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Vlog #2

I promise these will get better :). The point of this Vlog is to let people know although DNA is great and it will not replace actual research that needs to be done to research your ancestry. 30 more words


2016 MGC Conference: What I Learned About Genetic Genealogy from CeCe Moore

My experience in genealogy has always dealt with records and historical research. I like to follow the paper trail. Admittedly, I have always shied away from DNA and genetic genealogy. 771 more words


WDYTYA? Live 2016 : So much to do, So little time

The evening after the day before. I’m still recovering after a 220 mile round trip and a jam-packed day at “WDYTYA? Live”.

This year I focused on talks as trailed… 1,114 more words

Family History

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Reading…The Rogue Agency article in Harper’s Magazine. Please, read this.

Know what your tax dollars are supporting.

Know what your government is doing.

That ranchers using public lands, who are predatory upon the life and landscape of predatory animals, are able to call up government agencies and demand the slaughter of animals in their rightful habitat is sickening. 156 more words


Review of the DNA Study Group: Playing With Matches

The following post is from Red Rider, host of the SL DNA Study Group. You can join us for these meetings at 5:30 p.m. 622 more words

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The @RelativeRace is On … @BYUtv

In case you missed it, Relative Race is a new show that premiered last Sunday, February 28th at 6pm MT on BYUtv. With 9 more episodes to go, the good news is that there is time to catch up by watching the first episode on… 501 more words


Autosomal DNA

Autosomal DNA is inherited by both males and females and received equally from each of our parents.

In commercial genetic genealogy tests our autosomal DNA is compared against a large database of others, looking for identical segments of inherited DNA that may indicate we have shared ancestors. 1,151 more words

Research Techniques