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good article alert -- Cara Giaimo on warrior pigeons in 1870

Cara Giaimo is a staff writer at Atlas Obscura, an online magazine about travel-ephemera.  She draws our attention to the winter siege of 1870, when Prussians surrounded Paris, and the city was reduced to eating rats and zoo animals, and defenders turned to balloons and pigeons to communicate with the world.  184 more words

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'sartorial myth busting'

Kate Strasdin does it again.  She’s a fashion and culture historian at Falmouth University, whose work I follow assiduously.  She points to this Glasgow friend of Sir James playing tennis ably in 1885 togs and makes the point I constantly make, about how badly we get movement and body-language wrong, generation-by-generation, just because we’re not used to their clothes.  102 more words

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ET and the Origin of Human Civilization

I was invited onto a talk radio show last week and was asked if I believed that ET (extraterrestrials) interfered in human evolution or civilization.  This is a difficult question to answer because my research can answer this question either way, yes or no.  546 more words

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An animation from 1666?


Pretty much.  This is from Andrew Rader (@marsrader) on Twitter, and it derives from Johannes Hevelius’ descriptive frames during an eclipse.  If this doesn’t animate correctly on your browser, … 73 more words

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Temple of the Tooth

Day 8 of my travels through Sri Lanka takes me to Kandy, the third point of the Golden Triangle where hillsides produce Ceylon tea leaves, 90 more words

Yonaguni: Underwatr Heritage

The history of mankind, the rise of many ethnic groups, strong, decline, a few centuries after no one remembered their original look.

And the island of the shark, the horse is finished.

167 more words

Baalbeck and Anjar Ruins (And A Tiny Comment on Byblos)

One of my top wishlist in Lebanon is to visit the Anjar Ruins and the Baalbeck temples. The latter is located 40km from Damascus and 12km from the border with Syria. 661 more words