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Tree Deva

“Listen to the trees as they sway in the wind. Their leaves are telling a secret.” – Vera Nazarian

When you are out in nature, out in the forest, do you stop and listen to the wind? 365 more words


Some random thoughts on modern Germanic belief...

I have heard on many occasions over the decades about how this or that person “knows the lore”. This statement is of course a lot like saying I “have money”. 1,190 more words

Touch the Earth, Touch the Sky


Touch the earth, place of your birth,
Your soul from the hearth of heaven;
Touch all those who have gone before,
Who adore you, and watch you through… 81 more words


Lady Elizabeth Rogers - Another Immigrant

  Lady Elizabeth Rogers was born in 1586 in Dorset England.  She arrived in America at Nantasket north of Boston in 1630.  She made her way to Windsor Connecticut where she died in 1681.   13 more words


Adventures for the Soul: Day 5


Dear human friends,

Thank you to those of you who have been following my journey diligently!

Last night we left Hanoi on an overnight train to Hoi An. 368 more words

Baldur During Ragnarok, Hidden with Hela

During this time of Ragnarok Baldur and Nanna, the soon-to-be new leaders of the Aesir, are hidden safely away with Hela. Why did Loki and Odin send them there? 156 more words


Eliza Jane Willis Gray

The women in the family are so important to me. I wish there was just more information about them. There are a few that I have a terrific collection of stories, but much fewer than I would like. 271 more words

Happiness Project