse to fill space, partly. It is relatable because this is what happens when my mind wanders (happily). 80 more words

Macabre freak exhibition or a study of the human anatomy?

The prospect of one’s death has always seemed frightening if not enigmatic, subject to varying interpretations and descriptions, the avoidance of a direct mention but rather safely wrapped in euphemisms like “kicked the bucket, breathed their last, gave up the ghost, the loosening of the silver cord, extinguished, expired, passed on.” 690 more words


museum of me

you caught me in our closet

again, plucking strands of hair

in the almost dark.


I said I was weaving curtains

to keep your mother out, 245 more words