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Story of Wool

The story of wool began long long ago, before recorded history when primitive man first clothed himself in the woolly skins, of the wild sheep he killed for food. 220 more words

Ancient Times

Ancient DNA!!!

YES….. Ancient civilisations knew more about stem cells than modern humans. Many Hindus would be intimately aware of a ritual that would be performed after childbirth for precisely as a prudent step. 529 more words

Ancient Times

The Adventures of Sinbad the Sailor


Rongar (Oris Orhuero), a black, knife-throwing mute sailor who accompanied Sinbad the Sailor on his ancient mid-eastern voyages. 12 more words



The crisp autumn wind blows around you. The leaves are changing their colors to sparkling yellow, scorching vermilion and burnished orange. All these signs remind us that Mabon is here. 2,398 more words

Yahweh controls the future (Isa 46:8-46:10)

“Remember this!

Consider this!

Recall it to mind!

You transgressors!

Remember the former things of old!

I am God!

There is no other!

I am God! 73 more words