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Cyrenaica 7: Renewal

When Synesius died in 413 AD, he feared that Cyrenaica would be conquered and completely destroyed by Laguatan nomads. “They have taken the land as if in a dragnet,” he wrote in his… 107 more words

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Cyrenaica, part 6: Synesius

He is one of the most interesting authors from Antiquity: a philosopher, an aristocrat, a traveler, a sophist, a soldier, a bishop, and a descendant of the royal house of Sparta – or so he said. 156 more words

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Cyrenaica, part 5: Simon of Cyrene

Cyrene was the hometown of many famous Greeks. Eugammon was the author of an important but lost poem about the events after the homecoming of Odysseus, the… 120 more words

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Cyrenaica, part 4: Cyrene

Cyrene was one of the great cities of the classical Greek world, comparable to Athens, Miletus, Syracuse, and Corinth. It was founded by people from the small island of Thera (Santorini), who first settled on another small island, off the African shore, before they settled on the mainland. 135 more words

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LECTURE: 'Who are the Meshwesh?' on November 24


For our next lecture, Dr. William Cooney from the University of Durham will be taking us into the lands of ancient Libya, where light will be shed onto the ethnic identity of a tribe the Egyptians referred to as the ‘Meshwesh’. 296 more words


Cambyses' Still Lost Army

You can leave it to archaeologists to make exaggerated claims and you can leave it to journalists to swallow the nonsense. The readers of this little blog know that I have introduced the… 512 more words

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Libyan Bits and Pieces

Over the years, my friend Marco and I made some 40,000 photos, which we have arranged geographically: there’s a directory for country X, which is subdivided into directories for towns A, B, and C. 295 more words

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