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Clearing the Air and Energy

Have you ever found yourself feeling overcome with emotion? Maybe you have walked into a room that feels like the air itself is pressing down on you? 663 more words


Land of Olives

It’s the tail end of olive oil pressing season here in Jordan. What traditionally begins with the first big rain (in early September this year) which cleans the olives from the summer’s dust, and continues until mid-December (or until all of the olives are pressed).   884 more words


Rice Rice Baby.. The Ancient Rice Terraces of the Philippines

The 2000 year old rice terraces located in the north of Luzon, Philippines, in Ifugao, perched at an altitude of 1500m, are an ancient agricultural technique passed down over the generations and still practiced today. 1,220 more words


What advice might you give to a local parish or other group that’s trying to discern where its call is?

First of all, just because you can’t do everything, it doesn’t mean you should do nothing at all.

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The Power of Pulse Points

According to “The Heart’s Code”, a fascinating book written by Dr. Paul Pearsall, the heart is much more than a pump. It has the ability to communicate using what he called “L energy” with other hearts. 878 more words

Lessons of Summer, The South

The adventure continues! I had the chance to write another guest blog post for We Are Wildness. Their mission is “to help improve the health of the planet by inspiring people all over the world to reconnect with Nature.” I find this a practical and inspirational approach. 52 more words


Brokenness eliminates the need for a self-preserving agenda.

Julie A. Gorman

Cure Of Souls