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Death brought with it, fear and suffering and the year was 1782.

For 3000 years the epidemic swept across continents wiping out millions, it killed a third of all the people it infected and is one of the most devastating diseases known to man, one of the seven worst plagues in history. 350 more words


Old Ralph of Ryton (1657 - 1729)

Old Ralph or Ralph ‘Raphe’ Elson, is my 9x great-grandfather, he lived between 1657 – 1729 and was resident of Ryton, Oldham, Lancashire where the surname Elson can still be found today. 236 more words


More Social, Less Media

Well, my experiment last week shit the bed after 30 hours. I managed to make it through a whole day and then some, but when I came home from school I was jonesing to post a picture of the spaghetti squash I’d made. 286 more words

A Skeleton Found in a Castle Could Be the Key to Cracking a 17th-Century Cold Case

Today, any scandal by a member of the United Kingdom’s royal family will likely end up plastered on the front page of gossip magazines. But for centuries, intrigue among blue bloods carried much deadlier consequences. 31 more words

Ancient DNA

Jinns, dybbuks and ghosts...frightening new movies for this Halloween season (part 2 of 3)

At Narratio Vitae (“life story” in Latin), we constantly encounter the undying reflections of our clients’ pasts, and we revel in the thrill of a good ghost story.   119 more words


Ancestral Rot

British roots define
particular brand of
peculiarity – shared
claustrophobia –

fear of closeness;
need to lie down,
separate myself,
am married now

childless dreams… 36 more words