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TED Tuesday - How to Make a Mummy

I’ve always had a fascination with ancient Egypt, especially their amazing architecture and burial techniques. The group over at TED-Ed recently put up an interesting video on the mummification process. Have a look!

Ancient Egypt

P.J. Thorndyke's Silver Tomb: Book 2 of The Lazarus Longman Chronicles

I have to admit that any author who can make me laugh out loud before the first line of a novel will have a loyal reader on his/her hands. 692 more words


The Great God Set, PSG 2015, and the Floodgates to Dissolution

ÔÇťApart from its beliefs about forms of disorder outside the cosmos, traditional polytheism almost requires tension and disorder within the pantheon and in the cosmos. Polytheism thus accepts two possible locations of evil, so that the existence of evil is not deeply problematic because nothing is truly perfect.

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Hieroglyph In Temple of Abydos

For me, this is really a controversial piece of hieroglyph in the temple of Abydos. Some people (who claim that Egyptians had some contact with aliens) believe that this hieroglyph is real and in original form. 118 more words

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Who built the great pyramid of Giza?

The Giza Plateau has three main pyramids. The pyramid of Menkaure, the pyramid of Khafre and the great pyramid of Khufu.

As per the today’s widely accepted assumptions, the pyramid of Menkaure was probably completed in the… 262 more words

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Is Sphinx several millennia older than we think it to be?

Many Egyptologist (including Dr. Zahi Hawas, former Minister of State for Antiquities Affairs) insist that Sphinx was built nearly 4500BC, by the builder of 2nd pyramid of the… 704 more words

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Lapis Lazuli

We have recently launched a few pieces from our Stones Collection, one of which is our ‘Summertime Blues’ ring which is made from Sterling Silver and Natural Lapis Lazuli. 171 more words