My Aunt Became My Uncle?

My 2nd great-grand Aunt accidentally fell into my lap this week…or is she really my Uncle? Confusing, yes?

When I started down my bumpy genealogy road a few years ago, I began with this line of the family. 524 more words


Saturday Night Genealogy Fun

Randy Seaver of Genea-Musings posted an interesting question under Saturday Night Genealogy Fun:

  1. Have you done a good job of citing your sources in your genealogy management program or online family tree?  
  2. 408 more words

To DNA...or Not To DNA....That is the question!!

I have been pondering having my genealogical DNA done for quite a while now….and yesterday I took the plunge!!

It really wasn’t that I didn’t WANT to have my DNA done…I truly have wanted to get into the spit pool for a long time.   1,167 more words


Ancestor Connection and DNA Testing by Carol P. Christ

If like me, you view ancestry research as a spiritual quest, you may be wondering if it is worthwhile to have your DNA tested. I found out about… 1,208 more words


The Summer Triangle

It’s -11 outside. I know. I felt it when I went out with my dog a couple minutes ago.

They say there’s a wind chill warning, but I didn’t feel any wind when I stood outside. 200 more words


Six Degrees of Separation, Hungarian Royalty Chefs, & A Trip to Lens Crafters by Natalie Weaver

We were playing six-degrees of separation, I think.  I don’t know if there are rules to follow.  It was after dinner, and we were talking about people we had encountered and their linkages to others.    1,420 more words


Strong Female Role Models among Swedish Immigrant Ancestors in Kansas City by Carol P. Christ

When I decided to become a career woman, I thought I had no role models in my family. My parents (who sometimes considered me the black sheep) would have agreed. 1,003 more words