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Ancient Origins of the Zodiac

A piece I prepared on this topic was published in 176 (September – October 2019) New Dawn 61-64.

This is an updated, broader and more well developed revision of an earlier piece I wrote on… 38 more words

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My Lughnasadh Journey

The Tuatha de Dannan were once powerful people of the Great Mother Goddess, Danu. When the church came to Ireland, they turned them into fairies, demons, myths, and even saints. 461 more words

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The Rival Giants of Logan's Rock

The Rival Giants of Logan’s Rock is a tale of the location of the Cyclopean masonry, labelled as the “Giant Ladies Chair”, “the Giants Fort” etc. 148 more words

Mary Magdalene

This is a piece I wrote about 2 yrs ago…

“Admittedly, the reality of Mary Magdalene’s earthly life will never be fully grasped but will always be slipping from us, concealed behind a shroud of myth supposition, and mystery. 471 more words

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Ancient Textiles from the Andes - at the Whitworth

Last Tuesday I had a meeting at the University in Manchester. Afterwards, I’d planned to meet my wife, grab a bite to eat and watch a film at… 432 more words


Caral - The Ancient Lost City of Peru

Two hundred kilometres north of Lima lies the recently discovered remnants of one of the most ancient centres of a civilisation yet to be unearthed in modern times. 47 more words