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Leadership & Teams #02

Individual Decision Making

Making a Decision

Leaders face two tasks in dealing with threats & opportunities: Make & Implement decisions

Making a decision is about selecting the best possible option to get to your goals it involves: 305 more words

Leadership & Teams

How A Northern Flicker Uses Its Tail

The Northern Flicker has incredible strength in her lower body and tail feathers. She uses them to help balance her as she pecks out a nesting hole. 91 more words


Charging for extras

Confessions of an irrational behaviouralist

In December of last year, United Airlines, one of the largest US carriers, announced that they would be charging passengers for using the overhead lockers — or at least that is what one would have concluded from the outraged headlines, like in the Washington Post (which wonders whether an extra fee for oxygen is next). 48 more words

Behavioral Economics

History dependence in the housing market

Philippe Bracke and Silvana Tenreyro.

When someone bought a house turns out to be an important factor in predicting whether the house will be sold again soon, and at what price. 1,418 more words


Anchoring techniques

Specific Anchors Are Sometimes Good When Negotiating

One of the biggest cognitive influences on any negotiation is the anchor. Whenever you are negotiating about something like a salary, there is some starting number that gets things going. 99 more words

Behavioral Economics

Wyoming Association of Broadcasters 2016

I was honored to receive an award for Best TV Anchor and 2nd place for Best News Piece this past year at the Wyoming Association of Broadcasters. 40 more words


Our minds are so easily tricked

Ever seen a sign in a supermarket that says something like “limit of 12 per person” for a product on offer? Isn’t it so contradictory to think the supermarket is limiting the quantity one can purchase! 517 more words