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Who am I?

Guess who I am, I all post the answer tomorrow along with a short bio.

One of the greatest minds in human history. In many areas he was a couple of centuries ahead of scientific discovery. 26 more words


Pre-surrender syndrome

Multiple papercuts

Acid squeezed on the superficial injuries

And the pain is felt deep within

As if a strained muscle

Or the spread of a heartburn to your eyes, 22 more words

Free Style Poetry

Why I love your body

By: Emilie McKay, RMT

Emilie is an advocate for positive self-esteem and body image. Using her bright and sunny disposition along with her caring hands, she loves to help clients feel good about their bodies. 747 more words

Massage Therapy

What is snot, earwax and eye sleep? - A Week in Science Why do...

What is snot, earwax and eye sleep? – A Week in Science

Why do our faces sometimes seem like a conveyor belt of gunk and goo?

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"suck the metatarsals!" (said loudly, with vigor)

“You do not need to learn yoga. You need to learn how to learn yoga.” Krishna said that, in his very wise Krishna way. He’s said it more than once now actually, probably because he knows that we didn’t all quite understand what he meant at first. 376 more words

Open-access 3D morphological datasets

MorphoSource, is a dataset project for storing, collaborative sharing, and distribution of microCT scans, 3D surface rendering, and 2D digital imaging. Its main goal is to provide rapid access to as many researchers as possible, large numbers of raw microCT data, and surface meshes representing vouchered specimens.  106 more words


Ankle Fusion Surgery (Arthrodesis) This 3D medical video depicts...

Ankle Fusion Surgery (Arthrodesis)

This 3D medical video depicts the anatomy and function of the ankle joint, as well as the common reasons for having an ankle fusion surgical procedure.

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