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Nirvana: The Secret of Life

There have been many Buddha’s throughout thousands of centuries. The ancient Sanskrit texts of the Rig Vedas and the Upanishads were written by enlightened men. 331 more words

Ancient History

Decoding The Ancient Ruins of Lopburi, Thailand

Interpreting ancient symbolism at Phra Prang Sam Yod

Travellers meandering through Thailand might want to check out Lopburi. Or maybe not. There’s not much there other than ancient Khmer ruins riddled with monkeys. 983 more words

Alchemical Symbolism

Gender and love in Sophocles' Trachinae

Of the characters in this interesting play, by far my favourite is Deianira. I find her to be an incredibly sympathetic character: she is innocent without seeming ridiculous, good-natured without appearing martyrish, and anxious only due to entirely reasonable concerns. 797 more words

Ancient History

The Esoteric Meaning of April Fools’ Day

It has become a custom in Europe to play pranks on one another on April 1st. We call it April Fools’ Day and are given licence to defy the rules of societal order. 686 more words

Alchemical Symbolism

"Rome: Behind the Ruins by Jenny Uglow" | NYR Daily | The New York Review of Books

“After many years in the shadows, Francis Towne’s haunting paintings of Rome are back in the light, beautifully displayed—they may appear a mere sideshow in comparison to the blockbuster exhibitions of great names, but they offer a luminous vision of a civilization lost in time, a tribute to the genius of a quiet man.” 24 more words


The Fishy History of April Fools’ Day… Not as Funny as George Noory

The funniest April Fool’s joke I’ve ever witnessed is when late night radio’s George Noory, interviewed three people who shared the same body. I think he said they were… 349 more words

Ancient History

The Mystery of Elongated Skulls in Nazca Archaeological Museum, Peru

What is the true story behind the history of mankind?

In 1928, the esteemed Peruvian archaeologists, Julio Tello excavated a 2km stretch of coastline along the Paracas peninsula in the south-west of Peru. 777 more words

Ancient History