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Got My DNA Results! 

DISCLAIMER: I am not sponsored or affiliated with Ancestry.com. Everything I am about to say in this post is solely my own opinion and experience. 264 more words


The Confession:

We are already in the middle of this journey.

It started with a DNA test via Ancestry.com. Once I got my results in June, my father was inspired to take the test himself and received his results in July. 436 more words


Family Trees, DNA, And The MTHFR Gene

Over the last couple of months, I’ve gotten back into digging around on ancestry.co.uk, searching for long-forgotten relatives. About six weeks ago I got an email from them saying they were having a discount on the ancestryDNA test, which takes a sample of your DNA and tells you where in the world you originate from. 1,662 more words


Relative Race

I was reading an article on tribstar.com and it mentioned BYU’s genealogy tv show called Relative Race. Have any of you heard or watched it? I only saw the first few minutes of the first episode but what I saw seemed pretty interesting. 117 more words


We are one forest of family trees

My AncestryDNA kit has finally arrived.

Not that many years ago such a test might have cost thousands of dollars, to find out your ancestral genetic background. 1,149 more words

General Interest

Hidden Parts of the Family Tree

Family trees are messy. That is a fact.

Isabelle “Belle” Regan Owens

In 1890, my great great grandmother, Susann Thomas Owens, suddenly passed away of complications of pneumonia at only 29 years old, leaving behind her husband and three living children. 734 more words

Downloading Data for Genome Mate Pro from Ancestry DNA

If you have done a DNA test with Ancestry DNA and are wondering which files you need from there to import into Genome Mate Pro… 594 more words