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Talon's Point of the Day, June 24th, 2018 "Everyone's Anchor"

There is a realm far more real and powerful than this physical existence. It holds certain rules that cannot be resisted for there is no means to resist this truth; that everyone, every man, every woman, every child, has an anchor they are bound to. 197 more words

Point Of The Day

Thoughts Of Redemption Podcast - Episode 1: Emotional Intelligence

I’ve been asked every once in awhile if I’d ever do a podcast, and I always resisted it. My friends would tell me I really should get on podcasting, because I would be really good for it. 210 more words


Moment of Reflection: Walk in the Rain

Sometimes you have to walk in the rain in order to get anywhere. Sometimes the rain is a tiny drizzle or a warm gentle summer rain. 382 more words

Light an inner candle of healing peace

The mover will always choose to get up and do something about a problem; the thinker will prefer to ponder and analyze it. Over the years, the mover becomes increasingly restless; the thinker becomes increasingly cautious and fearful. 391 more words

8 Days, and Anchors Away

With each new step, the thrill and terror increase. Tonight marked the last night that I will work until I move to Tampa and find a new job. 153 more words

Regret..let it go...

Like an unseen anchor that you are unable to release even if your sails are full. Like invisible chains that make you drag your feet when you are ready to run. Regret. Let it go.

Anchored in Place, How Do I Leap?

Hey everyone, I’m putting out a super vulnerable kinda question to you today!

I have big dreams, dreams that have drastically changed over the last few years. 593 more words