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A Plethora of Cousins

Imagine sending a chance message to someone who posted a pic of your deceased ancestor’s grave on a genealogy site, and finding 240+ distant cousins a day later. 556 more words


Why I made this website

I’m making this website because my stupid teacher in my stupid Multimedia Applications class told me to. I probably wouldn’t have made it on my own, but now that I think about it, the world could use another website about yaks. 65 more words


A Good Day to Honor the Dead

Today I was thinking about my ancestors and working on finishing up the Eir novena booklet. As part of the each day of the novena I include a reading, a prayer, and a suggested activity offering. 400 more words

Keeping Up With the Jones’: Connecting with Ancestors through Traveling

I swore to myself I wasn’t going to throw up. Hanging on to the handrail of a van on a narrow back road in North Wales, I held my stomach and kept my mouth shut as my boss, Alwyn, was explaining the history of the mining communities while trying to navigate his tour company van. 1,637 more words

Home but not Home

Where do we need to be to feel at home? I find myself pondering that question and not coming up with a satisfactory answer as yet. 96 more words

Why I am making a website

So, I have to build this websites for this stupid class that I have to take in school. After much deliberation, I decided to build my website about Yaks. 81 more words


"Seeing through the Rubble"

My latest book deviated from my usual path.   I usually write fictional short stories and fairy tales.   And that is what most of my readers  260 more words

Life Musings From A Reiki Master And Intuitive Animal Communicator