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Dear Kenny - Any Suggestions for Our New Ancestor Discoveries?

Dear Kenny,

I thought you and I were having a heartfelt discussion. I was sure you would contact me over the weekend so we could… 317 more words


Kenny, Kenny, Kenny...

Dear Kenny,

I am not sure where to begin.

I guess you could say that I am speechless. No, I am breathless! 1,038 more words


How to Use AncestryDNA and Stay Sane

So now that many of us have had our say about AncestryDNA’s failed “New Ancestor Discovery” feature, let’s take a look at what we can… 1,383 more words


AncestryDNA Has Now Thoroughly Lost Its Mind

I, like I’m sure many users of AncestryDNA, today received an email saying that they found me a new ancestor. Oh boy! That sounded promising. Or exciting. 759 more words


Another 2nd Cousin!

Oh. My. Goodness.

I can’t contain the excitement.  This new (to us) – 2nd cousin looks to have ancestral ties to the Lang/Metzger lines AND the Kunz/Streider lines.   253 more words


Return and a Despedida

Hello again, People.

The People of Pancho went dark unintentionally there for awhile; I’ve been busy catching curve balls from all directions, some of them work-related, some of them life-related. 413 more words


The best Valentines gift EVER!!!

This year my hubby was super secretive about my Valentine’s day gift.  He gave me a hint though. He said, “It’s something that will arrive before Valentines but you won’t get to fully ‘use’ the present until later”.   207 more words