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Conquering Fears - Israel Day 6

Conquering fears at Masada, Dead Sea, Bedoin Village and Camels, David & Goliath

Masada was more than a stronghold, it was the site of a last stand against the Romans, and an almost total suicide to prevent the Romans from declaring a murderous victory and taking any survivors as slaves. 643 more words


The Journey Begins

This blog is made by an undergraduate student of history and archaelogy. Welcome to the fascinating world of the past!

Ancient Times

The Art of Braiding

The art of braiding has been practiced for thousands of years. In Ancient times, Women and men were plaiting their hair for beauty and function on all inhabited continents. 171 more words


Travelity Curiosity



The invention of the Wheel was actually one of the greatest invention in the travel industry. The modern wheel seems to have emerged 5000 years ago.

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Life Expectancy was 70 not 40 1,500 years ago

Life Expectancy was 70 not 40 1,500 years ago

Researchers utilizing new technology dispelled the myth that life expectancy in ancient times was 40. To Quote: “For people living traditional lives without modern medicine or markets the most common age of death is about 70, and that is remarkably similar across all different cultures.”