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The Witch in Wildcat Country

A few days ago myself and my boyfriend took a trip to wildcat country (Badenoch and Strathspey), in particular Newtonmore.

Newtonmore is the land of Clan Macpherson, a clan I have ties to through my father. 845 more words


Honoring the Matriarch pt. 1

I have a corner shelf dedicated to my Ancestors. To the Beloved and Mighty Dead, the ones that came before. I refresh the water daily and leave offerings routinely. 553 more words

Magically Mundane

Swimming with Sharks

I often see tumblr pagans bemoaning the fact that gods rarely seem content to come alone. You invite one in, and they hold the door open for half the pantheon. 1,525 more words

Ancestor Veneration

Rules of Hospitality

This is a bit of a rant — (happy 300th post to me!)

So front up — I hate disrespect when you’re a guest in someone’s house. 840 more words

Spiritual Beliefs

What is Paganism?

Today I want to take a brief break from the “Through The Books” series to write a post on “What is Paganism?” I had planned to do this a long time ago  and make a Youtube video too but I never got round to making the video so I never wrote this post. 991 more words


Be Careful What You Ask For

Cardinals flock around my backyard. A male and female, they may be mates. It’s always the same two. I told myself I was going to do some research on cardinals but never got around to it. 59 more words

Spiritual Practice

What Pagans can learn from Asia

Since February 2015, I have been in Asia. I spent a year teaching English is Korea and since then I’ve been to Japan and Thailand, with Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam on the itinerary for the next few months. 1,489 more words