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Man, The Animal Without Essence

In the second half of his most famous work, Technics and Time, 1, ‘Prometheus’s Liver’, Bernard Stiegler analyses the Greek myth of Prometheus and Epimetheus (the Titans who were thought to have created humanity) which is outlined in Plato’s Protagoras, as an analogous insight into what it is to be human. 382 more words


On Tragedy: Abrahamic, Ancient Greek and Modern Horizons

The term “tragedy” and “tragic” are bandied about in many contexts, but what exactly is it about a situation that makes it tragic? I want to suggest that the everyday use of the word tragic within developed European and North American societies is deeply out of step with the Shakespearean understanding of tragedy and more in line with the way that tragedy is understood in Ancient Greek drama.  1,105 more words

Keep Your Greek (6)

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Special thanks to Mahlon Smith for this link to a free online Greek New Testament with full parsing and word frequency information. 275 more words

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77001: Skeletal Spearmen (Reaper Bones)

Recently I showed the Bones Skeletal Swordsmen that I finished for Marouda’s Mythical Greek force. These six are the other half of the group. Originally the twelve of them were to make up a single unit of more generic undead troops, whether spear or blade worked out simply by swapping the front rank as appropriate. 289 more words

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Thinking on Dangling Prepositions, Grammar, and Dead Languages

“Why can’t you end a sentence in a preposition?”

Marie’s question traveled across the room on the winged breath of Aether himself. There was chatter all around the room, thus I know the wind that gave movement to her words was not alone in its search for ears that would give room to the message it carried. 1,098 more words

Thinking Like The Ancients