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Is Religion the Driving Force Behind Human Civilization?

In a brief article in the ‘Opinion‘ section of New Scientist titled “Should We Thank God for Civilization” recently discusses how the current model of how civilizations first developed in human history is being challenged, namely with the discovery of… 355 more words

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Aging Ironies

The irony of an aged temple and an aged tree Ta Prohm Temple, Siem Reap, Cambodia. 2015


Could the Indus Civilization be 2.8 Million Years Old?

There are some facts about our earth that are so sublime and unnoticeable that they are just about impossible to believe. The fact that the earth’s continents move is one of them. 733 more words

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How will "Zandernatis" affect you?

“Zandernatis” affects different people in different ways. For some it confirms what they have always subconsciously known, or seen clairvoyantly.

For others, it swiftly suspends all disbelief and totally absorbs them in a fabulous world of boundless imagination where the outlines of truth become blurred – and irrelevant. 40 more words

Mars rover Curiosity captured Ancient Martian Skull?

Did Mars rover Curiosity found a human-like skull on the surface of Mars?

Again proof Mars was once inhabited with intelligent life?

The object can be found on… 8 more words


Ancient Library Of Alexandria Documentary

Ancient Library Of Alexandria Documentary

Hero of Alexandria was a Greek mathematician and engineer who was active in his native city of Alexandria, Roman Egypt. 104 more words