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Latin and Greek for your pets

Your dog can learn Latin and Ancient Greek! And everyone in the family can pick up a bit of Latin or Ancient Greek along with you and your four-legged pal. 530 more words


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Bible.Org’s Lumina online bible study tool is an excellent free resource for Greek (and Hebrew). It has morphological information for words when highlighted, along with the lexical form and a helpful gloss. 270 more words

Ancient Greek

Ancient Greek You Know (γ)

Learning about the Classics can enrich one’s life enormously. Indeed, for some, understanding Greek is a κτῆμα ἐς ἀεί, a “possession for eternity”. Interestingly, people tend to know more Ancient Greek than they think. 115 more words



While you might not find many Irish people eating it, many Americans will be plating up corned beef and cabbage to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day today. 464 more words

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For information on a number of GNT links go to the Resources page on this website:

Write out or recite the Aorist, Middle, Indicative of λυω – to loose… 188 more words

Ancient Greek