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Morning Musings

It is early morning and I’ve come up on deck to enjoy the view. We are anchored off Simpsons Point, South Bruny Island. The water is glassy, and I can see the passage of the slightest puff of wind as it travels across the surface. 407 more words


Chrome Browser Gains 'Scroll Anchoring' to Prevent Annoying Web Page Jumps

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Google yesterday

The idea behind progressive loading is to allow users to begin consuming web content immediately before the page has fully loaded, but the offscreen loading of pictures and so on can cause unexpected page jumps and push down what’s already on screen, making for a frustrating experience, especially on mobile devices. 343 more words



What are heuristics? Heuristics are simple rules your brain uses to make decisions. Heuristics are basically part of intuitive decision making processes. They are used to simplify and approximate decision making process in order to allow individuals to make decisions with limited resources. 529 more words


How Does Remote Coaching Work?

I thought you might benefit from seeing a few exchanges between a student-archer/colleague and a coach (me) showing you how “remote coaching” goes. I did not include all of the photos/videos of the student for reasons of privacy and to keep the length of this post down to something reasonable. 1,848 more words

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Windward Islands

Windward Islands (Caribbean Waters)

“A Sailors Guide to the Windward Islands” by Chris Doyle is a necessity to sail in the Caribbean Waters. He has an own website with lots of useful information. 1,218 more words

SY Zeezwaluw


You enter Suriname by sailing up the Suriname River. The Suriname River is a tidal river and has many opportunities to anchor, take a mooring or go to the marina a few Nm beyond Domburg. 504 more words

SY Zeezwaluw