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Scientists Have Discovered DNA in a 4,500-Year-Old Person From Africa

Scientists have found a complete assemblage of DNA from an ancient human in Africa for the first time. Archaeologists from the University of South Florida recovered the 4,500-year-old skeleton, which they have dubbed Mota, from a cave in the highlands of Ethiopia, the New York… 149 more words

Ordinary Objects That look like Secret Doors To Ancient Rooms

Marisa D. Aceves. Mysterious Portal. digital photography. 2015

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Amidst clouds of rusty ochre and sienna an iron door like structure emerges. 178 more words

Abstract Art

Divination in the I Ching

Divination, omens, portents etc. was a common practice throughout all of the ancient world in fact.  As already mentioned we see the practice, and its relationship with the priestly class not only in ancient Greece but most certainly ancient Persia (the “magi”), the Sumer-Babylonians (Chaldean oracles) and of course in ancient Egypt as well.  2,101 more words


The World Is Going To Change.

It’s already started. It will be an intellectual awakening. It may also be a catastrophic killer.

At the forefront of change is the long overdue awakening to our ancient past. 1,242 more words



By Dhani Irwanto, 29 September 2015

Sundaland is a bio-geographical region of Southeastern Asia which encompasses the Sunda shelf, the part of the Asian continental shelf that was exposed during the last ice age. 120 more words


A "European" Holiday in the Middle East


Well it has certainly been long enough since I last blogged. Sorry for the long break, but I wanted to give you all time to get through that last monstrosity of a post! 5,588 more words

Oicatá - silhouettes of the past guide the future

The wind howls across the pastures of Oicatá, whipping the clumps of grasses, bending branches of dark green trees; painting scrub brush with grey dust, and lashing the slate colored mountains of the Cordillera Oriental, the backdrop of this story, and the homeland of the ancient Muisca people. 907 more words