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Journey back to La Paz

We took an eight day journey from Puerto Escondido to La Paz, A mere 98nm but we like to travel slowly and enjoy the people and places we visit. 1,035 more words


Perfect sailing in Corsica

We left Sardinia yesterday, and had two perfect days of sailing up the west coast of Corsica. Winds were 8-12 knots and we were close reaching a little under the true wind speed. 169 more words



One of the things we’ve been looking forward to about having a bigger boat is the ability to host guests more comfortably and easily. ┬áSince we’ve been back from vacation, that’s exactly what we’ve done. 1,580 more words

Vacation, part 2: O.k. I guess we're not going to Narragansett.

Tuesday, July 12th (yes, I’m behind on my blog posts) we set sail for Newport. ┬áThe winds were supposed to start off light and then fill in, so we ghosted along the coast of Fishers Island under the jib alone, and headed out through Watch Hill Passage. 2,007 more words

Summer in the Sea of Cortez

If you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen. Which is exactly why we are now doing most of our cooking on the BBQ grill. 935 more words


Human Nature #7: Anchoring

In 2012, JC Penny launched an initiative to do away with “fake pricing”. Instead of making customers wait for a sale, the idea was to always offer a discounted price. 1,039 more words

Human Nature

Captain's Log: BC Day/Week Cruise - Portland Is

We left late Friday after making for the eldest to attend a birthday party Saturday. The winds were fickle on departure with no wind in the harbour, but when we set the main it alone was sufficient to keep us going on a broad reach at 6 kts into the future of Cadboro Bay. 371 more words