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Downloading Data for Genome Mate Pro from Ancestry DNA

If you have done a DNA test with Ancestry DNA and are wondering which files you need from there to import into Genome Mate Pro… 594 more words


My Thoughts on Ancestry

Genealogical research has been all the rage for God only knows how long. Recent modern genetic tests now allow for us to learn about our ancestry simply by doing DNA testing. 310 more words


A Caveat on Genealogical DNA Testing

I have had the rare privilege of having four generations of family tested through AncestryDNA. I have no regrets at all about this testing, and I am grateful to all my family members who tested. 378 more words



For Christmas, I gifted both my parents an AncestryDNA kit. At the time, I had wondered if it made more sense to buy a kit for myself, but I decided that seeing what genetic coding I received from which parent would be more fun. 583 more words


What Am I? Discovering My Ethnicity through AncestryDNA

As a child of a closed adoption there are a lot of unanswered questions circling me. None of them as prevalent as the question: “What are you?” Usually followed up by someone trying to clarify that they aren’t questioning my gender or species by specifying “like your nationality.” I’ve been a mystery my whole life.  1,611 more words

The Indian Myth: Why You Probably Don't Have Cherokee Blood (Even Though You Think You Do)

It’s a common tale: you were always told you had a Cherokee ancestor. You can’t quite figure out exactly who it is, but you think it is your third great-grandparents. 846 more words

Ruth and Edna

Some dreams are the opposite of a nightmare. I call them blessed dreams. My first blessed dream happened at the dusk of my teenage years. It was brief and involved my great aunts Ruth and Edna. 448 more words