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Finding Your Ancestors By Using New Online Record Collections

This week I had the pleasure of helping someone find a marriage from the early 1800s in Canada using online resources.  It is exciting when we learn new things about our ancestors and can add them to our family tree. 519 more words


How DNA Tests Helped Me with Genealogy!

By Jason Gavin, Special Collections Librarian

I’ve discussed some of the various kinds of DNA tests available before. Recently I was discussing with family my experience with the Ancestry.com DNA test compared with the National Genographic test -both of which I’ve taken- and thought I’d share my experience. 414 more words

Special Collections

Ancestry videos at YouTube

Ancestry.com has done some work recently organizing its instructional videos at YouTube. They now have a very useful Playlists page. This groups their videos (and there are a lot of them) by topic. 60 more words


The Whitest Guy You Know

I’d liken my skin tone to the color of recently bleached teeth, if you can call that a color. I have the kind of skin that… incandesces. 588 more words

Family History

North Carolina Freedmen's Bank Records, 1865-1874

This month’s Tree’s of Wilson, Wilson County Genealogical Society’s newsletter, printed this lovely list of banking records of former slaves and free people (gleaned from Ancestry.com) that were from Wilson County and the surrounding area. 12 more words

Trees are Terrific!

There is currently a huge interest in genealogy and family history research among my close associates and friends. Most of the people I am helping rely a lot on FamilySearch.org and Ancestry.com to find their ancestors and add them to their tree. 541 more words