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Maria E. Franksen

Title: Board of Directors

Company: Stena Steel

Location: Onsala, Sweden

Onsala, Sweden, August 19, 2016, Maria Franksen, Board of Directors of Stena Steel, has been recognized by Elite Women Worldwide, for dedication, achievement and leadership in sales. 233 more words


Bon Appetit Wednesday! Ancient Hurricane Party

It may seem crazy to most people, but when true Floridians see a tropical storm or hurricane coming, they break out the chips and dip and throw a Hurricane Party! 129 more words


Egyptian Gods and Godessess

So the Gods in Greek and Roman mythology are very similar (As when the Romans invaded Greece, they basically just copied the Gods that the Greeks had and just changed the names!). 434 more words

Ancient History

For a Progressive, Signs of Hope

When Alaska was admitted as a state to these United States, back in 1959, the entire Congressional delegation was Democratic: Senator E.L. “Bob” Bartlett, Senator… 607 more words


Ancient history: Stage Script: Thanks a Lot

George, roughly 45 and stocky, sits sleepily on a living room couch. He’s watching TV while his very young nephew plays on a rug in front of him. 656 more words

Ancient History

Ancient history: Stage Script: Overlooked

Luke and Tim, both 17, sit beside each other at the Friday night football game. A pep-rally is scheduled for next Friday at the end of the school day . 561 more words

Ancient History

3D Bone Scans of Australopithecus "Lucy" Now Available Online

Lucy is over 3 million years old but she looks only 900,000 thanks to this one weird trick. Just kidding. Lucy is a famous collection of bone fossils of an Australopithecus, and earlier this week… 75 more words

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