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Thus the problem of our time remains—to have good government with personal liberty; to have a maximum of security with a maximum of liberty. For the solution of such a problem, democracy offers no solution, because the masses, choosing between freedom and the illusion of economic security, will usually head straight for the will-o’-the-wisp. 

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5 Creepy Facts About the Reign of Terror That Will Make Your Skin Crawl

1 The Coiffure a la Victime

In the late 1790s, a short, choppy haircut known as the coiffure à la Titus or the coiffure à la victime… 702 more words

A Little Chaos: Historical Landscaping in the Ancien Regime

Alan Rickman died too soon. My first memory of him was his appearance as the criminal leader in Die Hard, but I think he really captured my heart as the manic Sheriff of Nottingham in… 848 more words


Voltaire and the La Barre affair

250 years ago, on 1 July 1766, the young François-Jean Lefebvre de La Barre was executed in Abbeville, Picardy, having been charged with blasphemy in the summer of 1765. 814 more words


Qui n’avait pas connu l’Ancien Régime, n’avait pas connu la douceur de vivre (Talleyrand)

Ecoutons la citation de Pierre de Vaissière dans « Gentilshommes campagnards de l’Ancienne France » : « L’exemple des bons vieux pères et prud’hommes romains, comme Cincinnatus, Attilius Collatinus, Scipion l’Africain et autre personnage de tel calibre qui, de leur charrue appelés aux armes, des armes s’en retournoient à la charrue… 468 more words

Société Traditionnelle

Floating Island

Below is an article about the French dessert known as Floating Island:


Many people might find this odd, but the first time I ever heard about the French dessert, Floating Island, was in the 1994 comedy called “MANHATTAN MURDER MYSTERY”. 562 more words


Burgundy: The History of the Vigneron, Part 3: Roads and the opening of the Burgundy trade

1715: new roads open Burgundy trade  

In the early years of the 18th century, France would commence building a system of national highway system, which when finished over a half a century later, would be the finest in Europe. 5,102 more words