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The Good, the Bad, the Ugly, and the Awesome.

All too often, we allow our present circumstances to dominate our view of the future and our past circumstances to dominate our view of the present.  2,268 more words


The Bee and Me

Me and the bee.

We have a history.

Fifteen minutes prior to taking her picture (above), I had rescued her from what appeared to be near-death on our screened porch. 560 more words

Wildharvesting Thistle

Thanks to a sequence of Serendipitous Events, we now wildharvest and eat yellow thistle from the fields around our home. We learned the how-tos from a local woman who came to our home last weekend to buy our honey extractor and in the process shared some of her wildharvesting know-how with us. 122 more words

Mind Blown

My sister sent me this link to this perspective-shifting TED talk that (indirectly) addresses the question about the sustainability of raising grazing animals–something that, as a meat-eater, I have been concerned about. 194 more words

Some New (Old) Health Concepts

I will be picking up pace on producing content for this blog. Currently I am interested in some schisms in different online communities, especially the MGTOW and MRAs, and will be writing about this (as it teeters on becoming mainstream) as well as my usual interest in health, fitness and sex. 1,028 more words


This is What 6 Eggs Look Like

I’ve never eaten six eggs in one sitting, but I’m taking measures to put some weight back on, so I decided to go heavy on the eggs today at lunch. 92 more words

I'm Pregnant - Part II - Keep the faith and de-stress

I would like to dedicate this post to the ladies out there who are struggling with or who have struggled with infertility. It can be such a tough season. 945 more words