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The Architecture of Ancient Egypt

As in Mesopotamia, the story starts with the village life included farming and animal husbandry  which was turned in time into a complex pattern of river settlements subject to controlled irrigation. 474 more words


Master Thoth

Wise one that teaches the soul
there’s an infinite amount of wisdom you know
you’re a teacher for those willing to learn
your love is freely given, it is not earned… 16 more words


Anubis Admiration

A great strength made of the darkest shadows
a soul that understands ones greatest sorrows
he won’t take away your fears
he gives you a path of courage which is clear… 68 more words


Cool Stuff You Didn't Know About Ancient Egyptians

The Ancient Egyptians are full of surprises.

Yes, they had interesting beliefs in the Afterlife — can you really take it with you? Who knows. No one’s come back to prove or disprove their theory. 402 more words

Stories Behind The Stories

Sailing on the Nile

The children were asked to imagine that they were the captain of a boat on the Nile during the time of the pharoahs and describe a typical day. 175 more words



Results From Tutankhamen’s Tomb:

I swear to Beysus, if they find Nefertiti’s mummy in that dinky tomb, I am going to be in a constant state of  1,296 more words


Arsinoë III - 220 – 204 BC – Alexandria, Ptolemaic Egypt

Arsinoë III Philopater (father loving) embodied many of the traits common among the women of the Ptolemy family. Strong willed, intelligent, fearless and a born leader, Arsinoë was easily the most powerful woman in the world in her lifetime. 218 more words

Women's History