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Overcoming the "Gross" in Gross Anatomy

This blog comes from a speech I recently gave.

I am passionate about anatomy and feel that it is an amazing and integral part of my practice. 707 more words


Molekulare Pathogenese der Fibrose bei Muskeldystrophie vom Typ Duchenne


              <p>Die progrediente Myofibrose spielt eine entscheidende Rolle bei der Pathogenese der Muskeldystrophie vom Typ Duchenne. Die dystrophiebedingte L├╝ckenbildung im Muskelgewebe erzeugt eine relativ unspezifische Umstrukturierung des umgebenden Mesenchyms. 119 more words
By Alexandros G. Sfakianakis

Anthologia: Gender Special

I’ve had a couple of poems, ‘a toast’ and ‘I am pregnant with proclamations of love’ from Anatomy added to an Anthologia on gender collected by Plymouth’s poet laureate, Blaidh Nemorlith (Thom Boulton). 33 more words


The Original Southern Horse

A good case could be made that horses are the quintessential ungulates. They are big, fast, smart, and command respect on the wide open plain. There is a reason Ford Motor Company named its famous muscle car the Mustang. 1,196 more words

Native Ungulates

Overexpression of the giant FAT1 cadherin gene and its prognostic significance in de novo acute leukaemia patients


              <p>FAT1 is a type 1 transmembrane protein belonging to the cadherin superfamily. Many reports showed either overexpression of FAT1 gene or its loss in solid cancers. 235 more words
By Alexandros G. Sfakianakis

Cytology assessment can predict survival for patients with metastatic pancreatic neuroendocrine neoplasms


Histological features and Ki-67 index have known usefulness in predicting prognosis and guiding therapy among patients with metastatic pancreatic neuroendocrine neoplasms. Fine-needle aspiration may offer advantages for Ki-67 assessment because the technique obtains highly cellular, well-preserved specimens with the potential for broader tumor sampling. 222 more words

By Alexandros G. Sfakianakis