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Hathor, the Egyptian goddess of love, beauty, and fertility, takes a stroll amidst the fields of Aaru (which was essentially the Egyptian conception of heaven). The staff she’s carrying is called a was-scepter, and it’s believed to represent power and authority. 14 more words


#18. King Menkaura and queen

Art Historical Background

When I first saw this piece in the MFA in Boston I was surprised at how small it was (4’8″). Even though I had read the dimensions before, there’s nothing like seeing it in person to feel…a little disappointed. 533 more words

Art & Humanities

Winged Scarab Necklace

Just listed today–and a personal favorite of mine so far!

Winged Scarab Double Strand Necklace:

The winged beetle supporting the sun is a famous motif in the art of ancient Egypt, representing the sun God Khepera (or Khepri) who is responsible for the rebirth of the sun at dawn. 62 more words


A Personal Tour of the Louvre

You can tell whether anyone posing in front of I.M. Pei’s infamous pyramid entrance to this museum actually intends on visiting based on one thing. Footwear. 1,042 more words


chest of crayons

the old wood cask is still there, longer than it is deep, nearly
the size of a music box, with no hinged lid, but one that lifts… 148 more words


Hard Decisions

A few days ago, I talked to a friend about my Linguistics degree and languages, and got a bit sad that my decision to be a responsible adult and switch my focus now that I can’t teach in classroom anymore also means that I won’t be continuing with an MA in Historical Linguistics. 578 more words



An Egyptian princess spends the balmy evening relaxing on some comfortable furniture.

I admit that the background here was an afterthought which I rushed, but I am rather happy with the chick’s reclining pose.