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[YT] Hurrian Hymn No.6 (as interpreted by Dumbrill)

In a world of Internet nastiness, the comment section of this YT video IS PURE GOLD. Full of amazing quips and hilarious historical references… and no hate. 13 more words


Reading the Old Testament in Its Ancient Near Eastern Context by Steve Andrews

As we lead up to our second Lead U Conference (For the Life of the Church: Christianity and Cultural Engagement, April 27-28), we are sharing links to the presentations from our first conference last fall, Christianity and the Death of the Old Testament. 106 more words

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JSTOR: How People Paid Their Taxes in Biblical Times

This post originally appeared on JSTOR Daily Blog as “How People Paid Their Taxes in Biblical Times“ (it’s an awesome blog if you are into random intellectual stuff!). 516 more words

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Ancient Egyptians more closely related to Europeans than modern Egyptians, scientists claim | The Independent

Scientists who managed to obtain full genome sequences of Ancient Egyptians for the first time have concluded the people of the pharaohs were more closely related to modern Europeans and inhabitants of the Near East rather than present-day Egyptians.

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Semantics of Biblical Language (Barr)

Docetism is a perennial heresy, and even those who would agree with Barr’s (correct) conclusions, and perhaps even dislike the discipline of biblical theology, would probably find that they, too, practice a form of Docetism.   477 more words

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Book Review: Doing Archaeology In the Land of the Bible

Currid, John D. Doing Archaeology in the Land of the Bible: A Basic Guide. Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Books, 1999.


Ph.D. graduate in Palestinian Archaeology and Old Testament professor at the Reformed Theological Seminary, John D. 858 more words

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It Takes a Village to Dig Up an Ancient City

The work at Megiddo is a product of many students, volunteers, scholars, labs, and schools joining forces to bring forth the ground breaking excavations, publications, and research results we are able to do as part of the Megiddo Expedition. 42 more words