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Sun God's Statue: From Dust to Dust

Colossus of Rhodes’ Dedication
“To you, o Sun, the people of Dorian Rhodes set up this bronze statue reaching to Olympus, when they had
pacified the waves of war and crowned their city with the spoils taken from the enemy.

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Creation: Understanding the Drama of Genesis 2-3

Genesis was a very subversive text in its time, and in today’s context we often fail to understand its full significance. This was the message of a lecture by the biblical scholar… 801 more words


On Mrs. Mallowan in Mesopotamia, or Agatha Christie at the Penn Museum

My favorite author is Agatha Christie. I credit her novels for planting the seed of my archaeological interest. It took me forever to finish Death on the Nile and Murder in Mesopotamia when I was a kid because I’d stop at every monument reference to old school Google it (ie: check National Geographic). 235 more words


Leviticus: Fields, Beasts and Fabrics - nothing to do with purity

If you came in to my house and saw a list of rules on my fridge that said: “you shall not mix bleach and Windex, you shall not mix cement and water in the toilet, you shall not mix dirty clothes with clean clothes,” what would you conclusion be?  1,996 more words


A Dictionary of the Ugaritic Language in the Alphabetic Tradition

2015.07.17 | Gregorio del Olmo Lete and Joaquín Sanmartín. A Dictionary of the Ugaritic Language in the Alphabetic Tradition. Third Revised Edition. 2 vols. Translated and Edited by Wilfred G.E. 1,143 more words

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"The Conflict Myth & the Biblical Tradition" by Debra Scoggins Ballentine

The Conflict Myth & the Biblical Tradition by Debra Scoggins Ballentine. New York, NY: Oxford University Press, 2015, 292 pp., $74, hardcover.

*I would like to express my gratitude to Oxford University Press for providing a review copy of… 906 more words


Another Greatest Ancient Leader... Or 10 Points to Know About the Persian Great King Darius

Urged, years ago, by editors at About.com, to write top 10-type articles, I tried to pick a heading that would cover various types of important ancient military figures in…
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