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Five Responses to Reading Genesis 1–2 (ed. J. Daryl Charles) #5

Amazing. I think we’ve reached instalment five, dear reader, of my review series dealing with Charles, J. Daryl, ed. Reading Genesis 1–2 : An Evangelical Conversation (Peabody: Hendrickson, 2013). 1,376 more words


Was the Three-Tiered Universe Merely Phenomenological?

Was the Three-Tiered Universe Merely Phenomenological? 

There are many passages throughout the Bible which appear to show that the authors believed in a three-tiered universe in which there were the heavens, the earth, and the underworld/waters. 436 more words

Sunday Quote

Kheba: Work, Wheat, and the Way of Life

Magnificent Uruk lay in impotent ruin, but survivors were stout with no doubt the grandiloquent city would be rebuilt, and just as great, even more so; taunting bait for fleeing Watchers. 766 more words


Faithfulness - Noah who faced a mighty task

The Genesis account of Noah is one of several Ancient Near Eastern stories about the flood. God selects a righteous man for an impossible mission that won’t happen for some time. 793 more words


Hold Me Tight; Give Me Might

Hold me tight;
I need to cry in your arms tonight.
Give me might;
Drive far away from me all fright.

Please, love me;
Unchain me in your heart to be free. 128 more words


Getting over the finish line

I got paid today with the usual stack of grubby hundred dollar notes tied up with an elastic band. However satisfactory this may be in terms of being able to throw it up in the air while jumping on my bed, it presents me with problems; security issues, the means to make poor spending choices, and an ethical dilemma concerning tax declaration. 494 more words


INKTOBER Imperial Officer

So Inktober 2015 will wrap up later this week, and it appears I didn’t make the best use of that time when it came to the challenge. 69 more words