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Travelling back in time

I am a travel writer working on my first book about Upper Mustang, Nepal.

I learnt about this area about five years ago when I was researching Nepal before my first trip there. 195 more words


Frescoes of the Villa of the Mysteries

The Villa of the Mysteries, just outside Pompeii on the road to Herculaneum, was discovered in 1909.

The frescoes, painted in the mid-first century B.C. have been preserved by the volcanic eruption of A.D.79. 183 more words

Ancient Cities

Jaffa Dabba Dooooo!!!

I couldn’t decide whether to go with the Flinstones reference, or the Name Game reference (Jaffa doffa bo boffa, fee fie fo foffa…); such are the struggles of my life. 307 more words

The Fall of Mesopotamia

  • Babylon’s brief return to brilliance marked the end of a long and triumphant epoch for Mesopotamia.
  • Mesopotamia bequeathed an enduring legacy to the civilized world, but Mesopotamia would no longer rule that world.
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