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Be Careful What You Ask For

Cardinals flock around my backyard. A male and female, they may be mates. It’s always the same two. I told myself I was going to do some research on cardinals but never got around to it. 59 more words

Spiritual Practice

What Pagans can learn from Asia

Since February 2015, I have been in Asia. I spent a year teaching English is Korea and since then I’ve been to Japan and Thailand, with Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam on the itinerary for the next few months. 1,489 more words


In Praise of Ancestors

This is only going to be a short post but I feel I need to write it. As you know, ancestor veneration is an important part of my paganism. 132 more words


The Trouble with Trilos, Pt. II

In my last post, I began an analysis of Sarah Anne Lawless’ post “Ancestral Altars and Rituals“, discussing her recommendations for setting up a shrine for one’s ancestors and how they related to my own practice. 2,167 more words

Ancestor Veneration

The Trouble with Trilos, Pt. I

Thanks to mankind’s insatiable hunger for knowledge about what Other People do and believe, there is a lot of readily-available information out there on different ancestor veneration traditions. 2,541 more words

Ancestor Veneration

Can Pagans honour Jesus?

So recently I’ve been thinking about honouring ancestors of culture and how some pagans honour “heroes”, rather than just honouring my ancestors of blood. I have come up with a few that I think I want to honour (by lighting a candle on the date of their death to them) like King Alfred the Great who made England and King Penda who was the last Pagan king in England. 532 more words


Innocent Voices Conveying Crucial Messages

The story of how I wrote my Australian work Easy-Happy-Sexy: on the Twelfth Day

As an author, I sometimes find myself between two worlds: that populated by the hard facts with visual proof told in R.T. 1,322 more words

True Nature