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The representation of journalists in "Anchorman"

In 1969, five years before the film is set, the Federal Communications Commission in America included women and non-white people for the first time in their equal… 514 more words

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Well, I’ve tried to remain silent on the matter. I really have. I liken myself to Ron Burgundy after he first stormed Veronica Corningstone’s castle on his steed… 441 more words

These Will Ferrell outtakes are better than anything that made it into his movies

Ten minutes of Will Ferrell in any movie is pretty funny, but ten minutes of his best bloopers are even better. From “Anchorman” to “Talladega Nights” to “Step Brothers,” there are awesome outtakes that never ended up in the movies because they were either too explicit or because everyone was laughing too hard! 31 more words

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Weekly Play #2 Meme

Upon initial joining of my first Twitter chat a week or so ago, I was feeling a bit lost. Almost like I was “trapped in a glass case of emotion” actually… :P… 36 more words


'The Big Short' is 'terrifyingly charming'

By: Grant Vance ~Managing Editor~

Comedies in the vein of “Anchorman” and “Step Brothers” are lovable, but often written off as nothing more than goofy Will Ferrell vehicles. 441 more words

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Blizzard '16: That was a lot of Snow

From six inches in the beginning of the week to well over two feet, that storm definitely escalated quickly.

I originally had plans to watch the latest… 313 more words


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