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The Spiritual Meaning of The Number Eleven

Because the 11 has two double digits of the same number, it is considered a master number in numerology and cannot be reduced to a single digit. 184 more words

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The Esoteric Meaning of the Star of David and Seal of Solomon

The Star of David and the Seal of Solomon are curious symbols that have a mysterious history. When you consider the horrors with which they have been used in the past, you have to question why this symbol is a prominent feature of the Christian Church. 769 more words

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Things Shakespeare Got Wrong About the Ides of March | History News Network

In a new article Barry Strauss explains what Shakespeare got wrong in his play the Ides of March.

“Why did Shakespeare get so much wrong? 113 more words


The Violence We See Lately... It's Nothing New

We’re all troubled by the violence that we’ve been seeing on the news but when I had my history books out and was reading about attacks on ancient Spain, it surprised me how things have not changed. 131 more words

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Photo of the day - Palmyra Syria

Palmyra. Syria. View of the 2nd century theatre which laid buried under sand up until the 1950’s and has since been largely excavated and restored back to its former glory. 237 more words


Falling into place : reasons why I study languages

The other day, when I described what I mostly did at university, one of my other teachers said “Well, what’s the bloody use of that?”. It’s a question I get often, though not always that rudely. 450 more words

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Audial: In Our Time

Let me betray a little of my academic colours.

Do you like learning about things? Do you like learning about those things by listening to people who know an awful lot about it? 342 more words

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