Balance, for the Equinox

So this is not going to be very in depth, or very articulate.

I’ve just had a thought one time too many and I’m throwing this out there for the purpose of venting. 658 more words

Random Honesty

Weekly BLOG: Connecting with the past – in a good way

Discovering ancestors can be like putting together pieces of a large puzzle. When we assemble some of the parts, we are able to see at least a small section of the whole picture, and we may like what we discover and be excited by it, or not.  358 more words

Cathy W. Lauro

New Dates! Online Trance, Mediumship, & Divination Class

If you were considering joining the 6-week online webinar series on Trance, Mediumship, & Divination, it’s not too late!

Some late summer technical difficulties and unexpected inquiries about the class resulted in its postponement to its definite… 395 more words


Love in Death.

Mythical stories of descent and return began to make sense to me during the long aftermath of a very difficult bereavement, some years ago.  Locating personal loss within a framework of cosmic renewal reassured me that return (and recovery), however circuitous, was possible, even probable.  1,255 more words

Ted Hughes

It's the God in Me and 'In Me' 'Is Me'

If we have numerous hairs or antennaes, what if each was connected to an‪#‎ancestral‬ mind, and if all we are is the sum total of the minds that reside in, around and with our current bodies, what if all of the ancestors of nature and their minds were connected to our minds and live in it. 443 more words


Callin' up the Dead -- #Necromancy and Leaving Big Mama's House - From the Upcoming Book 'The Mystic Take Two'

Whether you be of African, European, Asian or Native Aboriginal descent on any specific piece of earth real estate, EVERY LAST ONE OF US HAVE LOST OUR TRUTH in the forced roman/jewish concoction called christianity, which expelled our beliefs, heritage and cultures and buried our undead systems beneath the foolery of monetary supremacy.  1,241 more words