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Black Plague - Biological Warfare Used on White Man Pt. 21

Do you really believe that the Black Plague of Europe was a natural occurrence?

Do you really believe that the infiltration of Drugs in Black communities is a coincidence? 1,867 more words

Human Artificial - Making Of The White Race

The Ugly & The Unusual Pt. II

The sculpture I’m about to talk about probably isn’t one that you would expect in an article titled “the ugly and the unusual”. It’s the Belvedere Torso. 390 more words

Classics Column

Interesting Woman: Boudica

Today I’m handing over the reins to a very capable guest writer – my mumma, Yvette. Mum completed a BA with a Major in Art History and interests in Ancient History and Archaeology. 720 more words


Mound Builders of North America

After a more relaxed summer of school, we started back with more formal learning the end of August. In history, Lilly is continuing to study ancient cultures. 48 more words


Alien Civilizations - Erich von Däniken

Contains stunning research from recent years, including even more recent evidence from inside and below the Great Pyramids. We first traced the recent history of technological efforts to penetrate some of the newly discovered tiny tunnels and chambers that are not big enough for humans to climb through. 120 more words