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How Long Before Full DNA Testing Hits $100? Plus Current DNA Sales December 2017

While the title might sound like a pipe dream, several companies are pushing for lower prices for full DNA testing. Currently, a full DNA test will easily set you back anywhere between about $700 and close to $3,000+, depending on which company you go with, how many reads you opt for (30x is considered the minimum by many experts, but some companies will test 15x or lower to 50x or higher). 1,068 more words

Ancestry DNA Buy 3, Get 1 Free Family Pack Offer

I am not seeing this offer on my Ancestry account, but it is reported at https://www.genealogybargains.com/free-dna-test-kits-family-value-pack-sale-ancestrydna/. I see the offer if I log out of Ancestry and go to the DNA section ( 209 more words

DNA Presentation West Florida Genealogical Society

I am excited to announce that I will be doing a presentation about the use of DNA in family research at the West Florida Genealogical Society on Saturday, January 6. 55 more words


Comparing DNA Results: Three Match Lists

It’s time for more DNA comparisons! This week I am exploring the Ancestry DNA results of three siblings by examining their DNA matches. If you missed last week’s post comparing some of the other aspects of the same trio’s Ancestry DNA results, you can click this link: 1,575 more words


Get set for more AncestryDNA matches!

It is a very exciting time in the world of family research (aka genealogy) and DNA testing. Over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, Ancestry sold over 1.7 million AncestryDNA tests. 59 more words


Comparing DNA Results: Three Siblings

I recently concluded DNA testing of my mother’s two full siblings on Ancestry.com. Having finally tested all three of them, I thought it would be interesting to conduct a comparison of their results to understand more about the similarities and differences between their DNA. 1,114 more words


Ronan Quick: The Mystery Cousin

Since this post is about living people, I have changed all names and identifying details, except those of the Whibley family.

For the last four months, one name has sat at the top of my AncestryDNA messages.  1,123 more words