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Ending at Ur

After four winters of excavation, the curtain has finally fallen on the project near Ur, where I have now lived for a total of over nine cold, beige months. 563 more words


Discipleship and the Imago Dei

A few years ago I gave a presentation to young undergraduate Christian students on the importance of discipleship, which was then followed by multiple small groups to discuss the subject further. 1,968 more words


Marduk in Babylon & Yahweh in Jerusalem

One of the earliest known creation myths is the Enuma Elish; a Mesopotamian account which contains the origin of the world, the gods, and mankind, as well as presents the supremacy of the Babylonian god Marduk (Mark). 1,405 more words

Old Testament

Met Museum Makes 375,000 Images Available for Free

These include all the images of the Met in New York that are available in the public domain. This is very helpful for researchers. For more information, see the story here.

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