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Book Extract - The Museum of the Royal Tombs of Sipan, Chiclayo

Built across three floors, the Museum of the Royal Tombs of Sipan is a stand out feature against the small, somewhat dated buildings squatting in the backdrop. 1,383 more words

Ancient Symbolism

Going west - where ancient sites collide

Wreathed in mist and roses, the Mother greets those who visit the sacred spring of St Non. The little shrine to the Virgin was erected in 1951 when the Passionist Fathers restored and rededicated the spring, as if to leave those who walk the cliff-top path in no doubt of the deity from whom the healing waters flow. 967 more words


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Another fantastic account of a sacred site: The Chapel of Saint Non, located on the coast near St David's in Pembrokeshire, West Wales. Beyond the chapel however, the mysteries of far more ancient stone circles surround, and questions of cultural appropriation abound...

"Legends say China began in a great flood. Scientists just found evidence that the flood was real." - The Washington Post

“Chinese geologists uncovered evidence of a catastrophic flood some 4000 years ago — right around the time that legends say a mythical founding flood occurred.” 21 more words


"Does This Rock Explain Why Egyptians Are Biblical Villains?" - The Daily Beast

“For nearly a century, historians have argued about whether or not the events in Exodus actually took place, A new find in Israel may hold the key to a new explanation.” 23 more words


The Symbolic Meaning of the Hindu God Indra

In ancient Vedic literature, Lord Indra is depicted as a war god, a destructive force that yields a powerful weapon in the form of the vajra. 1,451 more words

Ancient Symbolism