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Ancestry DNA results are in!

I was rather surprised at the amount of British I have in me, given that I had a German mother and Irish father. Though one of my grandmothers was British. 25 more words


Family DNA results, part 3

DNA Circles

A DNA Circle will form around an ancestor in your family tree if your tree is public and linked to your DNA test, and if two or more of your DNA matches…

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Family DNA results, part 2--Genetic Communities

Genetic Communities™

Genetic Communities show where your family probably lived in the past few hundred years. We create these by identifying groups of AncestryDNA members who are genetically connected to each other.

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My ancestors were thieves and scoundrels, near slaves and certainly slave owners. They were also ministers and soldiers, farmers and bankers, homemakers and lots and lots of teachers. 938 more words


Family Tree Maker 2017: 110 day (and counting) since we had working software

On April 1, 2017 Ancestry discontinued support for TreeSync, rendering the software largely unusable for many FTM users. Software Mackiev was unready for that change, even though they had not only known it was coming, but they had gotten a 4 month extension from the original target date from Ancestry. 578 more words


The Big DNA Upset -- Ancestry's Change

Earlier this week Ancestry.com broke the genealogy world by introducing a new policy surrounding their DNA tests. This news has caused many a person to express their views concerning the subject, and as any good genealogist would do, I’m jumping into the fray to separate fact from fiction. 442 more words


Ancestry.com ad campaign design

Ancestry DNA

Ancestry.com recently began a new campaign outreach for Ancestry DNA. We hope to encourage current members at Ancestry.com and all others to gain more knowledge of their ancestors and their stories by providing a DNA sample to obtain results of where their DNA originates. 236 more words