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Tareh Chronicles: King's Promise by Michael Stott

Published: March 3rd 2017 by CreateSpace

Read Date: September 18th 2017

Pages: 488

Stars: 3.5/5

The planets Tareh and Earth, connected by a wormhole, share many similar plants, animals, and civilizations. 1,232 more words


lets pretend ~

they warned me
of a poet’s son
of distances
of paths beyond
the memory of paths
fields beneath
a starry night –
lay my body down… 47 more words


Newburi pasture managment:new beginning for ancient ways

Now comes i, big ben; to press the record; with “reference” for all to see; may you find what you seek. Much, most will be left to the mind of the intuitive reader and keen observer; thus “reference”. 224 more words

Ancient Ways


We are the daughters
of ancient ways
we carry our power
through our blood

We are the daughters
of revolution and rebels
Immovable in the face… 18 more words

New Normal

Introducing My New Book and Awesome New Book Reviews.

As a new author like many of you, I find it interesting why it is we can not seem to find the “perfect recipe” for readers to leave us a book review when the finish our books? 1,207 more words


Ancient and modern

A modern woman in an ancient place; me under a tamarisk tree in Sahara. An ancient culture assimilating modern technology; Amazigh nomad and desert camp owner Salah using his Android phone. 69 more words