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Ptolemy XII Auletes

Portrait of Ptolemy XII Auletes, the ruler of Ptolemaic Egypt who was the famous Cleopatra’s father. He too has a nebulous maternal parentage, but some sources suggest his mother may have been a (native Egyptian?) concubine rather than his father’s “official” wife and Queen. 31 more words




“The Painted Queen” by Elizabeth Peters:

Y’all, I’m about to pass out. 2017 might be a great year. I mean, we have Obama for another week, and now A NEW AMELIA PEABODY BOOK IS COMING OUT. 2,040 more words

On Chris Brown, Soulja Boy, and Silence as Virtue

There are many things that could be said about the upcoming fight between Chris Brown and Soulja Boy… but I will stick to what came to mind when I found out that people were taking it seriously. 734 more words


The history of shirk in Egypt

​I went to an exhibition at the British Museum today with my wife. It was on the recent discovery of two lost cities of ancient Egypt that have been submerged under sea for over a thousand years! 236 more words

Ancient Egypt

Egyptian Gods-Goddesses

Originally a god of reproductive forces, later as Amon-Ra, the King of the gods and supreme creator.

God of the dead and weigher of souls. 184 more words


Ancient Egypt: Canopic Jars

Ancient Egyptian’s used Canopic Jars carved from limestone or pottery, during the ritual of mummification, and their purpose was to house the internal organs of their pharaohs. 142 more words


Pr01b_Why is Egypt the "Gift of the Nile"? (Text Narration)

Pr01b_Why is Egypt the Gift of the Nile? (Text Narration)

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Cover Slide #1: Pyramids of Giza before a setting Sun. 851 more words