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Onward to the North Channel

Things were much calmer when we left the Bustard Islands on Thursday and we made the 2 hour run in the big water easily. Next, we had some scenic cruising through a long narrow channel called the Collins Inlet, leading us to the town of Killarney. 808 more words

Great Loop

Things to Do While On the Hook

Yes, we’re going on our third night anchored here in the Bustard Islands. While it’s a beautiful spot, we hadn’t intended in staying for so long. 339 more words

Great Loop

Fourth of July weekend: watching our first dragging boat - but fortunately not ours!

Fourth of July weekend arrived with sunny skies, warm temperatures, and on Saturday, a small craft warning.  Sigh.  We had planned to go for a sail around Fishers Island Sound and then anchor in West Harbor for the long weekend, but it looked like Saturday was now going to be set aside for small boat projects.   1,534 more words

rays, cows, and coyotes oh my...

A hop skip and a jump from La Paz to Puerto Escondido!

We sailed north from La Paz stopping in 2 of our favorite anchorages on our adventure towards new territory. 550 more words


The fields of Self-Psychology, Cognitive-Psychology, Psychological-Development and Trauma-Recovery use operational terms that are a mirror-image of the Creative Process

The Zohar and most Authoritative Kabalistic writings often use a term such as “Day” when referring to the dimension of `time`. But the spiritual world of Atzilus also functions as a template for other dimensions that were integral aspects of creation, which include space and location of “soul-consciousness”. 782 more words

Holding Environmen

Drawing Lessons

One of my Recurve students was struggling a bit with the NTS draw, specifically the ending of it. In that draw, the string is drawn until it contacts the “corner” of the chin, with the string fingers an inch or so under the jaw, then the string hand is raised into position under the jaw (+ detail, detail, detail, etc.). 566 more words

For All Coaches


My solitude didn’t last very long: an hour later the hatch cover scraped forward, giving me just enough time to roll out of the way. Mamede’s head came up and when he saw my body twisted over, his eyes opened wide and he said, “Desculpe.”  1,203 more words

Walking On Water Story