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Journey Work

…The term “hedgecrossing” is modern in usage stemming from the Germanic term haegtessa meaning hedge witch. In the shamanic community this technique is called “shamanic journeying”.

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Ancestor Veneration

Sometimes I wonder how good of a descendant I am. It’s one of those random thoughts that pops up whenever someone is discussing ancestor veneration and honoring their deceased family. 598 more words

Practice & Witchcraft

You Make Me Sick

I just finished reading What Makes One A Witch by Sarah Anne Lawless and came across the following:

The initiation and learning of the witch usually occurs in stages that may or not be in this order, but most often tend to be:

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Ancestors - Holidays, Culture and Tradition

*disclaimer: I’m speaking from an American perspective

“Tradition is a guide and not a jailer.”
W. Somerset Maugham

I find in today’s society there is this sort of emptiness.

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Day 13: The Dead

I kinda suck at the remembering the dead bit to be honest. I don’t really have an ancestor shrine built, but I did at least think about those who have passed away last night. 478 more words

Devotional Writing

Day of the Dead and Ancestor Veneration

You see the images of sugar skulls, and bright colors. It looks fun, but do you understand it?

It is about honoring the dead. Those most recently lost are helped to cross, and those who have long crossed are remembered. 422 more words

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