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Finding and Losing Myself: A Trip through Ancestry.com

There are a lot of small quirks I notice in myself that I sometimes wonder are the products of years and years of familial cultivation, either genetic or learned. 1,266 more words


That Way Dad Used To Stare

My dad had a way of looking at us

With a certain kind of …

Dad look.

Lower his eye brows

Tilt the head just a fraction. 49 more words

Life Chatter

Finding Time

This is my grandfather’s pocket watch, which usually lies hidden at the back of a drawer along with other assorted things I’ve kept since I was a child. 169 more words


Why Bobo? (repeat)

Have you wondered where the name for this blog was “born?” Like most names of things, there is a reason for the name. One of the rules of semantics is that “man is the namer of things.” I have learned from my cousin Priscilla in Houston, TX, that the first Bobo relative lived in France and spelled the name Baubau. 240 more words

Percival William Hassett (1890)

Searching the records of Hassett’s has so far revealed that James and Martha Hassett had eight children born between June 1887 and August 1906 – four boys, four girls. 194 more words

AngloIndian Project

Race Is A Social Construct

One of our all time most popular posts here on Anthropology.net is a 2008 blog post, “Race as a Social Construct.”

Yesterday the… 331 more words