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Mysteries in time subscription 

This subscription box is one for the kids and mainly aimed towards 7-11 year olds and therefore Jordanna gets it this time around.

I think many children can find history lessons a little boring, I for one was never a huge fan of the subject at school; although I did find some parts of it more interesting than others. 222 more words


Amenhotep III the Hunting Pharaoh

Amenhotep III was a Pharaoh of the Egyptian New Kingdom whose reign (1391-1353 BC) has been described as a time of unprecedented prosperity for his country. 127 more words


Wrath of Sekhmet

Sekhmet, the Egyptian goddess of war, has just gone through a destructive rampage. One Egyptian story claims that the sun god Ra sent Sekhmet down to punish some mortals who conspired against him, but when her rampage went out of control to the point of nearly destroying humanity, Ra had to get her drunk with beer dyed red to look like blood. 28 more words


Ancient KEMET - BLACK Egypt

“The average negro will read it but because it says Egypt, he doesn’t identify it with him or him with it” – Malcolm X

“In those days the black man was so dead mentally he would look right at it and wouldn’t know that he was looking at himself” – Malcolm X… 328 more words

Black Skin

Egypt’s Pyramid Competitor- The Kush(y) Nubian Pyramids – W.U Hstry

In joining the designated theme of pre-modern non-European civilizations and the informal trend concerning pyramids which seems to have enveloped the blog, we must look no further than Sudan. 15 more words