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Working With The Gods: Hyndla

Some days ago i wrote about a goddess which i thought to be one of those goddesses people don’t talk much about and few know, but in this post i will talk about a goddess even more unknown than the previous one. 759 more words

Working With The Gods

On Whose Shoulders We Stand II

This post was not going to be about Egun (Ancestors). I was going to continue to expand my discussion on Ellegua, but spirit dictated I do what they are telling me to do as often happens with my posts. 1,592 more words

African Traditional Religion

People Died So That We Could….

For you who vote because our people died for us to vote; I’d like to share some other things our people died for us to do; please add them to your list of historical and ancestral obligations. 181 more words

Black Community

Parentalia Days 2015

Yes, I know, I’m a month late by Roman reckoning, but last year, we decided to follow Anthestêria with Parentalia, so we’re doing the same for the second time around. 321 more words


Reduced Water and Health Benefits

By S.Thiruchenduran, PGRC, Hyderabad.

Reduced water can be visualized as the water collected at near the cathode in an electro-chemical lysis of water. According to a researcher in Japan there are two methods to produce potable reduced water. 140 more words

Food Science

The Dead Are Not Silent

Hello, everyone.  I am still not really in a position answer any correspondence, which includes comments for this post, but I find myself temporarily with internet service during this tumultuous time, so I thought I would type up a little something that has been brewing in my mind for a while. 826 more words

My Life

Thank You Granny!

I was just talking in one of my groups about how much I miss my grandmother. She was my rock and ,100% honest, more of a parent to me than my own parents ever were. 81 more words