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Theologically Loaded Language

Translating ancient documents into modern languages carries with it more difficulties than most people realize. Pretty much anyone who has ever taken a foreign language class in high school understands that it can often be quite hard to find a word which corresponds exactly between two tongues. 2,077 more words


Caryatids Beautε

The Caryatids are recipients of a unique form of admiration, stemming not only from their elaborate form of dress; these statue-columns, fulfill a dual role,  having figured proudly as part of the Erechtheum monument at the Acropolis and becoming synonymous to female beauty, unity, wit, in other words an epitome of the virtuous Athenian woman for thousands of years. 171 more words


University Assistant (post doc), Universität Wien

University Assistant (post doc) (6912)

Universität Wien

Application deadline: 12th September 2016

The University of Vienna (15 faculties, 4 centres, about 188 fields of study, approx. 211 more words


Greek Mythology: The Sphinx

Linda stared at the words scratched on the faded yellow parchment. A corner of her lip curled as if pulled by string.  The scribbles were simple things joined together in compound and complex sentences. 1,580 more words

Keep Your Greek (83)

Encouragement, Comments & Other Information:

Write out or recite the Aorist, Middle, Indicative of λυω – to loose
(Memory Key: λυω, ἐλυον, λυομαι, ἐλυομην, λυσω, λυσομαι, ἐλυσα, ἐλυσαμην, λελυκα, (ἐ)λελυκειν, λελυμαι, (ἐ)λελυμην, ἐλυθην, λυθησομαι) 624 more words

Ancient Greek

The Four Loves and Japanese

The words for “love” in Japanese correspond pretty well to the Greek words for “love.”

ai~agape (selfless love)

koi~eros (romantic love)

yuujou~philia (friendship) 838 more words