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Before the pyramids

Some time ago, I was in Beirut and visited the archaeological museum of the American University: a carefully chosen, lovely selection of objects that represent all major cultures of the ancient Near East. 110 more words

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What Does Road Crust Do?

Tougher still is the idea that China’s “economic miracle” is actually a heavily leveraged bet on mercantilism… propped up by runaway construction… with the tail end of the boom pulled recklessly from pie-in-the-sky projections for future growth. 709 more words

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Dont Waste Time! 5 Facts Until You Reach Your Engineers Guide To Cats

Note: ARM rider terms can very from case to case. Many differences are based on the index selected. Acronyms such as COSI, MOSI, MTA, 1-month LIBOR, 6-month LIBOR, 1-Year Treasury, 3-Year Treasury, 5-Year Treasury, etc. 752 more words

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Make Your Pond Construction A Reality

civil engineering formulas Yes, which Amtrak must pay the fully allocated costs of using the privately owned railroads. And yet Amtrak does have to pay for its own police, traffic control etc. 786 more words

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Religion & Political Science are both Wrong-560,000-Year-Old Human Tooth Discovered in France

560,000-Year-Old Human Tooth Discovered in France

BY  EILISH O’GARA  7/28/15 AT 5:20 PM

Arago-cave, near Tautavel (Perpignan-region), France, where the discovery of the tooth was made GERBIL… 112 more words

Nine Ways To Reinvent Your Hire Ireland Industry

No one was hiring. Federal bankruptcy laws protect a home from forced liquidation when it is also used as a place of work. However, law firms demanded several thousand dollars up front for them to file for bankruptcy, so they were too poor to be bankrupt. 891 more words

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