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Bone Broth - It's What's for Dinner

Bone broth.  It just sounds like an old witches tell or something.

Some may confuse it with chicken stock. Chicken stock may or may not involve the bones. 665 more words


Why Dietary Fat is Vital to Optimal Brain Function

It turns out that having a “Fat Head” may not be such a terrible thing after all. In fact, it could be said that healthy fat between the ears may make our brains work more effectively. 985 more words

Dietary Fat

Ketosis, Ketogenic Diets & Cancer

What is Ketosis?

Many people are confused about the idea of ketosis and ketogenic diets. Thanks to advice from uninformed medical professionals, this metabolic state is sometimes even viewed as being unhealthy. 1,831 more words


The Primal Origins of the Human Diet

The Primal Origins of the Human Diet

Deep in the milky-way lies a wispy, barely detectable, gaseous interstellar cloud which contains an 8-atom sugar called glycolaldehyde. 2,747 more words


The Cholesterol Numbers are in

Here I am more than four months into following the paleo autoimmune protocol (AIP) wherein I have consistently eaten more meat and fats* than I have in my life. 173 more words

Exercise is Not the Most Effective Way to Lose Weight

You can’t get certain jobs with out a college degree, but the degree itself won’t get you the job.

For people looking to improve their body composition, exercise plays a similar role. 459 more words


Blessings of Healing and Wellness in the New Year!!

On this first day of the year I am appreciating a generous gift of healing water shared by a kind-hearted friend. I love that in addition to the vial of healing potency collected from the site of miraculous healings unexplained by science and attributed to belief and prayer, that my friend also unknowingly reconnected me with the terroir of one branch of my ancestors who lived in the same Basque region very near to Lourdes–Chelle-Debat. 170 more words