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a child's garden of horrors

There remain dissertations to be written on the savagery of the Victorians.

I am indebted to Undine @HorribleSanity (Twitter Sep 17 2017).  She says this is from an 1886 issue of… 6 more words

Ancient Civilization

Google Streetview in 1911

Merchant-Ivory films make much of Manhattan’s empty space in the generation of Edith Wharton.  House of Mirth comes to mind.  Watch it some time, for the breathtaking and historically reasonable shots of the blocks north of the Met.  286 more words

Ancient Civilization

Mayan Transformations: The 7 Prophecies that Rule(d) the Universe

Welcome to the Maya civilization, located in what is now the Yucatan Peninsula in southern Mexico, between 420 and 900 AD. They were inventors, farmers, and one of the first people in the Mesoamerican era to bring about specialization. 1,171 more words


Did Humans Evolve from Dinosaurs?

“Mommy where did I come from?”  This is a familiar question of young children.  Now imagine hearing this answer given by a parent. “Well, we all came from dinosaurs a very, very long time ago.” This is not so far-fetched. 494 more words

Ancient Civilization

Temple of Dendur

The Temple of Dendur                                                                                                                 Dating: completed by 10 B.C. Roman Period (Augustus Caesar)
Material: Aeolian sandstone
Musuem: The Metropolitan Museum of Art in 1967, and installed in The Sackler Wing in 1978… 277 more words

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One Day Guide at the Angkor Archaeological Park

The National Geographic images and texts did not bring justice to what I felt when I stood there, a mere dust in the constellation of things. 901 more words