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It is common practice in this world for the winners of war to write their version of history. This is also true when it comes to political, social and religious structures. 863 more words

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Demystifying History

One of my friends asked me a while back – Why don’t you write about “Why should we read history?”. The question took me back in time to 2006 when a colleague, not a very likeable person at the time, had posed the question “Why should we be bothered with history?” I made a crushing retort using some trite statements such as ‘Those who ignore history, they become history….blah blah’ layered with generous amounts of contempt at his temerity for asking such a stupid question (more likely a blanket disregard for his right to ask such a question). 1,442 more words


Why Europeans are Almost 1/3 African

This is an article I’ve posted on Medium.com about the little known, yet substantial, recent African ancestry that all people of European descent have inherited. 256 more words