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Beware The Sale of Your DNA - Just Because You Can Upload Doesn’t Mean You Should

You know something is coming of age when you begin to see knockoffs, opportunists – or ads on late night TV. As soon as someone figures out they can make money from something, rest assured, they will. 6,613 more words


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Recently, I became an immigrant. I must admit I had a very antiquated idea of what it meant to be an immigrant. For me it brought to mind images of long rows of people waiting in line at Ellis Island after a long boat journey, the woman in cloth head coverings and long skirts, men in hats dragging large trunks behind them. 1,455 more words

I am the Walrus

People, please please please, be careful what you  add to your family tree. Please verify verify verify. When comparing or using info from other people’s family trees, (or any information especially from the internet) make sure that there are sources and citations attached to the individual(s) you are researching.  377 more words

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--- Trying out Ancestry DNA -- This will be interesting...

OK, I’ve always thought that getting my DNA analyzed might be kind of interesting.  I mean, who doesn’t want to know where their “Ancestors,” or at least their “genes” came from?  1,120 more words


Ancestry Modifies Their Autosomal DNA Chip

For today’s consumer, this isn’t really much of a story, although it may be someday.

Ancestry published an article in their blog this week announcing that they have begun testing on a new AncestryDNA chip. 888 more words

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Ancestry Update – A More In Depth Look – Losses and Gains

Ancestry told us that the average client would lose approximately one circle, would have matches shift from closer to further in relationship distance, would lose some matches and gain others. 1,428 more words

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Ancestry Update - Downloading V2 Deleted Matches

If you starred or noted matches, and if those matches got deleted during the Ancestry update, Ancestry has created a file for you to download.  It’s located under your setting gear wheel, to the right of your name. 223 more words

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