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On Whose Shoulders We Stand II

This post was not going to be about Egun (Ancestors). I was going to continue to expand my discussion on Ellegua, but spirit dictated I do what they are telling me to do as often happens with my posts. 1,571 more words

African Traditional Religion

Honoring the Spirits of Here

On the one hand, I think it’s a good idea to honor the deities of the place one lives. Otherwise, it would be like living in someone’s home, eating their food, using their bandwidth, but not talking to them or helping with the rent. 212 more words

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I normally distinguish more firmly between the Landspirits and the Ancestors, but this makes a good point for why blurring that distinction is potentially necessary. -E-

Problems with cultural pride -- if you're white.

As I write this, Beth’s daughter (again, my not-quite-step-daughter) is in NYC taking part of the protests going on there. I’ve got various news sites running in the background. 1,458 more words

Modern Day Worship

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I have said much the same, and we will no doubt repeat it again and again as the conversation continues, but one thing I wanted to make special note of: Orlog! The way we can move in the world now is always, always shaped by what has come before. The racism and atrocities committed by our ancestors and those others who came before us do not stop affecting the world we live in today just because we find acknowledging those effects inconvenient. As we respect the Ancestors, as we are bound by Orlog, so we MUST acknowledge and respect that how we represent ourselves as Heathens, as people of Northern European ancestry, as "white" Americans, is necessarily constrained by the effect we will have on our fellow human beings. No, we are NOT free to do as we please without consequence. We never were. No one is free of Orlog. --Ember--

Other Worlds Right Here

An Outsider at the Crossroads

This is a beautiful, sad article giving the firsthand account of a white woman moving into, through, and eventually out of a tight-knit Caribbean neighborhood in New York, and the consequences of gentrification represented by her presence. 107 more words

Religion And Spirituality

Call For Submissions for a Beloved Dead Devotional

I said I wasn’t going to start this, and yet here I am anyway…  Doing the Work.

Crossing the River: A Devotional to Our Beloved Dead… 335 more words

American Paganism

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This looks worthy. I should see if I have anything useful to contribute... -E-