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Bats, cats and Archeopteryx

A bit more biology about the Vokh and iVokh. They really are a bit like Frankenstein’s Monster!

Okay, so I’ve said that both Vokh and iVokh are flying hermaphrodytes, and in book 1, I mentioned that their ‘lungs’ are in their wings which are like ‘leather sacks’. 754 more words


Free-living Flatworms

Free-living Flatworms with fascinating egg cases

When I go for a walk, I have a habit to always take along some small plastic bag or a glass jar in case I stumble across something interesting that I would like to examine more closely at home or later on in the lab. 764 more words


Hour 1: Hand Sketch

A sketch of my left hand. I couldn’t figure out what to start with so I went with something directly in front of me.

People always say hands are difficult to draw, and they’re 100% correct. 34 more words


Tom Myers explaining Fascia

YogaUOnline provides “online yoga education for every body” and recently I listened to a free interview of Tom Myers discussing “Fascia and the Power of Movement in Mind-Body Transformation.” … 505 more words