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Following the Eldest Root

You are my darkness
like a mystery sent to
curb humanity’s pride.

In your heart, you are
the universe’s only
celestial rival to War.

Discovered during primal… 98 more words


The Futility of Human Civilization Against the Passage of Time in Shelly's Ozymandias

In Percy Shelley’s Ozymandias, the statue of the King represents the outcome of the ever-present battle between human civilizations and the passage of time – ruin of the civilization. 227 more words

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Reasons Why a Billion Year Old Civilization on Earth is Possible.

Ever since we began our blog in the fall of 2013 we have had people bewildered and stunned over the extreme age we have given various archaeological sites on Earth. 756 more words

Ancient Civilization

Vedic Cosmological Narratives (Part II)

The Hymn of Purusha: God Takes Shape[1]

While the preceding passage from the Rig Veda contains some of the root kernel philosophical elements of Vedic philosophy, there is another passage from the same collection of hymns dating back to the 2nd millennium BCE that speaks to the more what we might call, classically ancient mythological, bent of the Indo-Aryans. 3,044 more words


Ancient High Technological Device In The Cairo Egyptian Museum

One of the most intriguing and mislabeled artifacts in the Egyptian National Museum in Cairo is a plate like work made out of stone which many academics think was for flowers or fruit. 26 more words


Ancient Persian Gold Brooch

Just added to our collection is this beautiful and important ancient Persian Gold Brooch, which dates back to around 200 BC. This piece is adorned with with two ram heads, an oval shaped pearl inlay, small round accent pearls, dangling chains and a pointed, inverted cone-shaped ornament. 139 more words

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Did Earth Have Intelligent Life 1.1 Billion Years Ago?

Could intelligent life on Earth be 1.1 billion to 750 million years old? Yes, this is a serious question and yes, there is evidence for this. 539 more words

Ancient Civilization