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The mystery tree

Close to the northern edge of Ploughman Wood stands an old beech tree with a series of dates carved into its bark. The earliest date that can be made out is 1971 but there may be faint marks of older dates. 69 more words

Ploughman Wood

Winter woodland

Christmas Eve morning is layered with fog with a heavy dew dripping off the dead leaves. A solitary woodcock lifts from a muddy fallow. The wind is gone and the woodlands at Elsenham are alive with small birds: goldcrests chase through the low branches of a hazel laden with catkins, great tits call like bicycle pumps and blue tits move through the trees and ‘seep’ everywhere. 73 more words

British Wildlife

Biodiversity Planning around the Llan Valley

There are a variety of habitats in the Llan valley and within the boundaries of the land managed by the Penllergare Trust. All these habitats have been created by human activities and some have been heavily modified in the past 50 years.

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Llan Valley

The History of Nyddfwch

The area is complex with all sorts of conflicting evidence. A rough chronology of the woodland looks like this:

400AD/Common Era  to about 1700: Used heavily. 537 more words

Llan Valley

Introduction to the lands of Nyddfwch

Nestled in the corner between the M4 and the A483 in north Swansea, is a piece of woodland with remarkable powers of survival. Nowadays it is called… 470 more words

Llan Valley


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Llan Valley