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Bone Antler Stone by Tim Miller, a review

I’m aware this “review” could potentially end up as flat out extolment for a poet who has become my friend and whose poems I was fortunate enough to have read in their early drafts. 2,570 more words


Day Four: Ireland 2018

As we have during most of this trip, we rose early to take in breakfast at the hotel before setting off on the days adventure. Since we were staying in town this time, a few of us gathered in the lobby to sit and chat in the extra time we had before our walking tour of town started. 1,413 more words


This is How the Ancients lifted the Megalithic Blocks

Many people have tried to figure out how the ancients lifted those megalithic blocks.   Some of these stones weigh more than 2000 tons.  The blocks on the Great pyramid weigh about 400 tons each and there are millions of them.  1,121 more words

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This is how the Ancients lifted the megalithic blocks ...

Roman Empire: Otho - Defensive Preparations (Part 8)


Meanwhile the war opened successfully for Otho. At his order the armies of Dalmatia and Pannonia started from their base. They comprised four legions each of which had sent forward detachments two thousand strong. 4,280 more words


YouTube Review: BazBattles

Review: The BazBattles YouTube channel offers an entertaining introduction into a range of periods through their informative videos.  The videos focus around key battles but also offers context surrounding the battles to give the viewer insight into the period in which the battle takes place. 135 more words