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I'm Taking An AncestryDNA Test!

It’s been 10 months since my last post.

Whoops. Sorry.

If you couldn’t tell from my site name…

I’m a mixed child. Mixed, Bi-Racial, Mut, Multi-Racial, Hybrid, Halfie, Mulatto, Oreo, etc. 655 more words


3 Tips For Getting Started with Ancestry DNA

If you’ve taken an Ancestry DNA test with the idea of using it to further or enhance your genealogy research you might be wondering just how to get started. 1,215 more words

Research Tips

AncestryDNA, 23andME, Donor Sibling Registry, and Facebook.

When I ordered my AncestryDNA test I originally just had one query: what part of the world am I from? I knew my mom’s side was British AF. 1,213 more words

Gencove DNA - Two Options

Gencove offers two options for DNA testing. For $59.99, they will ship you a kit. Allow 6 – 10 weeks for results once they get your kit. 461 more words

"Dad's Not My Real Dad?".

In November of 2004, I had just returned home to Pasadena, Ca after spending two years at a naval station in Rota, Spain. I was home alone with my mom one night and she told me to come back to her room, she had something important to tell me. 1,191 more words

Morning Routines

  1. Make breakfast.
  2. Check emails.
  3. Check AncestryDNA/GedMatch/Family Tree DNA…occasionally MyHeritage too.
  4. Realise that I should probably eat my breakfast.

I live in hope that a new, close paternal match will appear for Mum, further cementing my theory.


What I Learned From My DNA

When I started researching my family mysteries, DNA was just for Little Mix and Jeremy Kyle. ┬áThe first time I really encountered DNA testing for genealogy was when I contacted my believed 3rd cousin twice removed, David Allen, for his thoughts on my… 1,932 more words