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Uprooting My Family Tree

365:143 …

I have always loved digging into the past, so when I received a gift certificate to Amazon.com for my birthday, I purchased an… 335 more words

2016 Project 365

--- Trying out Ancestry DNA -- This will be interesting...

OK, I’ve always thought that getting my DNA analyzed might be kind of interesting.  I mean, who doesn’t want to know where their “Ancestors,” or at least their “genes” came from?  1,120 more words


Debbie (Republic of Congo) Took AncestryDNA Test to Inform Kin about Ethnicity

Germainy Debbie Mokeleba of the Republic of Congo decided to take an AncestryDNA test in April to help identify possible kin in the diaspora. Debbie is a graduating undergraduate I met when I gave a presentation in her class in March, 2016. 368 more words


Vlog #2

I promise these will get better :). The point of this Vlog is to let people know although DNA is great and it will not replace actual research that needs to be done to research your ancestry. 30 more words


2016 MGC Conference: What I Learned About Genetic Genealogy from CeCe Moore

My experience in genealogy has always dealt with records and historical research. I like to follow the paper trail. Admittedly, I have always shied away from DNA and genetic genealogy. 771 more words


WDYTYA? Live 2016 : So much to do, So little time

The evening after the day before. I’m still recovering after a 220 mile round trip and a jam-packed day at “WDYTYA? Live”.

This year I focused on talks as trailed… 1,114 more words

Family History

Currently I'm...

Reading…The Rogue Agency article in Harper’s Magazine. Please, read this.

Know what your tax dollars are supporting.

Know what your government is doing.

That ranchers using public lands, who are predatory upon the life and landscape of predatory animals, are able to call up government agencies and demand the slaughter of animals in their rightful habitat is sickening. 156 more words