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The Wanderer: The Vampyre’s Tale – Book 2

Alastor Darvell is not an ordinary vampire. He learned his survival skills at the Krypteia, the equivalent of the Spartan ‘special forces’ and his powerful esoteric knowledge has been bequeathed from a long line of ancient Egyptian magicians – which tend to make him pretty well invincible. 136 more words

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KOFeatured Image -- 15952 For lovers of intelligent vampire fiction. A well researched book with an intriguing plot and charismatic hero. I loved the first book, "Spartan Dog", and eagerly wait on the next in the series. Shhh, don't tell anyone, I have a spot spot for the hero Alastor.

Hawk Divine update #2

I opened my eyes and found myself sitting beneath the tree. Something stirred within me. From my soul the hawk divine would soar, my winged heart a warrior.

199 more words

Egyptian Mermaid

May is apparently considered the month of the mermaid nowadays, so here’s an Egyptian mermaid to celebrate. The fish on which her tail is based would be the Nile perch ( 21 more words


ICELANDIA Dweller Crystal Skull

The Guardian of Icelandia Hosting Skull is Cindy O’Connell, also known as Jahana Chundra. (Photograph of Cindy with Hosting Skull coming soon.)

The Dweller Crystal Skull… 464 more words

Crystal Skulls

Book Review: Nile Crossing

Today I recommend: Nile Crossing by Katy Beebe.

Khepri, who lives in ancient Egypt, begins to feel nervous as he and his father travel to Thebes for Khepri’s first day of scribe school. 116 more words



Unsurprisingly I wrote an awful lot of essays during my degree on the topic of women in the ancient world, and was once in a seminar where we were asked to prove that women in ancient Egypt gave birth. 753 more words


Ancient Egyptian Medicine: how would they cure your ailment?

Living as an Ancient Egyptian was not an easy life. As a regular person, you likely worked long days of manual labour, and were paid in a meagre food ration. 612 more words

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