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Art History: Statues from the B.C.E.s - Part 1 (Paleolithic, Neolithic & Mesopotamia)

One of the classes I’m taking this quarter is about Ancient World History. Pretty much everything is already familiar to me because I took AP World History and AP Art History my sophomore year of high school, so this era is cemented into my brain. 400 more words


The Dance at Earthbone Forest

The History of Herbal Medicine and Essential Oils

The history of essential oils is intertwined with the history of herbal medicine, which in turn has been an integral part of magical practices. 1,570 more words


Where Did Wine Come From?

If you take a step back, and observe how wine has been with the human race for about as long as recorded history, you can easily appreciate the deep connection many individuals have to its remarkable qualities. 1,146 more words


Ancient Beauty Secret that are very useful Until Today

It is evident that beauty is important to every woman either young or old. Surprisingly women in the ancient times cared about beauty too. What could be more surprising are the methods they used to achieve for their beauty. 381 more words


A temple of ancient ceremonies

The body and mind are a temple with ancient ceremonies taking place in them. Every time a limited thought is replaced with simple awareness, every time our entanglement in thinking is replaced by the refulgence of pure, unbounded energy, a ritual is initiated. 288 more words