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Metaphorical Déjà vu

What’s worse than getting hit full on your chest from point blank range with a bullet of a shot, falling on your face, and then getting hit on your ass with the rebound shot? 717 more words


Anchoring, ask strings, and the psychology of first impressions

One of the most talked about cognitive biases, for online donations especially, is anchoring. Anchoring means we rely on the first piece(s) of information we get about something more than the last. 664 more words


Mindf*ck: You are confronted with the anchoring effect every single day!

Suppose I’d asked you whether the average temperature in Antarctica is higher or lower than -50°C. Do you think this question would influence your estimation of the continent’s average temperature? 610 more words


Making Friends

“Just in time to push!” Mamede cheerfully greeted me as I approached his jangada (named João). Half an hour before, he had knocked on my door to tell me my breakfast was ready. 1,272 more words

Walking On Water Story


Check out the article on Pavlov’s Dog, as this is the start point for anchoring as we know it.It is a process of creating a connection between positive experience you have had in your life, positive emotions and states to a physical anchor on your body. 143 more words