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30 BC - The Death of Mark Antony

A bitter defeat in a decisive naval battle in Egypt, on 1 August 30 BC, Mark Antony escaped to Alexandria while his rival Octavian (later Roman Emperor Augustus) invaded the country.   257 more words

Ancient Times

White Horehound.

Also Known As:

Bonhomme, Common Horehound, Grand Bonhomme, Herbe aux Crocs, Herbe Vierge, Horehound, Houndsbane, Marrube Blanc, Marrube des Champs, Marrube Commun, Marrube Vulgaire, Marrubii Herba, Marrubio Blanco, Marrubium, Marrubium vulgare, Mastranzo. 1,527 more words

A Garden Of Healing Herbs


Humulus lupulus

Family: Cannabidaceae

Known worldwide as the main flavoring agent in beers and ales, the flowering cones of this scabrous {rough-textured} plant were once prescribed by British physicians to King George lll for his insomnia and stuffed into a pillow to promote sleep for the royal patient. 567 more words


Cold Case Examinations - Alexander the Great

In 323 BC, Alexander the Great fell ill following a banquet held in Babylon (modern day Iraq) at his conquered palace.  Ten days later, he was dead just a month short of his thirty-third birthday.   1,048 more words

Ancient Times


Ligustrum lucidum

Family: Oleaceae

This plant is also called Chinese privet or wax privet, and it’s known in China as Nu Zhen Zi. Ligustrum is a very common landscape subject that is considered a weed in hot climates. 542 more words

Let's Create Some Herbal Medicine

Usnea {Usnea ssp.}

Also Known As:

  • Beard Lichen
  • Tree Moss
  • Tree’s Dandruff
  • Usnea
  • Woman’s Long Hair

Lichen belonging to the Parmeliaceae family is called usnea. This genus is found growing throughout the world. 2,157 more words