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Editor's Picks: Back in Time to Ancient Egypt

Travel back to the ancient world of hieroglyphs, pyramids, and epic romances with these titles about Ancient Egypt.

Read translated hieroglyphic texts, delve into the infamous Antony & Cleopatra love story, learn how women influenced the political affairs of the ancient world, and much more – all in the titles below. 1,188 more words

Editor's Picks

Now it's up to Turks & Americans to show if they stand against ISIL & Al Qaeda & the WW3 Banksters!

“Assad Must Go??” ERDOGAN MUST GO! He supports ISIL – Daesh!!

What a wave of disgust and foreboding came over me when I heard the news that Erdogan had shot down Putin’s plane. 252 more words


The Esoteric Meaning of The Serpent

The serpent, sometimes depicted as a dragon, is perhaps the most confusing of esoteric symbols.

It essentially means wisdom, but because of the complex nature of the human psyche and body chemistry, the snake has multiple meanings that allude to the same principles. 2,947 more words

Alchemical Symbolism

Homeowork 23 NOV 15

Ancient History

  • Chapter 13

American History

  • Chapter 11, Section 5
American History

Ancient Evidence for Jesus from Non-Christian Sources

Written by Michael Gleghorn

Evidence from Tacitus

Although there is overwhelming evidence that the New Testament is an accurate and trustworthy historical document, many people are still reluctant to believe what it says unless there is also some independent, non-biblical testimony that corroborates its statements. 2,748 more words


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REAL Ancient History Explained!

Why antediluvian flora fauna, and men were taller and longer living
What happened to the protection shell
Why the first flood survivors were taller and smarted than their offspring… 1,765 more words

Ancient History

Dungeons & Dragons Was Played When There Were Dungeons & Dragons

Fox News┬áhas an article describing an archeological find from China that looks like the world’s earliest Dungeons & Dragons game, dating from 300 BC. Not only is the die familiar, but this description of the game from a 2000 year old poem brings back memories from happy D&D nights: 37 more words