Samhain Ancestor Altar

I keep an ancestor altar all year. It normally resides in my office and looks like this:

Every day, I light a candle, light incense, and speak to my Beloved Dead. 142 more words



by Amoret BriarRose

The Ancestors call.
I pour the water, light the candles,
sing the songs and suddenly
legions are behind me, washing me forward… 11 more words


Ancestor Stories: Grandpa Clarence

Today is the anniversary of my grandfather’s death. Clarence Schirmer was a big man, a police officer, and a lover of music who played many instruments by ear. 56 more words


My Experience at Auschwitz by Ivy Helman

On August 4th, I visited Auschwitz.  In the beginning, the reality of the experience did not match my surrealist expectations of it.  I expected to walk onto the grounds and get hit over the head with the heaviness of what happened there, to feel a sense of deep connection to the land covered in the ashes of my people, to have the opportunity to mourn the loss of the members of my family I never met and to be utterly speechless as to the twisted systematization and industrialization of murder that took place there.  793 more words


Ancestor Stories: Grandma Lorraine

Today is the anniversary of my grandmother’s death. Władysława Szaflarski (Lorraine, Lottie) had a dry wit, a talent for telling ghost stories and was one of the most spiritually powerful people I’ve ever met. 79 more words


Ancestor Work

I just started drumming as part of my larger weekend Ancestor work.

Every day, I wake up and light a candle and incense, say hello to my Ancestors, and thank them for the gift of existence. 113 more words


Free Access to Findmypast

Starting today, June 29th until July 6th, all UK, US and Irish records will be completely free to search and explore on Findmypast. It’s a special Fourth of July extravaganza! 386 more words