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Is everyone else having an intense month riddled with anxiety…..or is it just me? Two eclipses and Mercury going into retrograde is a little much for me….geez! 748 more words


BlackProGen LIVE:! Ep 40: "Well You Know..." Privacy in Genealogy and DNA

Did you miss BlackProGen LIVE episode¬†40? Well, don’t worry check out the video below to see what you missed.



AncestryDNA $69 Sale Through August 15, 2017

Received an e-mail from Ancestry announcing their DNA tests are on sale for $69 (regular price $99 although they were recently slashed to $79 as mentioned in my earlier blog post) until August 15, 2017. 100 more words


AncestryDNA Tests $79 with $69 for Additional Tests Ordered at Same Time

If you want an AncestryDNA test, they are currently running $79 for the first test with additional tests ordered at the same time being $69 each. 236 more words

Mirror Trees (For the Genealogically Challenged)

I’m finally getting around to explaining the whole concept of mirror trees…I am aiming to explain it in a way that will be understood by those who aren’t necessarily into genealogy, as I have mentioned it so many times to family members and friends when they ask how I’m going with the search for Mum’s Dad…without fail I am greeted with blank stares and more questions (“What’s a mirror tree?”) every time!! 1,169 more words

Why one man turned his DNA test results into fascinating works of art.

For an artist named Detour, a very deliberate trip-up to Tanzania changed everything.

All images via Upworthy.

Thomas “Detour” Evans was there as part of an outreach program. 531 more words


Ancestry.com ad campaign design

Ancestry DNA

Ancestry.com recently began a new campaign outreach for Ancestry DNA. We hope to encourage current members at Ancestry.com and all others to gain more knowledge of their ancestors and their stories by providing a DNA sample to obtain results of where their DNA originates. 236 more words