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Apple Lore

Close readers of this blog (there must be one or two) will have noticed that I’ve missed a week. But what a week that was! First we had… 345 more words

A Great Upheaval

Incredibly sad, and hard to believe, that some of America’s current “leaders” are proposing mass deportation and expulsion of entire ethnic populations, based on their perceived threat to our society and/or undesirability in our communities.  534 more words



This is will be the section for family. Stories, histories, etc.


As far as this blog goes, this is my first foray into the family Carter. My sister did a (long lost) primary school project on family history, which prompted mother to assemble various pictures and notes, largely gained from her auntie Gertie. 530 more words


Maybe That's Why I Like Falafels

I have had an interesting development for looking at my family tree that gives a new slant on my ancestry. Before I elaborate, I will just say that I’m a common or garden person with a common or garden family tree; containing a few modestly ambitious people and a couple of jailbirds. 842 more words

A Little Bit Of History

Angelina Lasorsa and Angelo Lepore

Hello folks!  My mother, father and I met my father’s first cousin, Grace “Mickey” W., today.  I think my father and Mickey haven’t seen each other for over 50 years and it was a hearty reunion for them.   246 more words

Lepore Family

The Architecture of My Imagination

(The following is an interpretation of Sound Tribe Sector Nine’s Album Cover for When The Dust Settles)


We gallivant down the corridors of Hotel Everyone, 147 more words