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Integrate into Life's True Course

(The following will be interspersed with the indigenous voice of an Australian tribal leader.)

Putting aside the man-made lenses of ‘time,’ ‘space,’ ‘race’, ‘gender,’ and ‘money,’ and so on, is the only way to integrate into life’s true course. 2,530 more words

True Nature

The Peacock: connecting humans to the Universe

Ancient Indians, like the Aborigines of Australia and Japanese Shintoists, believed wholly in the supernatural and the natural world and especially envied the characteristics of some animals. 765 more words

True Nature

Setting the Table for the Ancestors

My ancestor offering of food and drink awaits under the waning Moon, a simple meal — and not gorgeous as originally planned — but one that works for where I find things at the end of busy week. 262 more words

Offerings for Ancestors That You Don't Know

Suitable Offerings for Ancestors You Don’t Know

It’s not easy to get in touch with your Ancestors, especially if you’re not fond of the ones closest to you. 554 more words

Traditional Witchcraft

Not In My Paganism: Deleted Scenes!

Because #4 got waaaaay too long, I trimmed out all of the detail I had written about my time in Sweden and the ways in which I regard that whole experience as an element of ancestor veneration in my practice. 864 more words


Not in My Paganism 4 - In Veneration of the Ancestors

Much of the racism that has been going around in the Norse corners of paganism recently have been done in the name of venerating the ancestors. 3,029 more words


The Witch in Wildcat Country

A few days ago myself and my boyfriend took a trip to wildcat country (Badenoch and Strathspey), in particular Newtonmore.

Newtonmore is the land of Clan Macpherson, a clan I have ties to through my father. 846 more words