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★ 'Madame Bergeret' by Francois Boucher

★ I have something of a passion for the French Ancien Regime, so I find this beautiful portrait of ‘Madame Bergeret’ by Francois Boucher (possibly 1766) to be absolutely delightful. 107 more words

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★ 'Portrait of a Lady as Flora' by Nattier

★ One of the things I love about art is that no matter how many paintings I see or artists I research, there never ceases to be another beautiful discovery just around the corner. 107 more words

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The Causes of the French Revolution

This week we will examine a very important part of Europe and World history The French Revolution. By the mid 1700s France was considered the most advanced country in the world and the center of the Enlightenment. 155 more words

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Tears in Havana. Cheers in Miami

Guest post by Textor

Fidel is dead.
The Leader has gone. The tyrant has perished.
Tears in Havana. Cheers in Miami.
And so the story goes on. 736 more words

Citizen Sade

In 1789 the Marquis De Sade was one of eight prisoners held in the state prison of Bastille. For a number of years he had been detained under… 408 more words


Some Scattered Thoughts on 'The Old Regime and the French Revolution'

I picked up Alexis de Tocqueville’s The Old Regime and the French Revolution almost by accident the other day. It was on one of the bargain shelves outside Second Story Books for $2, too cheap to pass up, and I bought it without much thought. 1,117 more words

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