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Ancestry DNA Results are In!!

How can you know who you are without knowing where you come from? -Cherise

Many African Americans history of themselves start at the beginning of slavery (mainly because that’s what we’re taught from  American school systems).

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Dancing with the Devil: The Tradeoffs of Modern Genealogical Research

There’s a saying that goes back to the original dot com boom: If you aren’t paying for the product, you are the product. In modern Genealogical research, it’s important to know that not only are you (and your data) the product, you are usually also paying for the product! 1,207 more words

Family History

The DNA Results Are In....Surprise!

In December, I was so excited to find out what my AncestryDNA would be.  In my post Still Obsessed With DNA I said I would share my story and results.   339 more words


Preserving Your Family’s Legacy

Our old family VHS tapes sat in our hallway closet for years. Collecting dust, deteriorating, not being watched. Our photos, close neighbors to the videos, fading away in albums each day. 646 more words


Malört and Spit: A Review of AncestryDNA's Kit

An unboxing and review of Ancestry.com’s DNA kit and what my brother’s Malort face looks like. 

Whenever I bring up my mission to find my grandfather to my fellow genealogists, they always end up singing the praises of… 875 more words


Yay Yay Yay: My DNA 

It’s time…

I ordered it…

I’ve been there when four other people submitted their DNA samples. And because I am a slow learner, and I like to observe before I act, suddenly the pieces fell in place. 89 more words

Enjoying The Day

A Ghanaian Family Welcomes African American Relatives Home

Great grandmother Nana Faba Idun (age 81) has lived in Elmina, a Ghanaian town of one of the infamous slave dungeons, all her life. Nana’s brother, Joseph “Kawantwi” Arthur, remembers the childhood stories of the Transatlantic Slave Trade. 836 more words