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Confirming what could have been a NPE (non-paternal event) or misattributed parentage

Another useful tool for DNA testing is to answer those questionable paternity that either was brought up by a family member or documentation may not support what is known.  641 more words


Two new topics on "DNA Plus Paper"

I have added 2 new topics to my page DNA plus paper:

  • Getting to know Genome Mate Pro (Nov 7)
  • 23andme – Addressing Anonymity (Nov 7)
  • 58 more words
Research Resources

Finding cousins through DNA

One of my ‘extremely high’ DNA matches (possible range 4th-6th cousins) shows great grandparents on his tree that seemed to match one of my maternal great grandmother’s sisters and her husband. 372 more words


Ancestry DNA results

My results came in this morning!

Having higher percentages in Great Britain and Europe East than in Ireland kind of surprised me. However, these results are understandable … I’ve obviously received more of my DNA from the female lines in my family tree. 90 more words


DNA: John Davis and Mary

This is my first DNA success story from my brother’s kit on AncestryDNA. I am very pleased about this one as it gives extra assurance that my paper trail is valid for the very common surname Davis. 108 more words


New DNA results

My attempts to write a daily blog post have fallen a little by the wayside tonight. This is because I am so excited at having two new sets of DNA results to play with. 96 more words

Genetic Genealogy

Our AncestryDNA experience

As birthday gifts to each other this year, hubby and I purchased two AncestryDNA kits. For years, we’ve both been researching our family histories and felt it was time to take advantage of this new, high tech genealogical tool. 323 more words