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White Line Disease

Keratolytic processes (keratolysis) are those in which there is loosening and/or separation of the horny layer of the epidermis. Therefore, White Line Disease can be defined as a keratolytic process on the solar surface of the hoof that is characterized by progressive separation of the inner zone of the hoof wall. 405 more words


Ultrasound Can Catch What NIPT Misses

A few months ago a young couple, Michele and Dan, came to my office for a mid-trimester fetal anatomic survey at 21 weeks’ gestation. They were excited to see their fetus in 3D-4D ultrasound, and were wowed by the 3D image of their baby’s face. 1,071 more words


The Vrolik Museum, A Well-Hidden Gem of Amsterdam

Not only is the Vrolik Museum well beyond the usual touristy scope of Amsterdam, it also seems to be hiding itself quite well on the premises of the… 209 more words


Yes Virginia, the Appendix Does Have a Purpose

Students watch in amazement as the abdominal cavity of the cadaver is opened. We remove a few structures and after a few minutes we get to the colon. 251 more words


LabTV: Curious About Malaria

It’s the time of year when thoughts turn to buying school supplies and heading back to the classroom or off to university. So, throughout the month of August, I’ll be sharing LabTV profiles of young people whose learning experiences have set them on the path to becoming biomedical researchers. 418 more words