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Miyagi's Hakokurayama 函倉山 Pyramid Mountain

In October 2013 we had the chance to visit some pyramid mountains in Tohoku. Previously visited were Kuromanta yama in Akita/Aomori, Himurogatake in Kyoto-fu, Kuraiyama in Gifu-ken. 277 more words

Ancient Civilization

Pompeii, Italy : 2012 (pics)

Grabbing some pizza before we check out the ruins

The family with Mount Vesuvius in the background :)

The ruins of Pompeii

A mold of a body found in the ashes of Pompeii during excavation… 120 more words

Ancient Egypt Unit-By Heidi K. Sawitzke

This unit is going to cover the Egypt of the ancient world. This is a unit that would fit into the middle school western civilization class that you will find in Oregon. 105 more words

Ancient Civilization

Could El Pilar in Belize be 66 Million Years Old?

El Pilar, the largest Mayan site in Belize, could be 66 million years old.  There is scientific evidence to support this claim but it will be ignored by the academic “experts”. 401 more words

Ancient Civilization

A Walk with Moses

Moses and his One God: Jewish Roots

Christianity and Islam are the most wide spread and influential monotheistic religions in the world today by any measure, and both sprung from and were heavily influenced by the monotheistic religions, and metaphysical and philosophical systems, that preceded them most notably Judaism, but Zoroastrianism as a close and far less recognizable second. 3,376 more words

Ancient Civilization

The World Until Yesterday

Modern societies don’t always think as clearly as we should about the dangers that we face.

– Jared Diamond –

In our current global society the most critical mission we all must deal with is the seeking out of truth. 514 more words