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Why I hate high school

Do you know Karma’s wife? That beast? Yes, that woman who chases after rats… You know her? I hear she sharpens forks and knives every night before her husband gets home. 774 more words


Sarah Odding, 8th Great-Grandmother

My 8th great-grandmother was born in 1609 in Cornwall, England and died in Rhode Island in 1681.  She sailed to America with her mother, step father, and husband in 1633. 616 more words


Tuesday Inspirations

A different kind of inspiration for today’s post!
Let me help you write your family history!
Contact me here to get started on your journey. 6 more words


A thought, a prayer

I am only becoming more and more certain that the spot we call our shrine, that I have mentioned and described in this blog several times already, really is a powerful spot. 237 more words

Way of the Ghost Hare - Spirit Element

Now we come to the one that most people miss out on, they cover the elements, the physical world but misses out on the one thing we need to interact with the rest of the spiritual world out there. 565 more words


But the past is the past...

Why bring up something I can’t do anything about?

The past is the past, why not leave it there?

So you’ve brought up something terrible your ancestors did, now what?  195 more words


Ancestry of Princess Diana

1st Generation
1. Princess Diana Frances Spencer (1961-1997)

2nd Generation
2. Edward John Spencer (1924-1992)
3. Frances Ruth Burke Roche (1936-2004)

3rd Generation
4. Albert Edward John Spencer (1892-1975) 443 more words