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"Shadow Spinner" by Susan Fletcher

At first, I was not so sure about this book. I wasn’t sure if I would like it or not. What kept me interested at the beginning of every chapter, there is a little section called, “Lessons for Life in Storytelling.” It would just have a little piece about the main character and her thoughts. 293 more words

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History News: Stonehenge Quarries

Reproduced from Posting 2/21/2019 by Atlas Obscura

IN 1923, BRITISH GEOLOGIST HERBERT Henry Thomas published a now-infamous study on Stonehenge, in which he claimed to know the precise location where the prehistoric architects had quarried the stones used in the massive monument. 440 more words


Survival of the Species

You hear a lot these days about the End Times or about the precarious condition of the survival of the human species on planet Earth. Well, they are both right, but they are also both wrong.  678 more words

Travel and Holidays in the Ancient World, Part 1: A Yearning for Adventure

Summer is upon us. For some, that means heading straight for the beach. For others it means an adventure seeking out the cool mountain air, hiking into the forested hills, or jetting off for cosmopolitan cities.  967 more words

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Travel and Holidays in the Ancient World, Part 2: Antipater of Instagram and the Blossoming of Tourism

By the Classical period of the fifth and fourth centuries BCE, the world’s first known “travel industry” had begun to spring up, especially at hotspot destinations like Athens, where the port of Piraeus became studded with souvenir stores, food stalls, laundries, barbershops and brothels. 1,305 more words

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Travel and Holidays in the Ancient World, Part 5: When (Not) In Rome

It’s little surprise that when the summer heat hit, the ancient Romans were eager to switch the stench and squalor of the capital for the salty sea breeze of the countryside. 589 more words

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