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My Offal Lunch, 7/20/16

First, I haven’t posted in awhile, for a variety of reasons, mostly just life in general, but Life is Good, and always better than the Alternative! 879 more words

What Makes a Face Attractive? It's all in the Tongue.

What if having an attractive face isn’t determined solely but genetics, but rather by where your tongue is resting in your mouth? Crazy, I know. What could the location of your tongue possibly have to do with good bone structure? 1,432 more words

Ancestral Health

26 lbs of Winter Squash

We love winter squash around here. I stocked up on 26+ pounds of organic winter squash on a recent outing to Whole Foods, which is a 1 1/2 hr drive. 45 more words

Feeling Blessed by My Man

Gotta give kudos to my man. He’s kind of a throwback to Charles “Pa” Ingalls of Little House on the Prairie. He’s a great provider of nutritious food. 121 more words

The Awakening (of my toes)

Toes. People seem to either love them or hate them. People wonder what the purpose of toes are. They are perplexed that there are five separate toes. 463 more words


The Flip-Flop-Clop

Over the summer we had several people who emailed us about a problem they were having with their sandals. The sandals were drifting slightly to the outside of the foot and in the case of the Pah Tempe models, the foot was coming off the front. 742 more words