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THE HISTORY OF THE PELOPONNESIAN WAR, by Thucydides (1.1.1 - 1.1.9 of 8.26.109)

I just started Thucydides and find him to be a powerful writer: when I start reading, I don’t want to put it down. However, my schedule requires me to read in smaller sections for now. 46 more words


Stop Revering Magna Carta - NYTimes.com

“Magna Carta has everything going for it to be venerated in the United States: It is old, it is English and, because no one has actually read the text, it is easy to invoke to fit current needs.” So true! 23 more words


"The History & Legacy of Magna Carta Explained in Animated Videos by Monty Python’s Terry Jones" | History News Network

Do you need to brush up on your Magna Carta history? The British Museum has made a short video on the Magna Carta. It’s a great overview of the basic story of the document and its legacy. 20 more words


Review - Theogony - Hesiod

Theogony – Hesiod.


3.5 stars.

3.5 stars.
(4 for value – ancient text and useful insight)
(3 for readability)
(3.5 for interest)
(3 for technicalities – formatting) 308 more words


"The Venice of the Sands in Peril by G.W. Bowersock" | NYRblog | The New York Review of Books

Sowing a path of death and destruction, ISIS has taken another ancient city. The world looks on helplessly as they continue to slaughter all who do not meet their ideological standards, including women and children. 172 more words


THE HISTORY, by Herodotus (9.25-9.122)

I finished reading Herodotus’s History. A part of me would like to start over now that I’ve read it once so I could reread it knowing what I now know: I would understand it better because I’ve learned some of the basics from reading it the first time through. 146 more words