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Family History 101 with Mr. Shaun Hill

Take those family photos out of the shoe boxes.  I know you have them.  Weed out the duplicate sets.  Borrow those birth and death certificates and start photocopying and scanning.  336 more words

Thursday's Thoughts: Shirt-tail Relatives

Eureka! I’ve discovered I have a whole new bunch of relatives. Shirt-tail cousins, shirt-tail aunts, and shirt-tail uncles. Who are these folks? They don’t share any genetic connection. 246 more words


52 Ancestors #13 Ina Inez Burke Culpepper

This challenge is set forth by No Story Too Small, and this week’s theme is “different.”

My grandmother died March 1, 1975

Meridian Star… 291 more words


52 Ancestors Challenge - Different

Different, unique, outside the norm – we all have ancestors who can be classified as such.  Daniel and Mary V.(Peroni) Medi fill this category for me.   370 more words

Journey to Our Ancestral Home in Lisdoonvarna

Here’s a video of a humble little home on the west coast of Ireland, on a plot of land called Ardeamush, which is Irish for “James’ Height.” My family lived in this home at least as far back as 1775. 168 more words


Who’s in your family tree?

Do you ever wonder who you are?  Where you come from?  If your family history has anything to do with how you were raised and why you think the way you do?  622 more words

Things We Think You Should Know

Back to your roots

If you have ever tried to trace your family tree and come to a dead end, the chances are that your missing ancestors were still living in the same place over a thousand years ago. 362 more words

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