A Tale of Two Sisters and a Daughter and Niece by Carol P. Christ

This continues the story I began last week. Catherina is my 2x great-grandmother; Agnes is my 2x great-aunt; Johanetta is my first cousin, 3x removed, and my step-2x great-grandmother; Henry is my 2x great-grandfather. 1,465 more words


A Tale of Two Sisters by Carol P. Christ

When I first returned from my ancestor quest in Germany, I fell ill with a bad cold and cough and had little physical energy. For two weeks I lived in the dreamtime, communicating with the ancestors and trying to make sense of the information about their lives I had discovered. 1,790 more words


An Illegitimate Child in Mecklenburg, 1850 by Carol P. Christ

I am Carol Patrice Christ, born in Pasadena, California, daughter of Janet Claire Bergman, born in El Paso, Texas, daughter of Lena Marie Searing, born in Lyons, Michigan, daughter of Dora Sophia Bahlke, born in Alma, Michigan, daughter of Maria Sophia Catherina Hundt, born in Parum, Mecklenburg, daughter of Catherina Sophia Elisabeth Schoppenhauer, born in Pogress, Mecklenburg, daughter of Anna Sophia Seehasse, born about 1770 in Zulow, Mecklenburg, … 1,241 more words


Finding Bavarian Ancestors by Carol P. Christ

In the past month I have been on a spiritual journey seeking my German ancestors. Six of my 2x great-grandparents were born in Germany, which means I am 37 ½ percent German. 1,480 more words


Acting like a boss

My eyes pop open just as the sun peaks over the horizon. With the soft glow of morning overtaking my serene bedroom, a deep stretch is enough to toss the previous night and its warm covers aside. 824 more words

Making Moves

Oh You Mothers

“Oh You Mothers…”

This is the prayer I use when leaving offerings for my own ancestors.

Oh you mothers, all my mothers

Those who sleep in heavy soil, 150 more words


Save Yourself From Spells, Oaths, Ancestral Curses and Cultism-PART I

Solution-Plant OSAGBAYE-pole

Ancestral Curses

Priesthood and Secret cults effect and keep alive Cultism, and Ancestral Curses through Witchcraft, Spells, and Oaths.

 Waves of Ancestral Curses that started more than half one millennium ago, ought to have waned after more than a hundred generations. 1,355 more words