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Going Back to Gotland

Relatively few Americans can trace their family’s history, even though the U.S. is a nation of immigrants. Even fewer know exactly the place where their ancestors lived before leaving for this country. 1,042 more words

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Ruin of India by British Rule

Report on India of the Social Democratic Federation (GB), Stuttgart, 1907, by Henry M. Hyndman

The British Empire in India is the most striking example in the history of the world of the domination of a vast territory and population by a small minority of an alien race. 172 more words


Richard III’s missing teeth in skull may prove he DIDN’T kill Tower of London princes

Innocent: New evidence blows a major hole in the story of Richard III and the princes in the Tower
It is one of the most dramatic and controversial tales in British history – how two young princes were murdered by their dastardly uncle so he could claim the throne for himself.

Ancient DNA

Don't Ignore New Ancestor Discoveries

We found potential new ancestors—just by looking at your DNA.

A month after my brother’s AncestryDNA results came in I started seeing New Ancestor Discoveries. 682 more words

Brick Walls

Damn the skeletons! Open the closet.

One might be tempted to think that only readers find surprises in a memoir. But if the writer incorporates some genealogical research, he or she is just as likely to stumble onto little-known, if not completely forgotten, family lore. 599 more words


Ancestry Sunday Week 8- Multigenerational Families

This week’s Ancestry Sunday post is about multigenerational families. Multigenerational families include grandparents living with grown children, grown children returning home, and children living with grandparents. 586 more words


A little bit Irish

IT’S been a while. Two months since my last post, to be precise; or as precise as a retired bloke can be reasonably expected to achieve. 304 more words

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