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The best Valentines gift EVER!!!

This year my hubby was super secretive about my Valentine’s day gift.  He gave me a hint though. He said, “It’s something that will arrive before Valentines but you won’t get to fully ‘use’ the present until later”.   207 more words


In the works...

I am an adoptee uncovering a ton of deception around my adoption back in 1964, I am reaching out to welcome all DNA relatives. The purpose of this blog which is “in the works” as time allows, is to give my story a voice… a way to share updates with my newly-found relatives. 849 more words

23 & Me

AncestryDNA Results!

Well iv been excited for this day for a long time, to finally figure out my ethnicity, my family doesnt know much about their heritage and my whole life iv always been told i look a million different ethnicities and iv always wondered exactly what i was. 646 more words