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How Did the Leek Become the National Emblem of Wales?

Many years ago, in 640 A.D. Germanic tribes marched into Wales, intent on conquering it. The Welsh Britons, fought back. The legend is that the Britons, encouraged by their patron Saint David, pulled up leeks and secured them into their caps, enabling the soldiers to distinguish themselves from the invading tribes. 153 more words

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Bronze Age houses uncovered in Cambridgeshire are Britain's 'Pompeii' - BBC News

“Archaeologists in Cambridgeshire uncover Britain’s ‘Pompeii’ with what they describe as the “best-preserved Bronze Age dwellings ever found.'”

Source: Bronze Age houses uncovered in Cambridgeshire are Britain’s ‘Pompeii’ – BBC News


"Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun's wet nurse might have been his sister" | Culture | The Guardian

“Carvings on the wall of the tomb of Maia, the boy king’s wet nurse, have led archaeologists to suspect she may have been his sister Meritaten” 17 more words


Splendors of the Dead by Garry Wills | NYR Daily | The New York Review of Books

“The extraordinary exhibition ‘The Greeks: Agamemnon to Alexander the Great’ shows the extent to which the immensely privileged eased themselves into the afterlife with much of the booty that had cushioned their time on earth. 77 more words


"A Carved Stone Block Upends Assumptions About Ancient Judaism" - The New York Times

“The Magdala Stone, found in Israel, is forcing scholars to revisit ideas about synagogues and their relationship to the Second Temple around the dawn of Christianity.” Very interesting find! 14 more words


"Solved: the mystery of Britain's Bronze Age mummies"

Fascinating! “Turns out the Egyptians weren’t the only ones who mummified their dead.”

Source: Solved: the mystery of Britain’s Bronze Age mummies


"Secret pagan basilica in Rome emerges from the shadows after 2,000 years" - Telegraph

“An underground chamber that was a place of worship for a mysterious cult 2,000 years ago has opened to the public for the first time” If I ever get to Rome this will be on my must see list! 13 more words