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What it Means to be Racially Ambiguous in a World that Wants You to Checkmark a Box.

Thanks to science and genetic testing (ancestry.com), I found out that I am part Hispanic (15-18%, respectively), specifically as it relates to Spain.  I also found out that I’m about 1/5 (18-20%, respectively) Jewish, but this post isn’t about that part, in particular.   1,077 more words


HeritageQuest and City Directories

At our October meeting of Clarkston Area Genealogy Society we discussed HeritageQuest and City Directories. Here are some tutorials on the two topics. Notice the dates of the tutorials and you can see that some are old and therefore talk about an old system, while other dates are more recent and talk about the new version of the product. 351 more words


That's My Daddy

When I was five years old, my parents separated.  My mother left Philadelphia and went back to her home town of Nashville to help take care of her mother who was seriously ill.  319 more words


Ancestry DNA Results!!!

Okay so I got my results a few months ago but I’m still always excited to share them. It was the best feeling in the world to really get some answers about my lineage. 207 more words


What's new on Ancestry? October 2016 edition

We’re already nearing mid-October and those of you who are on Ancestry may have noticed a new array of records that have been uploaded or updated (in italics) on their website. 419 more words


Research Road Trip: DNA Cousins

I decided to take a trip south while I had some time and on my way to Alabama I made a stop in Georgia and while I was there I reached out to three of my DNA cousins (discovered via ancestrydna). 161 more words


Ancestry V1 vs V2 Test Comparison

In May, Ancestry changed the chip that they use for autosomal DNA processing and comparison. They removed roughly 300,000 of their roughly 682,000 locations and replaced them with medical SNPs. 2,511 more words

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