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Upcoming Experiment

As many of you know, I have a laundry list of health conditions, and in an effort to heal my brain and body, I am following a whole foods, ketogenic diet.   677 more words

The Power of a Doctor on Social Media

Yesterday evening (Wednesday) I loaded up BBC iPlayer to watch the first episode of the new ‘Doctor in the House’ series.

In this programme, Dr Rangan Chatterjee, a GP in Manchester, is invited into the houses and lives of the public. 1,232 more words


Alcohol Flush Reaction - can you handle your drink?

You may be able to drink through the night and wake up hungover yet sound, but for many people in the world consuming alcohol has an immediate and negative effect. 651 more words


It's Good to Be Nosy

In my very first blog post I wrote about the importance of correct mouth posture for proper development of one’s facial features. Mouth posture, and its effects on facial development, is a result of the way we breathe. 1,689 more words

Ancestral Health

What Your Feet and Aqueducts Have in Common

Arch bridges stay up without any support underneath, so why do we think the arches in our feet need support? The arches in our feet are fully capable of carrying our body’s weight without help from shoes and inserts which claim to provide “arch support.” If we examine the structure of other kinds of arches (bridges, aqueducts), we can see why shoe design is flawed when it comes to arch support. 1,622 more words

Ancestral Health

What Makes a Face Attractive? It's all in the Tongue.

What if having an attractive face isn’t determined solely but genetics, but rather by where your tongue is resting in your mouth? Crazy, I know. What could the location of your tongue possibly have to do with good bone structure? 1,577 more words

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