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It’s ubiquitous from shopping for cars to negotiating salaries to making compromises in personal relationships to buying and selling homes.

We fall victim to over-weighing initial information as a reference point for future decisions. 355 more words

Stern ties and cultural (in)competence

Through the heart of the Salish Sea is a cultural fault line that divides most Canadians from most Americans.

We like to swing and they don’t. 1,037 more words

The rise of food halls

Artisanal Tacos on Paper Plates

In June, the venerable Katz’s Delicatessen, one of America’s oldest restaurants, opened its first satellite in 119 years. For the location, the proprietors chose the windowless basement of a shopping mall in Brooklyn, across from a Trader Joe’s and downstairs from a Target. 45 more words

Behavioral Economics

Field testing the Ultra anchor

One of our winter projects was to upgrade our 35kg Spade anchor to a 45kg Ultra. After 3 weeks of cruising and anchoring with the Ultra, I feel like I can give some feedback on how it’s going. 196 more words

Systems & Equipment

Emotional Mastery 

First of all, recognize that there are people and corporations with a strong vested interest in conditioning you to maintain the (false) belief that you need some kind of external validation to feel a certain way. 1,251 more words

Personal Development