Wanted: The Clawson Boys

I have hunted these guys up and down, back and forth, over and under, and just about any other way I can think of. They’ve remained mostly hidden or under cover, and as adults, just plain disappeared. 710 more words


The Palm of My Hand by Molly Remer

“If there is one chant in the universe it is to create.”

–Chris Griscolm quoted in Nicole Christine, p. 25

If you ever eavesdrop on a conversation between my husband and me around the clamor of our four children’s voices, you will probably hear me making a tired lament: “All I want is a broad swath of uninterrupted… 1,962 more words


Roots Left Hanging in the Air

The past few weeks have been quite intense.  Another flood ravaged the Calder Valley on Boxing Day -we were told that the floods in June 2012, and July 2013(!), were exceptional events, but this was worse- with unprecedented river levels, and extensive damage to homes, businesses, and historical infrastructure.  426 more words


Dream of Natives of Islands North of Trinidad

Waking Life Prelude

Yesterday an exterminator visited my home and informed me that he would like to go to St. Lucia to honeymoon — he and his fiance are marrying in August of this year.  511 more words


In Dreamtime with the Ancestors by Carol P. Christ

The last few days I have been living in dreamtime with my Swedish ancestors, most especially with my great-great-grandmother Ingrid, about whom I have learned a great deal over the past year. 888 more words


Ancestors Tea

A tea blend win today! I didn’t have to adjust anything at all when I first blended it, it was simply perfect from the get go! 132 more words


Mother's Night Tea

A delicious, cider-like tea for sharing with your Disir, or to warm up after the cold outside.

The honeybush and apple really compliment each other, bringing out the fruit flavours of both, whilst still lending that honey-like flavour of the honeybush to the tea. 54 more words

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