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Another Submerged Pyramid Temple City!

Within the Pyramidis Radius Matrix

by Alex Putney for http://www.Human-Resonance.org
March 1, 2014

An impressive new discovery in the Azores Islands occurred in early May 2013, and was announced to worldwide media coverage on September 19th.

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Quest for the Lost civilization - Graham Hancock (FULL MOVIE)

What are the connection between Angkor Wat in the Jungle of Cambodia, the Pyramid in the desert of Egyptian desert, and monuments on Easter Island and in Micronesia? 169 more words


More Underwater Pyramids!

The Pyramidis Radius is coming on line one pyramid at a time, but very rapidly now.

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Sine Wave Alignments of Sacred Sites

A perfect circle bisecting the Earth describes the alignment of sacred energetic sites: a hoop of light. To the southeast of the Sphinx, directly east of the smallest pyramid is the massive limestone wall that defines an angular alignment not observed elsewhere in the Giza complex.

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