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How an AncestryDNA test led to a mind-blowing discovery about his history.

In 1838, Georgetown University sold 272 slaves to the country of Louisiana.

And Jeremy Alexander an executive assistant at Georgetown University is a direct descendant of one of them . 741 more words


OGS Conference 2017 - Day 1

BIFHSGO “British Pub Night” ! in The Observatory at Algonquin College.

I settled in with a Somersby Cider, watched the slide show of beautiful member-submitted photographs of British locations (I REALLY want to go to Scara Brae now!) and listened to a lovely opening song by BIFHSGO President Barbara Tose. 184 more words


MyHeritage $69 DNA Father's Day Sale

MyHeritage is currently running a DNA sale for $69 (regular price is $99, but has been discounted routinely to $79) through June 19th – https://www.myheritage.com/dna… 220 more words

Going back to my roots, with the help of my DNA

There are several services available to get a DNA test done to find your ancestry, the biggest being AncestryDNA and 23 and Me. There’s a lot of hoo-haa surrounding these companies, particularly AncestryDNA, with talk about them having more rights over your DNA than you do. 458 more words

DNA.Land Reaches 50K Genomes Uploaded

Yesterday (June 4, 2017), DNA.Land reported 50,000 genomes have been uploaded. They don’t offer DNA tests, but they accept free autosomal transfers from Ancestry, FTDNA and 23andMe. 27 more words

Current DNA Sales June 2017

A number of DNA sales going on for early to mid-June 2017.

23andMe – $20 off the genealogy only kit (regular price $99) or $20 off the genealogy + Health kit (regular price $199). 657 more words

Scott's DNA!

Scott’s DNA results came back and it was really interesting.  Turns out he is 51% European Jewish.  This goes with what his mom and dad always told us.   440 more words