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Tomb Relief From Athens

Tomb Relief from Athens

Period: 360-50 BC.

The tombs of the Greeks were placed along the roads. Here the passers by could stop and read the names of the deceased. 101 more words

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Photo of the day - Palmyra Syria

Palmyra. Syria. View of the 2nd century theatre which laid buried under sand up until the 1950’s and has since been largely excavated and restored back to its former glory. 237 more words


Falling into place : reasons why I study languages

The other day, when I described what I mostly did at university, one of my other teachers said “Well, what’s the bloody use of that?”. It’s a question I get often, though not always that rudely. 450 more words

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Audial: In Our Time

Let me betray a little of my academic colours.

Do you like learning about things? Do you like learning about those things by listening to people who know an awful lot about it? 342 more words

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The Esoteric Meaning of the Number Nine

The esoteric meaning of nine relates to the ultimate completion of a life cycle, after which the sequence of numbers reverts to zero as we find in gematria. 390 more words

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All You Need Is Love: The Missing Emotion of The Holy Trinity

I recently gave a talk about interpreting ancient symbolism to the American International Women’s Club in Naples, Italy. As the talk was held on 14th February, I thought it was appropriate to tackle the theme of love. 4,134 more words

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The Esoteric Meaning of the Number Eight

Whereas the seven represents completion, the eight is the continuation of the project that takes you to the next level. In terms of consciousness, the eight takes you to higher realms. 575 more words

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