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Abyaneh (Persian: ابيانه‎, also Romanized as Ābyāneh, Ābiāneh, and Abyāneh)[1] is a village in Barzrud Rural District, in the Central District… 239 more words

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Ancient Persian Gold Brooch

Just added to our collection is this beautiful and important ancient Persian Gold Brooch, which dates back to around 200 BC. This piece is adorned with with two ram heads, an oval shaped pearl inlay, small round accent pearls, dangling chains and a pointed, inverted cone-shaped ornament. 139 more words

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International Women's Day

Today is International Women’s Day, so I wanted to take this time to make a list of my top five historical women who you may not know about. 746 more words


Ancient Greece: According to History

The Ancient Greeks had a major influence during their time as the most powerful civilization on Earth, and continue to have one more than two thousand years later. 1,008 more words


Achaemenid Inscription Found in Iran's Perspolis

TEHRAN (FNA)- Archaeologists said they have discovered pieces of a stone inscription belonging to an ancient Achaemenid emperor in Persepolis in Iran’s Southern province of Fars. 179 more words


Yalda is closed

Yalda Night is one of the great celebrations of ancient Persia that is still celebrated. This night refers at sunset in Persian calendar (date) on Azar 30th, last day of autumn (21st of December) until sunrise on Dey 1st, first day of winter (22nd of December). 252 more words


Today in World History: December 4th

Cyrus the Great, first emperor of Persia, king of Anshan, Media, Babylon, Akkad and Sumer, died in 530 B.C.E, on this day. “King of the Four Corners of the World”, he established a tolerant empire, and respected the beliefs and customs of his subjects. 105 more words

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