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Do you know where you're from??

The funniest things come out of the mouths of kids sometimes. And by “funny” I don’t necessarily mean “haha” but more on the “that’s interesting… 635 more words

A new project - getting started

It’s interesting to examine something I’ve done for so long (e.g. genealogy) and see how I do things. I guess it could be interesting for others as well. 572 more words


Whao!!! Be careful what you wish for... 8

The words kept floating in my mind over the next week, with no explanation as to their meaning.

‘Take my hand – Close your eyes’  350 more words


Question of the Week for April 26: Where do we come from?

Do you know the geographical origins of the Cartwright family’s DNA? Once upon a time, genealogical research focused primarily on lineage — the record of parentage, etc. 183 more words

Questions Of The Week

Cowboy Tarver brothers,

Henry “Bud” Tarver, across from his great-grandson Joshua Vaughan, and brothers, Jessie R. and John Rubin Tarver, playing dominoes on the deck at Lake Sam Rayburn,  Thanksgiving Day  2013. 314 more words


Do You Have a Tribal Pages Family Tree?

I do. I chose to keep my family tree there because no one in my family has to pay to view it or register to see it (although no living people can be seen without a password.) An added bonus was having 2 unknown family members contact me because I had my tree there. 396 more words


Ancestors: You Don't Get to Pick Them....But You Love Your Family Anyway

People who personally know me understand that I am huge on family ties. I love my nieces to pieces, and those nephews, too. Plus my siblings, cousins, the aunts and uncles who were there, my in-laws, my parental units, etc. 496 more words