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When the Strange Things Come

One aspect of daily religious and occult practice I forgot is the kicking up of “strange.” It starts out small. One night, I got out of bed to grab a pair of socks and was hit by a shot of cold, so intense my whole body started shaking. 281 more words



i offer pieces
of yam
for my

Theory into practice

Witchlette, as I have shared before, is very interested in ancestor veneration.

This past weekend, on Saturday, we gathered with many of Hubby’s maternal side of the family. 237 more words


Apostasy - We are our Deeds

So I woke today to news that a prominent leader in Anglo-Saxon Heathenry and Theodism had converted back to Christianity.(1) Knowing what a completely vile and unethical human being this particular person is, part of me was relieved (good riddance to rubbish) and part of me disgusted. 640 more words

The Nature of My Gods

This is my first participation in the Gaelic Roundtable, despite intentions to participate previously and participating in other iterations. I’m really hoping to make this somethin I continue monthly. 711 more words

Gaelic Polytheism

Pagan Versus Christian Prayers For and To the Dead

Both ancient Christians and Jews prayed to and for their dead. However, this would not put them out of line with the practices of contemporary pagans. 2,177 more words


The Debts We Pay

The problem with incurring debts from deities and spirits is this; they will expect you to deliver and it will be on your mind every day until you fulfill your end of whatever bargain you struck. 285 more words