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The Reign of Terror in the French Revolution

In the last 300 years, a relatively short time in human history, the world has seen a shift away from the feudal system, in which a fragmented power structure of nobility and peasants, to a new egalitarian world were all people are theoretically equal. 2,130 more words


Citizen Sade

In 1789 the Marquis De Sade was one of eight prisoners held in the state prison of Bastille. For a number of years he had been detained under… 408 more words


Borders, boundaries, and snails

Toronto has recently completed a Ward Boundary Review, its first since, oh, 2000. City councillors were concerned that some wards had far more voters than others. 1,203 more words

Paris History

★ 'Madame Bergeret' by Francois Boucher

★ I have something of a passion for the French Ancien Regime, so I find this beautiful portrait of ‘Madame Bergeret’ by Francois Boucher (possibly 1766) to be absolutely delightful. 107 more words

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