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A Happy Guy

There was a happy guy

He wore a toga and sandals

Had a goat

And a small stretch

Of land

With a garden

And a still… 82 more words

Creative Writing

The New Springtime

By Robert Silverberg.  1990.  Book design by H. Roberts.  Cover illustration by Michael Whelan.  Cover design by Don Puckey.  Sequel to At Winter’s End. 32 more words

The Last Librarian

The Ice Temple

Leaping from edge to edge, jumping over crevasses, shuffling along the wall of ice and stone was terrifying. Any wrong move or slip and she would fall into the emptiness below to her death. 292 more words

Egyptian Akahenaten Discovery Changes History Forever!

By UFO Sightings Hotspot: In this earth-shattering episode full of historic changing revelations, Daniel Liszt and Pyramid expert Dr. Carmen Boulter talk about the shocking discovery of a secret site unearthed in Turkey of an Ancient Egyptian chamber that bears a strong resemblance to King Tut’s tomb and that contains a wealth of Egyptian treasure and lifelike statues of the heretic Pharaoh Akhenaten along with exotic antiquities of the Amarna period. 7 more words

Ancient Mysteries

Star Man's Son

By Andre Norton.  1952.  This edition, 1985.  Cover artist, Laurence Schwinger.

Post Apocalypse


Aztecs of Mexico, Incas of Peru, NOK of  Nigeria this simple sentence  has shown that every Country  have an Ancient civilizations associated to  them which have been proven through Archaeology. 449 more words