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In Need of a Hand?

Any readers who have looked at my design pages will not be surprised at my knack for visuals.

It is one thing, however, to use the computer and manipulate provided images and fonts on Microsoft Word. 190 more words


Avian Promiscuity

Natalie Forsdick, a PhD student in Anatomy, talks about her studies on New Zealand’s endangered Black Stilt (the Kaki) and how its willingness to breed with Pied Stilts may be threatening its future. 9 more words



Paint on my naked back
With your fingers a story,
A sketch of your intentions
And a description of its glory.
Between these arching blades… 94 more words

Wade... my deadpool.

I never wanted fancy dinners, expensive datesI never wanted those things, materialistic things, guys use to woo women

I never wanted any of that
I wanted, I still want just you… 125 more words