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Was St. Francis of Assisi on Drugs?

Psychedelic Drugs in Medieval Italy: The Gateway To God

On a recent holiday in Ischia, a charming island off the coast of Naples in Italy, I visited… 2,404 more words

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"ISIS is threatening Palmyra, the Venice of Syria" | History News Network

Another ancient treasure is under threat from ISIS. Once these treasures are gone, they are gone forever! This is sickening!!

History News Network | ISIS is threatening Palmyra, the Venice of Syria.


A More Complex Picture of the Fall of Rome: "The Origins of the Early Medieval State" | History Today

Why study the fall of Rome and the emerging states that arose in the aftermath?

The historian Paul Fouracre explains the problems with the mythic version of the fall of Rome and the aftermath. 171 more words


What is God? A Definition of “The Creator” In Man

Are You Living In Heaven Or Hell?

The Greek playwright, Euripides wrote: “the mind in each of us is a God.” Buddha said pretty much the same thing in his famous quote, “each of us is a God.” 1,426 more words

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What I haven't been taught: Historiography

I went to a lecture today about the “decline and fall” of Rome as a historical example, as a trope, as a convenience. It was interesting, and very useful. 463 more words

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The Esoteric Meaning of the Number 14

The number 14 is a masterful number for those that can learn balance, self-control and independence. But for those that fail, the 14 signals a time of turmoil. 676 more words

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