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Ancient Inner Earth Civilization May Be the Anunnaki of Sumerian Texts

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Even within circles of mainstream academia, geologists have been able to demonstrate that cataclysms ravage the surface of the Earth on a fairly regular basis. 77 more words


Detecting Ancient Coastal Civilizations from Coral Reefs

By Dhani Irwanto, 3 February 2016

Coral reefs are diverse underwater ecosystems held together by calcium carbonate structures secreted by corals. Coral reefs are built by colonies of tiny animals found in marine waters that contain few nutrients. 429 more words


Guatemala: Tikal, Once the Heartbeat of Mayan Culture

It’s not every day we get the opportunity to walk in the footsteps of an ancient civilization such as the Mayan Empire.

Well, that’s exactly what I did with some buddies recently. 299 more words


Quest for the Lost civilization - Graham Hancock (FULL MOVIE)

What are the connection between Angkor Wat in the Jungle of Cambodia, the Pyramid in the desert of Egyptian desert, and monuments on Easter Island and in Micronesia? 169 more words


Lakhoni - First Check In

As the author of four books I understand just how hard marketing a book can be.  You think that writing the book is the hard part, but that isn’t true.   442 more words


The Guadeloupe Woman: Is it a 15th century or 28 Million Year Old Skeleton?

In 1810 the British seized the French Island of Guadeloupe and sent a large stone slab back to England containing a skeleton of a headless and footless woman.  621 more words

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Why You Need To Visit Machu Picchu Now

This 15th-century Inca site is where the mountains meet the jungle. Many travel here by train. Fewer travel by foot for 43kms, along the Inca Trail. 215 more words