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By the Balcony

With the moon casting its silver glow over Egypt, my favorite Pharaoh is taking a stroll along her palace balcony. Because I never get tired of drawing sexy lady Pharaohs. 13 more words


Ancient Egyptian Cartouche Bookmark

For history, the three oldest and I are traveling back through time with The Mystery of History, Volume 1: Creation to the Resurrection by Linda Lacour Hobar. 544 more words


A Little Ancient Egypt

When I woke up, I was just not at all feeling like myself. It’s that jet lag monster, I thought, which annoyed me. I’ve never had jet lag in my life, and I have been to Europe many times without suffering. 1,079 more words


The Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut at Deir el-Bahri

The Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut at Deir el-Bahri

The name Deir el-Bahri means ‘Northern Monastery’, indicating that the site was once used by Christian monks. Prior to the coming of Christianity, however, thesite in the Valley of the Kings was a complex of mortuary temples and tombs built by the ancient Egyptians. 99 more words

Ancient Egypt

Entertainment over historical accuracy

Exodus: Gods and Kings

I watched the movie back in December 2014 when it was released here in Australia. I wanted to see it not for its historical content but for its visual depiction of Ancient Egypt. 468 more words

Nefertiti Greets You

Nefertiti was never my favorite Egyptian queen, especially since she associated with the Pharaoh who practically brought the 18th dynasty down from its glory days (Akhenaten). 63 more words


Before the pyramids

Some time ago, I was in Beirut and visited the archaeological museum of the American University: a carefully chosen, lovely selection of objects that represent all major cultures of the ancient Near East. 110 more words

Ancient History