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My Recitation To The King.

Day # 71 of my 100 Days challenge of Counting It All Joy.

I am Counting It All Joy that I can daily have an audience with the King. 102 more words

Anchoring in the Azores

Making landfall in Flores, Azores is special. The glorious, verdant island was a welcome sight after our 21 day passage from Bermuda. Even better, there are anchorages available, happy places for cruisers on a budget. 761 more words

Allied Seawind

Phillips Phunny: Anchor Loses At Over Goat Man

A news anchor couldn’t stop laughing at a guy who lived as a goat.

A guy who lived as a goat for three days got an award last week for having one of the DUMBEST scientific studies of the year. 18 more words


Three Good Things

Flourishing is not about being blissfully happy all of the time. It is about being happy, satisfied, feeling involved and noticing the positives in what you do.  350 more words


VIDEO: Canadian News Anchor Can't Hold It Together While Reporting on Wild Story

By Alex D.

I’m right there with her though I don’t think I could have held my composure. A CTV News Anchor was trying to tell a story about a man who lived with goats for 3 days… he did it so well, he won an IG Nobel Prize. It’s fantastic.


Eskimo Anchor Power Drill Adapter & Anchors (+ Eskimo Deals) - $11.99

If you drill your shelter anchors into the ice by hand you know its not the best part about putting up your Hub, especially if the weather is rough. 213 more words

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I’ve been in front of the camera for a few years, being the anchor for different programmes, like the Roadshow interviews, food episodes, MTRC training videos, and a lot more. 142 more words