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Nemesis, Indignation and Justice....

The Greek Winged Goddess,Nemesis, became indignant when confronted with the evil deeds and undeserved good fortune among the population. Nemesis ruled that no one person should ever have too much good and she cursed those who were blessed with countless undeserved gifts. 85 more words


Rome Recreated (AD 320)

Realm of History has showcased a stunning animation that recreates the city of Rome as it was in AD 320—the reign of Constantine, just before he moved the imperial capital to Constantinople. 72 more words


Don't Miss Our Latest Recipes With a Past E-Cookbook!

Are you having a difficult time deciding what to cook for the historian in your life? Do you have a dinner party coming up and you don’t know how to wow your guests? 65 more words


Interesting History: The Top 10 Worst Execution Methods of All Time

Whether involving rats, spikes, or boiling oil, the worst execution methods ever invented prove that humans have mastered the art of torture and death.

If the last few thousand years of human history have shown us to be good at one thing, it’s the art of inflicting painful, humiliating death on one another. 474 more words

Historical Study

Wednesday, February 10th

Ancient History

  • HW: Venn Diagram comparing the government of Athens and the USA (if not completed in class)
  • HW: Read and take notes on Chapter 15…
  • 82 more words
American History

Enemy of the Roman one percent, pt. 1

Imagine you are 18.

The current emperor is your great-uncle. This emperor is responsible for the death of your mother, father, and two older brothers. 892 more words


Bon Appetit Wednesday! Ancient Thai Rose Salad

In preparation for Valentine’s Day, today we are celebrating the rose. You may not think of the rose as a food, but we assure you it is an ancient culinary treat. 258 more words