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My Neanderthal Knuckle Hair....

A little over a year ago, as I came to terms with my advancing old age, I had a strong desire to find out where my roots lay.   878 more words

Knitting Yarns & Weaving Tales

And so the long awaited evening at Lana’s arrived. After a little bit of confusion in finding her house, we were welcomed warmly by her husband, Billy. 1,369 more words


Elizabeth Tilley, child of the Mayflower

Elizabeth Tilley was 13 years old when she walked up the long wooden planks and boarded the Mayflower. Born about 1607, she had already lived in two countries and was now on her way to her third and final new country. 455 more words


Eat Right For Your Blood Type: The Vegetarian Blood Type

Did you know that your blood type can determine how well your body can digest and store certain foods? It can also determine how you react to illness, the behaviors that you express, and the foods that you like. 947 more words


Jewish Ancestry: Assimilation and Name Change Confusion

By: D.M. Miller

When in Rome, do as the Romans do? Long before the new interpretation of multiculturalism, that old adage applied not only to traveling but to immigrants resettling in their adopted countries. 582 more words


Trip to Italy: Pescara (Part 2)

While most people usually go to Rome, Florence, Venice, etc. on a trip to Italy, I went to Pescara. The rest of the first week was spent exploring the “city”. 167 more words


progenitive burden (family tree)

am i to be an
axe in
trees grand
from top down
i watch branches
on my weight
relentless tide
spurting through crevices… 62 more words