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Egypt And Mesopotamia

I roam the Planet freely like a dog without a collar,

With my lady; the one who makes my heart smile and holler,

We have each other so we don’t need your pounds and dollars, 240 more words


"Carthage Must Be Destroyed!" and the GOP

In ancient Rome, Cato the Elder (234 bc-149bc) was a predecessor to modern day American Republicans.  He woke up every day, scratched his eyes, shook his head and then asked, “What can I be against today?”  One of his nicknames was “Cato the Censor.”  One of his favorite passions was to destroy Rome’s arch rival, Carthage, and he started announcing daily as he concluded any speech, “Carthage must be destroyed.?”  This out-cry was meaningful for a while but, according to historians, it became absurd as it went on so long that it became a joke.   642 more words

Spirituality And Politics

Game of Successors, Part 4: New Rebels and New Rulers

As the satraps departed Babylon in the days after the partition, the incredible news of Alexander’s death raced across the empire. In July 323, it reached the gates of two distant, disgruntled Greek societies. 890 more words


Magadha Social and Economic Conditions in the 6th Century BC and Onwards (Pre-Mauryan Period)

• Of all the kingdoms of north India, Magadha emerged powerful and prosperous. 3,145 more words


Becoming an independent scholar and lovable rogue

Salvete, readers!

Normally I post a brief summary of writerly achievements for the week as an accountability exercise, but this has been an unusual week which has given me pause to reflect on where I am as an author and scholar. 582 more words