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Pagan Versus Christian Prayers For and To the Dead

Both ancient Christians and Jews prayed to and for their dead. However, this would not put them out of line with the practices of contemporary pagans. 2,177 more words


The Debts We Pay

The problem with incurring debts from deities and spirits is this; they will expect you to deliver and it will be on your mind every day until you fulfill your end of whatever bargain you struck. 285 more words


Saying Farewell & Ancestor Veneration

​Preparing for death, the witch annoints himself with the deadly ointment. Though typically for flight to the Otherworld, the plants brewed in the unguent speak of aid offered today as well. 341 more words

Merry Christmas 2016

For many years, my mother-in-law would go to midnight mass on Christmas Eve. Even after she parted ways with the Catholic Church, she’d still attend each year. 107 more words


O Bon: profound gratitude to ancestors in 21st century global Japan

It is sizzling summer here which induces a panic in non-natives used to more temperate climates. We cannot survive without air conditioning, so it is difficult to stay long in the open air, even for native Japanese, born in the far south in tropical Kagoshima and Okinawa. 497 more words

Integrate into Life's True Course

(The following will be interspersed with the indigenous voice of an Australian tribal leader.)

Putting aside the man-made lenses of ‘time,’ ‘space,’ ‘race’, ‘gender,’ and ‘money,’ and so on, is the only way to integrate into life’s true course. 2,530 more words

True Nature

The Peacock: connecting humans to the Universe

Ancient Indians, like the Aborigines of Australia and Japanese Shintoists, believed wholly in the supernatural and the natural world and especially envied the characteristics of some animals. 765 more words

True Nature