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Ancestry.com Connects Me and Millions of Others to the Pilgrims Who Arrived in 1620s

Plimoth Plantation, Plymouth, Massachusetts. Flickr.com slideshow.

Thanks to Ancestry.com, I’ve discovered that my 10th great-grandfather was a Pilgrim who came to America on the Mayflower’s sister ship, the Fortune. 206 more words


Blot of 2500 Ancestors, where it all began

How did this seemingly sudden close relationship with her ancestors begin? Heather Awen explains her process that started with the Blot for 2500 Ancestors. The rituals and sacrifices may surprise you.


The Gifts of Female Ancestors

Rape, unwanted pregnancy, abuse and miscarriages – our female ancestors sadly understand these all too common problems. The Gifts of the Female Ancestors includes help with these and more. 9 more words


Fey Blood, Fairy Ancestors

Often we hear of families descended from the Good People. Heather Awen speaks about her own experience with having Fey Blood, Fairy Ancestors – but it’s probably not what someone would expect!


Introducing Yourself to Your Ancestors

In Introducing Yourself to Your Ancestors, Heather Awen explains how she first made herself known to new ancestors. Finding common ground and making them proud first with tales of her general life, only then does she discuss problems.


Dangerous Mistake with Ancestors

Heather Awen tale about a dangerous ancestor mistake, involving the wives of Ragnar Hairy Britches. Spirit work comes with perils.


Recovering Lost Deities

Heather Awen discussing the possibility of recovering lost tribal, bioregional Deities while honoring ancestors, based on her own experience with a northern Wales Goddess.

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