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The Druids

by Stephen Paden

The trees whispered in my ear
things that I would not repeat;
deeds that were done
by ancient men and their ancient ways. 55 more words


The missing ingredient

“Isn’t happiness the missing ingredient in our desire for true health?”

Kensho Furuya – “Kodo Ancient Ways”

Pushing Harder

Looking to the future

“The true warrior looks to the future, but does not discard what he has gained from the past, living each moment in the present.”

Kensho Furuya – “Kodo Ancient Ways”

Cause And Effect Are Not Closely Related In Time And Space


For the past two weeks my brain has been jumping all over the place trying out different ways to say something meaningful about the movie American Sniper. 491 more words

Best Practices

thin veils...

and holy thresholds


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This is so lovely, and the perfect match to my earlier 'Breath of Life' (reblog) post for this Big Love (and thin veils) day (and month ahead). Thanks to Vondadrees for this one (and do click through to Vondadrees blog; you'll see lots of other beautiful wisdom shared there!). Love, Jamie

Gazing into the future: Ancient Mayan Scrying

One of the most prominent methods of prediction in the Ancient Mayan world was the use of polished mirrors to gaze into the”Otherworld” and divine the future. 215 more words

Dream Impressions

Me standing in a circle of women, wise words coming out unfiltered.  Owning snakes but still having an intense fear of them. Old man buying a whore, both of them falling in love with me. 48 more words