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R is for Re

Rounding out today’s posts with the Sun God Re or Ra, if you insist. (It’s more likely that it was pronounced Re.) Now, Re is my absolute favorite Egyptian mythological figure and I could probably talk about him all day. 243 more words

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Vintage Reads #10 - A Thousand Miles up the Nile

I wasn’t sure whether to include this book in my ‘Vintage Reads’ series or my ‘Inventions and Discoveries of the 19th Century’ series. I opted for the former because it is, after all, a book, but it would fit well in the latter due to the effect its publication had on the wave of ‘Egyptomania’ that hit Britain and the US in the late nineteenth century. 539 more words

Is the Soul of My Aborted Half Brother One of My Children?

This post is inspired by a question from Laurel, who wants to know if the soul of a child her mother aborted has come to her as one of her children. 1,630 more words

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April 30/30 Poetry Challenge #23/30: Freshly Faded

God cuts my hair/

Twice a month I come to his shop and receive something more than a haircut/

Its something like a tonsorial baptism/ 159 more words

M and N are for Menes and Narmer

Next is a double-header with the early Egyptian pharaohs Menes and Narmer who helpfully come after each other in the alphabet and might actually be the same person. 492 more words

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In Ancient Egypt were Isis and Nephthys Essential in Cartonnages.

Cartonnages in Ancient Egypt were used over the wrapped mummy mainly for mummy masks and some important parts of the body.

The cartonnage of Irtirutja in the Metropolitan Museum of Art of New York dates from the Ptolemaic period. 258 more words

Ancient Egypt

The Memorial Art Gallery

It was my first time visiting the famous Memorial Art Gallery in Rochester, New York this fall. My overall impression of the gallery was that it was so beautiful, the structure itself felt like a piece of art. 447 more words

Ancient Egypt