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The Fall of Teotihuacán

Every year, Papa grinds limestone over a hot fire for eight hours to make lime, a white plaster. He brings it to the village, where laborers spread it over the great pyramids of our gods. 205 more words

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Earth died 715 million years ago. Its lifeless carcass rested in the dark stillness of space wrapped in the pall of massive world-wide glaciers 5,000 meters thick for 120 million years. 418 more words

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Alien hunters discover 'ancient Egyptian face carving' on Mars

ALIEN hunters are claiming a coup in their quest to prove a human-like ancient civilization once lived on Mars after finding an “Egyptian-like” face carved rock on the Red Planet. 151 more words

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Could the Four Mile High Mountain on Ceres be a Massive Monument?

The solar system is a mysterious place. Neither its true origin nor its original inhabitants are known. Science only makes an educated guess about them through theory, computer simulation, and evolution. 375 more words

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At War with Tamerlane

Bearing the world upon your back,
when you shrug, the earth quakes
and breaks into the ten stages
in which we find enlightenment.

II. 204 more words

We Are The Underground



We live in clusters so the bulk of our decisions as it affects civilization will be measured in ‘yard’ rules. The development of society can not easily alienated from decisions attributed to have emanated from societal pressure, need to survive, siege and fear of extinction, innovation or largely conquest. 1,106 more words

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Liquid Mercury Found Under Pyramid?

The headline reads: “Liquid Mercury Found Under Pyramid At Teotihuacan Could Indicate Royal Tomb”. That’s pretty weird, in and of itself, right? Mercury? Deadly, deadly mercury? 664 more words