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Reblogged - The Happy Hour, or: A working woman’s breakfast

Apart from food, one of my interests is ancient Egypt and the following blog reminds me of my time in Egypt as well as giving an insight into what ancient Egyptians ate……enjoy! 62 more words


"Khemet Manifest" is Available in the Eloh Projects Store

To the spiritually destitute and worldly minded the temples, tombs and holy places of antiquity were viper’s dens inhabited by frauds and charlatans. To the one seeking knowledge and everlasting life, they were alive with archetypes and gods: wombs for inner journeys. 80 more words


"Osiris Risen" is Available in the Eloh Projects Store

Osiris is the Ancient Egyptian god of the underworld and presides in judgement over the fate of the mortal soul.  He is unique in that he has no modern mythic counterpart.  202 more words


Nephthys of the Dead

This is my portrait of Nephthys, protective goddess of the dead in Egyptian mythology. She was sister to Isis and Osiris and sister-wife to Set (who was also Osiris’s brother…what can I say, gods had different family values in that culture), and she was often paired up with her sister as protector of Osiris’s mummified body in funeral rites. 116 more words


Love, February ~ Day 7

I don’t believe any series on love would be complete without a love goddess being invoked at least once.  So today’s rant post will concern Hathor, the love goddess of ancient Egypt. 300 more words

Sherden Mercenary

This warrior character comes from a group of people known as the Sherden, one of several warlike “Sea Peoples” of European descent which swarmed throughout the Mediterranean Basin in the third millennium BC. 103 more words


Egyptian Momma Problems

“Sutekh! If you don’t play nice with your brother, baby, by Amun I gonna make Poppa some croc bait outta your ass!”

What can I say, this working-class Egyptian mother is in a lot of stress balancing domestic chores like bread-making with keeping her family together. 92 more words