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A Bump in the Road

I seem to have hit a snag in working through ADF’s Dedicant Path. And since this week is supposed to be a High Holy Day in terms of the workbook, so I think I’m gonna hit pause and see if I can work through a few things, especially since I’ll be traveling the week of the Solstice this year. 596 more words

Gaelic Polytheism

Origin of the Greek hero cult: Influenced by Homeric poetry or ancestral veneration?

‘… But you, Achilles,/ There is not a man in the world more blest than you–/ There never has been, never will be one./ Time was, when you were alive, we Argives/ honored you as a god, and now down here, I see/ You lord it over the dead in all you power./ So grieve no more at dying great Achilles.’ 1,596 more words

The Powerful Dead

My Ancestor Veneration Has No Ancestors

AKA No Wire Hangers in my Ørlog, EVER.

I have never really felt fortunate about the idea that I inherit the deeds of my familial ancestors. 719 more words


Everyone's Got Troublesome Ancestors

This post is a little late in the making, but it’s something I definitely wanted to bring up after my earlier post on ancestor veneration 101… 3,902 more words


Ancestors are for Everyone

I realize that lately (and for some time now), the general trend on my blog is to talk about either geomancy or philosophical topics involving spirituality and the occult, with only the occasional ritual thrown in.  4,590 more words


Neat Polytheistic Projects

Signal-boosting some cool stuff I see other folks doing on social media- it’s not all strictly polytheistic content, but at least of interest/relevance. Let me know if there’s anything you’re working on that you’d like to share, and if I like it I will add it to my next link round-up. 94 more words

When the Strange Things Come

One aspect of daily religious and occult practice I forgot is the kicking up of “strange.” It starts out small. One night, I got out of bed to grab a pair of socks and was hit by a shot of cold, so intense my whole body started shaking. 281 more words