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Nyddfwch Compartment Plan (v.0.1)

This is my initial Nyddfwch Compartment conservation plan. Orange is continuous bracken and green is mature woodland (of various types). The white is areas that currently don’t have a useful description although they are in transition into woodland (porobably ASNW). 56 more words

Ecological Survey

Rambling in bluebell woodland

It’s #WalkThisMay month and I have been trying out some different walking routes. It’s often on these paths you find the most interesting fauna and flora. 152 more words


Changes in the woodland habitat 2002-19

A walk through the Llan valley today will be largely an experience of walking through woodland. A trip up to Nyddfwch Bank will provide a wonderful view of a wooded valley from Cadle in the South over to the M4 in the north as shown below. 965 more words

Ecological Survey


I happened upon a carpet of star shaped flowers today. A woodland of wild garlic. Not quite as impressive as a forest floor of bluebells, but lovely all the same. 124 more words


Wind Flower

The Wood Anemone is named after the Greek wind god, Anemos, who sent his namesakes, the anemones, in early spring to herald his coming. This legend gives the flower its other common name of ‘Windflower’. 41 more words


Photography: an evening with wood anemones

The Sussex Weald, March 2019

My time in the woods has thinned. Just like the seasoned photographers in magazines tell you, planning your time is key to getting the photos you most enjoy. 629 more words


Busy, Busy, Busy . . . Not Expired!

O.K. first things first . . . I’m not dead. This news will either be met with whoops of joy or total indifference, I suspect the later. 805 more words