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We are our ancestors' apologies.

Or: “You can’t just cast off your ancestry and here’s why.”

Similar to the argument that American deities should be ignored or even outright buried because of the atrocities Americans have committed in the name of their nation, from slavery to racial crimes to nationalist violence. 1,098 more words

Gaulish Polytheism


As it gets closer to 4 July I remember all the fun things we used to do with my grandma. July 4th was always spent at my grandma’s house on the lake, with my uncle running the bonfire and the fireworks show. 322 more words

Practice & Witchcraft

Ancestor Veneration (Basic)

Ah, readers! My long awaited ancestor veneration post! This is absolutely certain. The ancestors are venerated by mostly non-Western religions. I’m not saying the Western path cannot do ancestor veneration, but a lot of them choose not to. 326 more words


Homily for Pre-Christian Family

When my grandmother died, she left us her research into our family’s history. She’d uncovered generations of ancestors winding back through American history, ownership of one registered slave, trans-Atlantic piracy, and finally a castle in England. 255 more words

Homilies & Healing Work

Ancestor Journal

I feel deeply connected to my ancestors and I’ve been wanting to come up with a way to do more ancestor veneration than I do. ADF will help with that, as ancestors are one of the three kindreds, which I really like. 475 more words


I have been meeting up with my great-aunts and great-uncles over the last few months. It is an enriching experience two fold. First fold: I get to reintegrate parts of my family that have been long cut off from me (near on 18 years in all cases), and I get to meet family members that I’ve never met, or cannot remember meeting because I was a very young child when last we saw. 1,177 more words


Update on Call for Submissions List

Just to remind folks, I have a Call for Submissions List for Pagan and polytheist related books that I hear about. They are listed in order by which deadline is the soonest. 247 more words