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April 30/30 Poetry Challenge #1/30: Genesis

In the beginning there was spoken word/

And the word wasn’t always good, but now I’m proud to say it’s God/

To some, that may seem odd, but take a listen to the wind and you’ll see it’s the future/ 231 more words

Sobekneferu – c.1806 BCE – Faiyum, Egypt

The original Queen of the Nile…

The last Pharaoh of the Egyptian Middle Kingdom, a Golden Age for Egypt, was Sobekneferu; Egypt’s first known female king. 389 more words


What Was The Secret Of The Ancients?

On reading that Confucius may have looked to the past – not his own past but the distant past in Chinese civilization – I was taken by the similarity in this idea to other ancient civilizations I’ve read about. 283 more words


MEETING HORUS Episode One - Part 2

Isabelle spun around to confront her taunter but found that the closest person was four or five metres away. She stood puzzled, when a loud American man, explaining with authority to a distracted woman the historical relevance of an artefact they’d passed, stopped to take a half-interested photograph of the bronze, and walked on. 723 more words

Book review: El antiguo Egipto, by Penelope Arlon

Arlon, Penelope. El antiguo Eqipto. (Explora tu mundo series.) Scholastic, 2014. $12.99. ISBN 9780545695152. 80 pgs.  Glossary, Index, and Credits. Ages 8-14. P8Q8.

            I have the English version of this book which I use when I teach Ancient Egypt.   129 more words

Book Reviews

My kingdom for a word


Thirty years ago I was watching an Ancient Lives episode, Egyptologist John Romer‘s series from the early 1980’s. (The only television my wife and I seemed to watch back then were documentaries).  630 more words

Autobiography,memoirs And Confessions


Atum couldn’t sleep. He tossed about in his bed, fuming still. He could not explain why he was still so angry at Badru. But he was. 1,213 more words

Gay Sex