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Tribal Sun

This textural, ornate tribal sun design resembles a geometric carving with a color palette of blue, cream and black. It’s now available on a wide variety of interesting items in my galleries at… 27 more words


Classical Reception *is* all around: An introduction to this blog

Antiquity and modernity, present and past, are always implicated in each other, always in dialogue – to understand either one, you need to think in terms of the other.

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The Mongol Conquests

In 1206, a warrior called Temujin Khan brought quite a few tribes of ancient China together and started to rule a significant area in the region. 165 more words



From the mountains of Peru, Incas ruled a highly civilised empire. Around the beginning of the 13th century, the Incas began to conquer their neighbouring lands. 96 more words



Aztecs were known as warriors. Their story begins around the year 1200, when they settled in the Valley of Mexico. Soon, they started dominating the native-Americans near the central America and built their capital city Tenochtitlan in 1325. 94 more words


Persian Empire

The Persian homeland was in what is now known as Iran. The Persian empire thrived after its kings such as Cyrus the great conquered the neighbouring lands. 96 more words


Ancient Greek

Around 800 BC, a rise of a civilisation took place in Greece. This rise would not only shape the country for the next several hundred years, but also define the very idea of western civilisation. 130 more words