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Further Thoughts from the Ancien Régime

Reading about the course of British economic history over the late seventeenth- and eighteenth-centuries again prompted thoughts on more contemporary, present-day issues. This time concerning the role of the state in economic development. 532 more words

International Political Economy

The Lessons of the Ancien Régime?

Any good historian will tell you that history never repeats itself. What they may admit though it that patterns throughout history can often be discerned. From this, the causes of great political and social movements in the past can be identified and theorized. 778 more words

Eurozone Crisis

Une brève histoire de l’école avant les grandes vagues

Bien que l’école n’a pas toujours été un lieu qui favorisait l’égalité, elle a connu à travers le Moyen-Âge et l’Ancien Régime français un développement rigoureux (dans certains secteurs et domaines), mais inégalitaire. 900 more words


Left Wing and Right Wing - Silly Classifications.

“Left wing” and “right wing” – two quite silly terms with their origins in the French revolutionary period. They are named after the seating arrangements in the French National Assembly – just before the terrible regicide and revolutionary terror (in which around 400,000 people were slaughtered) that was to follow. 694 more words


Lavoisier & Coffinhal

Lavoisier & Coffinhal

Gruß Gott !

Un juriste autoritaire et atrabilaire, condamne à l’échafaud, en l’an 1794, un chimiste glorieux et vertueux.

Wikipedia.org / La ferme générale / 1726-1790 / Internet: 1,550 more words

Stagestruck: the making of a theater industry during the late Old Regime

During the decades preceding the French Revolution, city-dwellers in France became swept up in la théâtromanie, a cultural phenomenon that extended far beyond Paris to include cities throughout France and its empire. 407 more words

French Revolution