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On an Unpopular Opinion, or Break It So No One Buys It

The Islamic State tweeted video (not linked because I don’t approve of snuff films) of pieces from the Mosul Museum being shattered, smashed, destroyed.  My undergraduate education was capped off with research on an early Old Babylonian site that was looted and destroyed in the events surrounding the second Iraq War. 482 more words

Things I Don't Like

A Prayer to Every God

I read a prayer last night that nearly brought me to tears – but for reasons one wouldn’t expect.

I’ve been reading John Walton’s Ancient Near Eastern Thought and the Old Testament… 956 more words


Babylon the Great

It’s been a week of wind and rain in southern Iraq. This morning the truck almost got stuck in the mud on the way to site again, which would have saved us all a great deal of windy, freezing misery, but it was not to be. 440 more words


The authenticity of scripture

The authenticity of scripture” article on the Deseret News from Dan Peterson and Bill Hamblin.

Questioning the connection of Genesis and the Babylonian Enuma Elish

The Genesis story is so often compared to the Babylonian epic the Enuma Elish that an commentary written since it was found is almost compelled to mention it. 1,253 more words


Case study of Old Testament Law Deuteronomy 21:26-36, Eshnunna §53-55, and Hammurabi §250-252

Every nation enacts laws to make a more peaceful society where all members can agree on the morays, taboos, and folkways they are obliged to conform to. 1,107 more words


William Dever, a leading archeologist argues the Hebrew Bible is overlaid with legendary material that can't be history

The consensus of biblical archaeologists is that the Hebrew Bible contains much history but its “overlaid with legendary and even fantastic materials that the modern reader may enjoy as ‘story’ but which can scarcely be taken seriously as history.” 231 more words

Biblical History