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Communion & The Greatest Commandment

I have a confession to make – I’ve developed a deeper appreciation and interest in the Old Testament, and it’s deepening my reading and understanding of the New, especially of the Gospels and of Paul’s letters. 1,791 more words


2,000-Year-Old Pet Cemetery Unearthed in Egypt - Archaeology Magazine

A report from the University of Delaware detailing excavations at the Red Sea port city of Berenike, Egypt, includes the finding of a 2,000 year old ‘pet’ cemetery containing the remains of 17 dogs and cats, some still wearing their iron collars and attended by jewelry. 328 more words

Ancient Near East

(About Death) Thinking (Canaanite Figurine)

What’s on this Canaanite fellow’s mind? The main body of the decorative figurine is formed out of the neck of a Bronze Age pottery jug, to which the arms, legs, and head were added. 73 more words


Reading 1 Nephi with Wisdom. New article

Nephi is the prototypical wise son of the Wisdom tradition. As Proverbs advocates that a wise man cherishes the word of God, so Nephi cherishes the words of the wise. 129 more words

#14 Statue of votive figures, from the square Temple at Eshununna (modern Tell Asmar, Iraq)

First off, I have kind of an unrelated College Board question on this piece: is that whole title really the title? Come on College Board! I am going to use a shortened title here because that is ridiculous. 501 more words


Student Series! Ishtar vs Wonder Woman: A Collision of Culture

So my schedule was totally wack-a-doo this week so I didn’t get to finish my usual Art History post (it’ll be up Sunday promise!). Instead I have a super cool Student Series blog post. 1,095 more words