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THE HISTORY OF THE PELOPONNESIAN WAR, by Thucydides (2.7.60 – 2.8.78 of 8.26.109)

The more I read about wars, the more I see the hand of God determining the outcome. No matter how much planning is done, no matter who appears to have the advantage at the outset, unexpected circumstances such as plagues, wind or the lack thereof, thunderstorms, circumstances people refer to as “chance,” these things often determine the outcome.


THE HISTORY OF THE PELOPONNESIAN WAR, by Thucydides (2.7.47 – 2.7.59 of 8.26.109)

The plague of Athens sounds horrid, devasting like the bubonic plague or Ebola. The people had no idea what caused it or how it could be remedied. 123 more words


"Gruesome Find: 100 Bodies Stuffed into Ancient House" - Yahoo News

In a five-thousand year old house in northeast China the remains of 97 people were found. Anthropologists believe that they were most likely victims of disease, but they don’t have enough evidence at this time to definitively determine the cause. 14 more words


Megalithic Mysteries: The Ancient Sites of Conwy

Evidence of Worked Stones In North Wales

Recently, I paid a visit to see my good friend, Richard Slater in Conwy, North Wales. Rich shares my interest and fascination in ancient cultures and was keen to show me several sites he has discovered with worked stones. 1,562 more words

Ancient History

THE HISTORY OF THE PELOPONNESIAN WAR, by Thucydides (1.1.10 – 2.6.46 of 8.26.109)

This is fascinating reading. Is it possible that I like history better than fiction?

History seemed boring when I was in school, but this is exciting, enlightening, entertaining. 174 more words


The Curious Case of the Stanton Drew Stone Circle

The Ancient Megalithic Stones near Bristol not even the locals have heard of!

Historians have found archaeological evidence of human remains in Bristol that date back some 250,000BCE to 400,000BCE. 1,656 more words

Ancient History